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    Hello, The Export Pro module aims to fill a gap with Prestashop current functionality. The module produces spreadsheet files (CSV) which match Prestashop Import spreadsheets. This allows you to make bulk changes quickly without the need to alter the spreadsheet format. Compatible with Prestashop 1.5.3 onwards. Features Export to CSV (Spreadsheet) allowing bulk editing. Export Products, Product Combinations, Orders, Categories, Customers & Addresses. Set the delimiter within the CSV file. Choose which language to export. Choose to export active items only. When exporting products you can also select a category. All exported CSV files match Prestashop Import CSV format. Adds a menu option in the admin panel for ease of use. (no need to dig through the module panel). Multishop & Advanced Stock Management Compliant. Advanced export lets you choose the fields on the export entity with drag and drop. Order export gives you one CSV file with your choice of delimiter. Screenshot of the admin page. Price £9.99 includes 1 year of updates. To purchase please follow this link: https://oavea.com/5-export-pro-prestashop-module.html Fully Supported If you are having any issues with the module just send me an email to lee@oavea.com and I will be happy to assist. This includes installation help. Upcoming Features Cron Job Export Export Sets - decide what gets exported via a simple drag and drop interface. More Options for filtering such as export out of stock only. Different export formats XLSX, XML, JSON. Thanks for your time. CHANGE LOG v2.1.7 - Fix for 1.7+ - Fix Supplier Reference Export v2.1.2 - Fix bug in order export for Prestashop v2.1.0 Available - Fix product price (now always the base product price, no longer includes reductions) - Fix features (add comma to separate them and add default value for customized) - Fix for prestashop to include only one price and give the option to select which in the options. v2.0.1 Available - UTF-8 support bug fix. UTF-8 BOM added to start of CSV's to ensure correct encoding in most editors. - Bug fix for order export page. Correct options should now be showing. v2.0.0 - Large Update. - Adds two new tabs on the admin page, Advanced Export & Order Export. - Advanced export lets you choose the fields on the export entity with drag and drop. - Order export gives you one CSV file with your choice of delimiter. v1.1.2 - Update to fix quantities on product combination export.
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    Hey! Ive tried to find a free module to integrate GTM into PS and couldnt find one. So I've created one. Here it is - https://github.com/MSiliunas/Prestashop-GoogleTagManager What does it do? Has configuration screen in back office where you enter your gtm id; Adds gtm tags in <head> section and before <body> closing tag (as per Google recommendation); Any comments, ideas and pull requests are more than welcome!
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    On Prestashop 1.7. When it comes to checkout, the payment modules list "Check", "Bankwire", "Paypal", and then "Paypal Pro". How do I change this order to put Paypal Pro at the top? I found a method for PS 1.6, but that doesn't appear to be valid anymore.
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    ademas de descojonarte , puedes ofrecer algo mas?
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    If it's an order status you can set up sending emails or not in statuses configuration.
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    Hi wodzienka MaxMind do not support any more old legacy database that comes with PrestaShop 1.6 code. And PrestaShop did not update that part yet. You still can use current database you have, but you can not get latest updates. But we prepared update to our module that should be available on Addons later this week. It have support for free GeoIp2 City Lite and also have one click install/update that free database. Stay tuned.
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    Okey thank you I'll try it and reply back in nearly 1 week
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    Hey George Please try to be polite on forum, even if you are frustrated with that code. Some kids do not know to write in kindergarten while some can get hired by Google like that 5 year old girl from India I think Parameter "where" is there for a reason for MySQL and if it is bother you that much you can override it. I mean no disrespect, and I do not know code or process you are working on. From your image looks like you trying to connect Clover POS system with PrestaShop. I googled and saw that there are 2 agencies that do that already. And I have not a closest idea how Clover is integrated with Woocomerce or Magento but have you took into consideration use of PrestaShop WebService to sync data with Clover, if that is an option. Also instead of complaining on PrestaShop code here, why don't you open a new topic with exact issues you having with update function. Maybe someone already had similar issues or just know how to help you in that case. Also ask developers on gitter, not just core PrestaShop devs are there but also lot of other contributors are involved in chat.
