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    This is a free module that adds an additional field to the category form, allowing you to enter additional description. It may be usefull for SEO purposes. For PS 1.6: To use the module you need to install it and then add {hook h='displayCategorySecondDescription'} to category.tpl in a place where you want to display the description, you may also add this hook to some other place, letf column, footer, it should work everywhere as long as you are on a category page. For PS 1.7 Install the module and then add {widget name='gmcatseconddesc'} to templates/catalog/listing/product-list.tpl just before the {else} tag or in any other place that you like. You can also attach this module to any hook, where you would like the description to show. Note: The description won't show for pagination pages, where the ?p parameter is greater that 1. gmcatseconddesc_16.zip gmcatseconddesc_17.zip Updated version with some bug fixes: gmcatseconddesc_17v1_0_5.zip Detailed implementation description: http://greenmousestudio.com/en/cat-desc
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    Bom dia Pessoal! Nada mais justo, do que ser ajudado e ajudar aqueles que estão com dificuldades. Ainda mais neste forum que está sempre conosco. Pois encontrei um modulo de transporte pelos correios que funciona 100% e que não deixa o sistema lento, como a maioria que encontrei em pesquisas. A única coisa que tive que fazer foi instalar ele, e excluir todas as transportadoras e deixar apenas PAC e SEDEX. retirei todas as outras, sedex10, sedex hoje e etc.. tirando eles a lentidão cessou e estou usando perfeitamente, está fazendo cálculos normalmente. Segue em anexo e bom uso! correioscarrier - hostnet.zip
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    Como dicen arriba existe un codigo EAN para el producto Un codigo EAN para color Rojo, otro para azul, blanco, etc. Dentro del producto, cuando añades una combinacion, por ejemplo colores rojo,azul,blanco , debes indicar en cada combinación que EAN debe tener Añade 1 producto y añades combinaciones, asociando un EAN a cada combinación ah! TAMBIEN UNA REFERENCIA DIFERENTE
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    I verify this solution. Annoying problem, easy fix. Thank you so much!
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    Bonjour, Il faut également renseigner ton nouveau layout dans le fichier de configuration du thème.
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    Hi, yes i know is a pain also in last ps 1.7 vs, from BO you cannot disable it!.....if you want no label in cart process you have to delete it from some tpl files ( create a copy of these files first, just in case you need again): the code responsible for this label is this {$cart.labels.tax_short} you will find some tpl files where it appears and the path is in themes/YOURTHEME/templates/checkout/_partials So check cart-summary-totals-----than cart-detailed-totals and maybe some others...i don't remember now. bye
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    Well to be honest, you would have to buy a theme install it on a test environment and see what HTML 5 is produces. With this google push so fresh many themes are not ready for this. The best answer would be to contact a dev who can modify that classic theme to be google friendly and rewrapper it as a new name so it don't auto upgrade and break. I could do it but i am bout to move and will be offline a bit. I would recommend Prestashophereos
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    There is many articles with eans duplicated. If you begin to work with amazon marketplace you are going to finish crazy with eans, because your eans aren't going to be the same that another suppliers published in the product info. Sometimes they stole you barcodes or make strange combinations. It's really crazy Too you are going to have difficults if you work with a POS or to search products by ean. Prestashop don't work right with it, for example they use as diferente UPC and EAN but EAN = 0+UPC I created a new field where I save all eans I have, and the first is the one I sent to Prestashop. So I have in my POS can search for any EAN and in prestashop I show and link for my prefered EAN for example to sync with amazon. Sorry for my poor English. I speak Spanish
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    Hello, the new generation of Presta SMS module will be available soon also for PrestaShop 1.6. This new version is not obfuscated.
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