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    Ok the problem is that the Prestashop team change a lot of things with currencies to use cldr. The decimals feature does not work anymore even if the feature is on the BO. Well after several hours of research I've find that : If you want to know the conversion_rate, it's not visible on smarty debug windows but here : $conversion_rate = $this->context->currency->conversion_rate; $this->context->smarty->assign('conversion_rate',$conversion_rate); Now, for the ROUND price. First configure Prestashop to really round your prices. Even if you round theme and select 0 decimals, 2 decimals will always been displayed. That's because prestashop 1.7 does not refer to your settings (thank you guys...) but to cldr. If you want to know the format of your currency try this : $currency_format = $this->context->currency->format; echo $currency_format, break; The format is store in a local file in >Translations>cldr>main-en-US-numbers or main-fr-FR-numbers etc. Open the file and find "currencyFormats-numberSystem-latn" "currencyFormats-numberSystem-latn":{"currencySpacing":{"beforeCurrency":{"currencyMatch":"[:^S:]","surroundingMatch":"[:digit:]","insertBetween":"\u00a0"},"afterCurrency":{"currencyMatch":"[:^S:]","surroundingMatch":"[:digit:]","insertBetween":"\u00a0"[spam-filter],"accounting":"#,##0.00\u00a0\u00a4;(#,##0.00\u00a0\u00a4)","standard":"#,##0.00\u00a0\u00a4","unitPattern-count-one":"{0} {1}","unitPattern-count-other":"{0} {1}"} you will find the currency format. $ format : standard:\u00a4#,##0.00 € format : standard: #,##0.00\u00a0\u00a4 \u00a4 is the currency sign \u00a0 is a space The coma is the thousand(group) separator and The point is the decimal separator. They are defined at the beginning of the file : "symbols-numberSystem-latn":{"decimal":".","group":","; If you don't want to see decimals on your shop, just delete ".00" and save the file, and that's all . I suggest to Prestashop team to allow us to have a variable to display or not decimals instead of doing that . All the best Franck
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    Well it depends on your theme but inspect code on category page. You could see something like <body id="category" class="lang-en country-rs currency-gbp layout-left-column page-category tax-display-enabled category-id-3 category-clothes category-id-parent-2 category-depth-level-2"> so you can use in CSS body.category-id-3 or just .category-clothes , depending on languages. PrestaShop 1.7 have lot more options so you can have different templates for each category https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/themes/reference/templates/templates-layouts/#specific-templates
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    Hi El Patron, some folder end files delete him self. my be problem server I redid my site, thank your help
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    Imagino que todavía no ha sido anunciado, porque no ha sido desarrollado una versión completa del mismo. He estado revisado el enlace que pasas, y por ejemplo, no tiene disponible ningún release => https://github.com/PrestaShop/seoprestamenu/releases Con esto, no quiero decir que no funcione, simplemente que todavía no han sacado una versión "oficial": Otros módulos, por ejemplo, el módulo widget de enlaces, si tiene distintas versiones publicadas => https://github.com/PrestaShop/ps_linklist/releases En fin, supongo que estarán en proceso de sacar una versión próximamente (quizás más cerca de los que esperamos). -- Cambiando de asunto, de todos modos , muchos módulos no vienen por defecto en el paquete de descarga, pero desde la pestaña "Selección" de la pestaña módulos => módulos, suelen aparecer para descargar e instalar. En este caso, me parece que todavía no se encuentra disponible, ya que como te he comentado el listado de release esta vacío por el momento. Si es cierto que el módulo, es bastante completo en comparación con el de por defecto (aunque para eso, no hace falta mucho xD). Si me entero de alguna novedad, te la comento.
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    This is already done (im on my 5th installation of PS with a complete cleanup after every try to ensure there are no leftovers that affect the setup). We did a new installation of PS , enabled multistore, created categories and sub categories , added a shop group and added shops underneath this group... below screenshots show the config: Three shops have products defined in them and if I open the URL associated with them I can see the products while the fourth one, Merkado, is meant to be the main page where all products would be displayed.