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    Hello, Yes, PS have a webservice, but I'm not sure that you can get everything just with the webservice, surely you need to make a module that serves as a connector. Regards!
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    Ostatnio zauważyłem, że w karcie płatności w sekcji "płatność" pojawia się informacja jak na print screenie - zdublowana płatność. Wcześniej korzystałem z wersji i nie było tej informacji. Ostatnio zaktualizowałem prestę do wersji i niby wszystko na początku działało ok (a przynajmniej nie zauważyłem testując tą wersję) ale przez ostatnie kilka dni i ostatnie zamówienia na karcie pojawia się podwojona płatność. Nie wiem czy to przez ten błąd, czy jeszcze gdzieś jest problem ale w statystykach sprzedaży (wykres liniowy w pulpicie) nie zmienia się (sprzedaż 0zł mimo sprzedaży) oraz sprzedany produkt nie pojawia się w zakładce "najczęściej kupowane".
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    Yes, issue solved. The module used is https://addons.prestashop.com/en/administrative-tools/21217-bo-customizer-survey-and-access-all-your-data.html Very flexible and comes with many more features.
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    Hi Razaro Thank you for your professional answer.I would like to be honest with you prestashop is number one software for analyze of an ecommerce model.Non of the software in market right now have system analyze like Prestashop .its too professional.but no one have coding like Prestashop.its too poor.Honestly this is the way Indian develop software .When a programmer coding cosider develop horizontally and some place vertically however its many different area have many different way.I am a super professional programmer for 22 years.The software is not American Level.Just i want to give you an example imagine a place call product and catalogs is C place inside code.Another plugin call C from other way so its not easy possible to change or modify code as public.Imagine howmuch pretty system analyze for e-commerce however too poor in coding.I think need someone check all codes and put rubbish one in garbage. Pitty such as a beautiful algoritm with low integrity of coding ! :-( I have big lost on developent of a market place with prestashop Thanks
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    Arf mais que je suis con ... Il me suffit d'assigner un prix à 0 quand p.online_only = 1, le prix étant défini temporairement.
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    Ale jakiego screena, nie wiesz gdzie masz w panelu admina zamówienia?
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    Thanks pal for detailed explanation.
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    C'est bon problème réglé. J'ai retirer les liens vers les module de Samdha, comme cela je ne mettrais plus en avant le travail d'autres développeurs. Merci de m'avoir rappeler qu'ici on en doit surtout pas faire le métier de commerçant, laissons la place qu'à Addons pour vendre des produits moisies.
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    Ca fait 8 ans qu'on le réclame^^
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    Bonjour randoeco et merci pour votre réponse! J'ai réussi à régler, tout du moins à contourner le problème. Covdiffusion, je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais dans le transporteur, seule la zone "Europe" était prise en compte. (Mais les frais Européens étaient évidemment plus chers que les frais France, ce qui posait donc problème). Pour contourner le problème, j'ai donc créé plusieurs transporteurs que j'ai appelé par exemple "La Poste France" / "La Poste Maghreb" / "Canada" etc. Pour chacun d'eux, j'ai rempli les frais de ports correspondant dans la zone "Europe" et ma foi, cela fonctionne ainsi. Donc, plutôt qu'avoir un seul transporteur desservant les différentes zones, j'ai créé plusieurs transporteurs qui desservent tous une seule zone (l'Europe en théorie, mais comme le nom du transporteur a été renommé avec les zones concernées, cela ne pose pas de souci). Voilà, j'espère que ca fonctionnera aussi pour toi. Bon courage!
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    @Thomas Est-ce que vous n'auriez pas une instruction ExpiresDefault "now plus xxx" quelque part dans le .htacces ?
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    other quick note, this assumes of course service has fixed price...if it does not then you would build product and install a 'request a quote' type module. we do this on our own webshop under services.
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    I don't think it is necessary to use virtual products for this so that averts the lack of support for virtual product attributes. There are some modules however that support virtual product attributes. So moving forward I would treat service link any other product but you will need to suppress shipping, this can be done by changing text of a single carrier to something else than shipping. Else you will need company to suppress shipping in its entirety.... I recommend installing latest stable as test on your hosting so you can add a product as proof of concept. happy ps'ing el
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    As FYI I am likely gonna work on a good bunch of the currently open bug reports for Thirtybees, so I would like to guarantee a higher level of stability in the next 1-2 releases
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    Moi je me connecte et déconnecte sans aucun problème de ton site. Le problème semble donc venir de ton PC
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    - Le module que vous avez spécifié dans le lien fonctionne sur le principe d'un pont et utilise son propre mécanisme. Notre module utilise les mécanismes intégrés de PrestaShop pour une meilleure compatibilité. - Je vais envoyer quelques exemples de magasins, dans un message personnel. - Notre module ne transfère que des données et le fait parfaitement. Mais nous avons aussi un service pour créer / personnaliser des modules / créer / éditer des modèles. Les modules qui mettent à niveau le modèle et les modules à partir de la version 1.6 sur PrestaShop 1.7 n'existent pas et n'apparaîtront pas, il est techniquement impossible, seul le codage manuel. Je ne veux pas que d'autres développeurs ou utilisateurs m'écrivent ici des messages de colère. Parce qu'ils n'aiment pas les modules de publicité. Alors s'il vous plaît, si vous avez besoin d'informations supplémentaires ou d'aide, écrivez-moi un message personnel. Merci.
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    Je ne pense pas que donner des noms de boutiques soit une bonne idée ici^^ Pour le down c'est assez simple et ca se passe en 2 phases: - Modification de la structure de la DB 1.7 pour la rendre conforme 1.6 (Colonnes/index manquants, tailles/types des champs et intitulés modifiés) - Ajout d'un patch dans Customer::getByEmail() pour transformer les pass 1.7 en 1.6;
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    Génial je n'avais pas assez de pub avec les newsletters PS. Maintenant tous les topics se transforment en criée. Il est bon mon poisson, c'est les promos, vu au concours Lépine, ...
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    Just a piece of advice, if you plan to use PayPal be very careful, PayPal allows 180 days to buyers to open a claim. A buyer can open a claim for an unauthorized transaction without giving any reason, PayPal will rule in their favor leaving you with paying back PayPal + charge back fees PayPal will never give you the reason for the claim, just Google and you'll see how many have been ripped off by PayPal
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    PRESTASHOP I need to validate the address submitted by the customer during the creation. In a module i've added: public function hookActionValidateCustomerAddressForm($params) { /** @var CustomerAddressForm $form */ $form = $params['form']; $city = $form->getField("city") ? $form->getField('city')->getValue() : null; if (!$this->isValidVillage(129, $city)) { $form->getField('city')->addError("The city is not listed"); } } Just i don't understand how the hookValidate action are supposed to work. I have to check if the city is listed in a custom table, but how to invalidate the form in the hook and set errors? In classes/form/CustomerAddressForm we got: public function validate() { $is_valid = parent::validate(); if (($postcode = $this->getField('postcode'))) { if ($postcode->isRequired()) { $country = $this->formatter->getCountry(); if (!$country->checkZipCode($postcode->getValue())) { // FIXME: the translator adapter is crap at the moment, // but once it is not, the sprintf needs to go away. $postcode->addError(sprintf( $this->translator->trans( 'Invalid postcode - should look like "%1$s"', [], 'Shop.Forms.Errors' ), $country->zip_code_format )); $is_valid = false; } } } if (($hookReturn = Hook::exec('actionValidateCustomerAddressForm', array('form' => $this))) != '') { $is_valid &= (bool) $hookReturn; } return $is_valid; } So the validation happen is this mode? I have to return or invoke some util class to do this? returning boolean fails because get changed with "" by exec(). Validate method assing $is_valid to the hook return, but will fails if it's not an array because exec() if ($array_return) { $output[$moduleInstance->name] = $display; } else { if (true === $chain) { $output = $display; } else { $output .= $display; } } Whewre $display is set to "" and the validate method is bypassing when "".