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    Es ist auch sehr schwierig, dir zu helfen, so eine Situation hatten wir hier wohl noch nicht. Wenn du Sicherungen der Datenbank und der Dateien zum Zeitpunkt vor dem Update hast (evtl. auch dein Provider), kannst du diese verwenden um zum damaligen Stand zurückzukehren, ansonsten wird's problematisch. Ansonsten: das mit der roten Hinterlegung der Postleitzahl dürfte sich reparieren lassen, ich weiß aber nicht wie, insbesondere bei 1.7, das von den erfahreneren Usern hier ja kaum jemand verwendet. Den Text für die AGB-Zustimmung um das Widerrufsrecht und ggf. auch den Datenschutz zu erweitern ist kein Problem, das hatten wir auch schon hier im Forum.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. You really got strange issue. You did not mention what is version of PrestaShop you are using, but check first in database ps_configuration table. Try to find PS_SHOP_DEFAULT as name and check what is in value column, should be 1 . Also check ps_shop table.
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    @KulMaster, @yama I updated the module, adding the feature you requested, doing my best to use original theme tpls to display the cart summary (and the cart review just above the pay button, if enabled), so it should work on any theme. Please let me know if you encounter any problems.
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    It's in /app/config/parameters.php together with all DB settings.
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    De nuevo Presyashop no carga, a mediados de Octubre estuvo unos tres días dando problemas. Estos días a tras tardaba mucho en cargar el panel de la página principal del administrador pero por lo menos cargaba. Ahora de nuevo da error 404, me hace replantearme trabajar con otra aplicación... Prestashop esta teniendo una tremenda cagada con sus clientes. ¿Alguien tiene alguna solución a esto de que no no carga el administrador y da error 404??
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    If you want a free solution you can modify the code yourself. I have set the Order Reference to match the Order ID which is a sequential number. I then set my invoice numbers up to coincide with the same number so now the Order Reference, Order ID, and Invoice number all relatively match. You can have the Order Reference generated/set in the PaymentModule.php file within the Classes directory. If you modify the file directly you will need to make the change anytime Prestashop is updated and that file is replaced. In PaymentModule.php around line 381 for me you will find a block of code like so, if (!$result) { PrestaShopLogger::addLog('PaymentModule::validateOrder - Order cannot be created', 3, null, 'Cart', (int)$id_cart, true); throw new PrestaShopException('Can\'t save Order'); } Right after this code block insert the following two lines. $order->reference = str_pad($order->id, 6, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT); $order->update(); The code as is will set the Order Reference as the Order ID as a 6 digit number with 0 as a filler before the Order ID. I did not come up with this myself. I adapted the info from an old forum topic, https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/446780-change-to-same-number-idorder-and-reference/
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    Thanks for help. By fluke, I found my solution: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/263900-cart-is-empty-when-check-out/#comment-2938762 ... if I turned geolocation on and off again, the cart cookie worked and thumbnail pictures transferred to the shopping cat. I wish there were a better way of sorting all these threads and solutions. These are my notes made before I found my particular answer: Google.co.uk/search?q=Prestashop+forum+"your+shopping+cart+is+empty” prestashop.com/forums/topic/500027-your-shopping-cart-is-empty/ Papermarks thread, January 16 - debug mode. He sometimes get an extra error. I don’t. - turn Friendly URLS off and on again. I did. - if I did get an error, someone suggests a page headed with that error, on which someone links to this: in class FrontController i change (l.253) : //'content_dir' => $protocol_content.Tools::getServerName().__PS_BASE_URI__, 'content_dir' => $protocol_content.(($useSSL)?Tools::getShopDomainSsl():Tools::getShopDomain()).__PS_BASE_URI__, I was about to write this off after failed searches, but “/public_html/x/classes/controller/FrontController.php” and “/public_html/x/classes/controller/ModuleFrontController.php” do exist. In my version. The first is a short file. The second has nothing I could find similar. Mystery: there is no “front controller” module. But there is a file called modulefrontcontroller. Is this a clue? https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/447523-shopping-cart-is-empty-error/ GiantRobo thread June 15 - changes subject to no couriers error https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/633254-after-add-to-cart-cart-is-empty/ Sini thread November 17 - summarizes other bugs and suggests a solution on >classes>cookie.php line 76ish, change the name of the cookie. I made the change but still get the empty cart error. Someone suggests emptying the cross-reference tables? https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/636942-your-shopping-cart-is-empty-error/ Milsi thread November 17 About PS 1.5. No replies https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/442877-cart-says-your-cart-is-empty-no-matter-how-many-products-i-add/ About PS? Dprovost thread May 2015 Suggests a test of .css in case is isn’t showing the cart contents by mistake. Test: add .unvisible { display: none; } To the end of your theme’s global.css file. I tried. No result when trying the cart in a fresh browser with caches turned off. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/636942-your-shopping-cart-is-empty-error/ Milsee thread. November 2017. Chrome only. No replies https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/297624-solved-prestashop-156-shopping-cart-is-empty/ Gsoutfits thread PS 1.5 December 2013 This was a css problem stored in the cache. All my css changes are in a separate editing module. I have disabled it. No result in community theme. 2011 thread skipped as too old https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/392573-solved-empty-cart-problem-1609/ Simon68 / lacepatterns.eu thread, January 2015, PS1.6.0.9 - asks for list of solutions Turn off ajax cart. Done. Problem remains Someone lists PSForge bug tracker posts that have helped him This is very frustrating, but I sympathise with Prestashop developers after reading https://medium.com/@prestashoppoweruser/prestashop-a-sad-story-8b7e0a8795b8 A bug marked “not replicable duplicate” is “closed” over-and-over again, which, to me, is no solution. Aircraft builders do not write “duplicate but not replicable, so solved” if their planes crash so often and inexplicably. Or sometimes they do but that turned-out to be metal fatigue so it was solved eventually. The lead PHP and MySQL developer suggests disabling non Prestashop themes and modules, and switching back to the default bootstrap theme. I found a switch in backoffice > advanced parameters > performance to turn-off all non-prestashop modules but id didn’t work, so I went down the list and turned-off each one and saw Prestashop Cleaner offering to tidy my database, and it did: DELETE FROM `ps_order_carrier` WHERE `id_order` NOT IN (SELECT `id_order` FROM `ps_orders`) 2 line(s) DELETE FROM `ps_order_invoice` WHERE `id_order` NOT IN (SELECT `id_order` FROM `ps_orders`) 1 line(s) DELETE FROM `ps_order_invoice_payment` WHERE `id_order` NOT IN (SELECT `id_order` FROM `ps_orders`) 1 line(s) DELETE FROM `ps_product_carrier` WHERE `id_product` NOT IN (SELECT `id_product` FROM `ps_product`) 1 line(s) DELETE FROM `ps_specific_price_priority` WHERE `id_product` NOT IN (SELECT `id_product` FROM `ps_product`) 1 line(s) Bug remains. There is also an option to delete every order and customer record. I have none, so why not? Orders and customers truncated Bug remains. The same developer suggests, if that fails “You should consult your apache logs or the javascript console of your browser”, and try the default bootstrap theme. My javascript console led me here example.com/img/p/en-default-home_default.jpg is called rather than example.com/img/p/1/0/1/101-home_default.jpg http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-6117 - the thumbnail image of a product is lost instead of going to the cart, even if I re-build thumbnails in the back office. There is a patch for the cart.php written on Github, mentioned as a solution to the image problem as though future releases would include that patch, but I am on a future release and I cannot find cart.php, so the patch doesn’t help. I’ve got this far and am nowhere: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/392573-solved-empty-cart-problem-1609/#comment-2101779 Now I have found an error message about regional settings deleting carts, which is good. Now I have also tried deleting and re-instating the /subdirectory/ setting just to clear defaults, but have lost the site entirely. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/149001-can-i-change-prestashop-base-url/?do=findComment&comment=2905656 ...might be an answer
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    Attached is a tags block for PS 1.7 (just 1.6 version adapted to make it work in 1.7 and match with classic theme). Cheers. blocktags.zip
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    I solved this trouble in this way. I have deleted al content of directories /cache/smarty/cache/ except the file index.php and cache/smarty/compile/ also except file index.php and all were fixed.
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    Si usted desea que el logo guarde la transparencia, ve a la pestaña Preferencias -> Imagenes, y donde dice: Calidad de la imagen señala: Usar PNG si la imagen base está en formato PNG Despues vuelve a subir el logo. De esta manera las imagenes en general que subas en tu tienda, sea de productos, categorias, etc... o el mismo logo, si lo subes como png, prestashop conservara la transparencia..
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    Te refieres a detalles del producto y dentro ficha de producto? No es un modulo, es por codigo tienes que cambiar el fichero TPL para poner los componentes donde tu necesites. los ficheros los tienes aqui themes/classic/templates/catalog/ themes/classic/templates/catalog/_partials
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