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    Module positions in the back office. Search for the hookPaymentOptions position and then re-order the options
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    Hi, In April of 2017 I wrote a guide on my blog: http://victor-rodenas.com/2017/04/23/crear-pagina-php-en-prestashop-1-7/ specify for Prestashop 1.7 ((It is written in Spanish, but with google translator you can translate the guide) Check if the guide is still working. PD: As you can see in the guide for Prestashop 1.7 with respect to Prestashop 1.6 to create a basic page, no big difference My english is very bad. Sorry for my English
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    Hi, Looking at the Prestashop doc and the code of Prestashop, I have successfully inserted a link to my module, link nested in the admin menu, section Configure. Please find below the 2 step process. 1. in modules/mymodule/mymodule.php, fonction __construct(), assign $this->tabs: class MyModule extends Module { ... public function __construct() { /*--Admin Menu--*/ if (version_compare(_PS_VERSION_, '1.7.1', '>=')) { $this->tabs = array( array( 'name' => 'Nom du Module', 'class_name' => 'AdminMyModule', 'parent_class_name' => 'CONFIGURE', 'visible' => true, )); } 2. In modules/mymodule/controllers/admin, create a file named AdminMyModuleController.php : if (!defined('_PS_VERSION_')) exit; class AdminMyModuleController extends ModuleAdminController { public function __construct() { parent::__construct(); if(!Tools::redirectAdmin('index.php?controller=AdminModules&token='.Tools::getAdminTokenLite('AdminModules').'&configure=nom_du_module_$this->name_dans__contruct')) { return false; } return true; } } Hope it will help you ... Denis
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    Hello, I have came up with a solution long ago but forgot to post it here. But better late than never (as we say in my country). Well there are 2 differences in the classes/Tab.php file in public function add 1.6.X public function add($autodate = true, $null_values = false) { // @retrocompatibility with old menu (before $retro = array( 'AdminPayment' => 'AdminParentModules', 'AdminOrders' => 'AdminParentOrders', 'AdminCustomers' => 'AdminParentCustomer', 'AdminShipping' => 'AdminParentShipping', 'AdminPreferences' => 'AdminParentPreferences', 'AdminStats' => 'AdminParentStats', 'AdminEmployees' => 'AdminAdmin', ); $class_name = Tab::getClassNameById($this->id_parent); if (isset($retro[$class_name])) { $this->id_parent = Tab::getIdFromClassName($retro[$class_name]); } self::$_cache_tabs = array(); // Set good position for new tab $this->position = Tab::getNewLastPosition($this->id_parent); $this->module = Tools::strtolower($this->module); // Add tab if (parent::add($autodate, $null_values)) { //forces cache to be reloaded self::$_getIdFromClassName = null; return Tab::initAccess($this->id); } return false; } And in 1.7 public function add($autoDate = true, $nullValues = false) { self::$_cache_tabs = array(); // Set good position for new tab $this->position = Tab::getNewLastPosition($this->id_parent); $this->module = Tools::strtolower($this->module); // Add tab if (parent::add($autoDate, $nullValues)) { //forces cache to be reloaded self::$_getIdFromClassName = null; return Tab::initAccess($this->id); } return false; } As you may notice it narrowed down. SO in my public function installTab You have to declare the $parent according to these $retro = array( 'AdminPayment' => 'AdminParentModules', 'AdminOrders' => 'AdminParentOrders', 'AdminCustomers' => 'AdminParentCustomer', 'AdminShipping' => 'AdminParentShipping', 'AdminPreferences' => 'AdminParentPreferences', 'AdminStats' => 'AdminParentStats', 'AdminEmployees' => 'AdminAdmin', ); Until now in 1.6 you had to pass the value AdminOrders if you wanted to be listed under the Order menu. In 1.7 instead of passing the value AdminOrders you pass the AdminParentOrders and thats it.
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    That worked! Big thank for your help Nguyen
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    Hello guys Fully Responsive very beautifully designed + added with rich snippets Home featured module . I have spent a lot of time Improving this module Download and well tested in two colums + 1 column DEMO HERE homefeatured.zip
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    This was the solution! Thanks (:
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    yes, the hook need the module id. And the id is generated after its install ;-D
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    The demo link still doesn't work? http://www.botqhomeneeds.com/demox Firefox can't find the server at www.botqhomeneeds.com.
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