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    Bonjour à tous, Vu que la question est posée au moins 5 fois par semaine sur ce forum, je vous propose un résumé des opérations à effectuer pour transférer son site d'un serveur à un autre. Sur le serveur existant: Commencez par vider vos caches avant l'export, cela vous fera gagner du temps de transfert. Exportez votre base de données Exportez le contenu de votre répertoire contenant votre boutique. Sur le nouveau serveur: Créez une nouvelle base sql et importez le contenu de votre sauvegarde sql Uploadez votre sauvegarde dans le répertoire devant contenir votre boutique Supprimez le fichier .htaccess à la racine Supprimez le fichier /cache class_index.php (il sera regénéré automatiquement) Modifiez les valeurs de la table ps_shop_url suivant votre configuration (domaine et sous-répertoire) Vérifiez dans la table ps_configuration et tables de contenus (configuration, cms_lang, etc...) si des urls "en dur" ne trainent pas Editez le fichier /config/settings.inc.php en remplaçant les 4 valeurs suivantes par celle permettant de se connecter à votre nouvelle base: define('_DB_SERVER_', 'localhost_ou_autre_suivant_votre_hébergeur'); define('_DB_NAME_', 'nom_de_la_base'); define('_DB_USER_', 'nom_du_user_autorisé_à_se_connecter_à_la_base'); define('_DB_PASSWD_', 'mot_de_passe_de_la_base'); Une fois connecté en BO, allez dans SEO & URL et décochez les urls simplifiées, enregistrez, re-cochez et enregistrez de nouveau. Le .htaccess sera regénéré. Note: Si vous étiez en ssl sur votre serveur d'origine et pas sur le nouveau (ou inversement) pensez à modifier en base de données, table ps_configuration, les 2 lignes suivantes en passant les valeurs à 1 ou 0 suivant votre cas: PS_SSL_ENABLED PS_SSL_ENABLED_EVERYWHERE
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    i disabled a few more modules including paypal and it worked , first module i turned off was social sharing i then had error with paypal Thanks for your help and hope this helps others
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    Create a multishop and modify these overrides so that one store executes one function and the other store the other function. I mean: function overrideOriginalFunction() { if ($shop == 1) { $this->overrideOriginalFunction1(); } elseif ($shop == 2) { $this->overrideOriginalFunction2(); } }
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    Effectivement sur une 1.4 et inférieure ces tables n'existent pas. Cela se passe dans le fichier settings.inc.php define('__PS_BASE_URI__', '/prestashop/'); ou /prestashop/ correspond à votre répertoire Par contre le domaine doit être modifié dans la table ps_configuration pour les 2 valeurs suivantes: PS_SHOP_DOMAIN PS_SHOP_DOMAIN_SSL Si vous aviez un htaccess, supprimez-le et connectez-vous au BO, ensuite regénérez-le
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    Hi, are there any updates on this? Working w/ PS still got this issue. Can't believe it's such an unspectacular bug that it is not solved, yet. Unfortunately, Shaun's workaround is not working for me either. thanks
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    Afraid that solution doesn't work for me (Prestashop - and my client has too many products in most categories for this to be a practical workaround for him, anyway. As far as I can see, this is a bug in the AJAX code that's supposed to update the _category_product table. Basically, it doesn't. My current workaround is to edit that table manually, but that's not exactly a fix either, is it? Can anyone confirm whether or not this is fixed in 1.6.1 ? I can't upgrade to that yet - theme and plugins aren't compatible - but it would be nice to get this working properly.
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    ja tam nawet kiedy działam na serwerze dedykowanym z ogromnym zapasem mocy i pamięci wolę robić sobie import na kilka części. Nie oszukujmy się, nie ma hostingów no-limit, wszystko ma swoje granice, importując duże pliki z dużą liczbą zdjęć należy być pewnym, że import zakończy się fiaskiem z uwagi na ograniczenia nałożone przez operatorów hostingu. To dobrze, że są takie ograniczenia, gdyby ich nie było, hostingi by muliły i odstraszały przez powolne działanie, bo ludzie po prostu by nadużywali przydzielonych zasobów. Limity były są i będą, i bardzo dobrze. stąd moim zdaniem lepiej radzić sobie rozbijając import na kilka części, niż szukać hostingu "no limit" z które po czasie się ucieknie z powodów które opisałem powyżej
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    I'm in the process of a solution that DOES work: Rollback to 1.5 I figure between this issue and the dozen or so others, painful though it may be, that's the right solution. Maybe in a year or three v 1.6 will be stable enough to consider the move - although I doubt it. I flat out told one of my clients she should tip me for NOT moving her to 1.6 because it's been such a nightmare. I'm eating the cost of rolling this other client's site back. But for the sake of going an entire week without issues, I'm feeling that's a worthwhile investment. Best of luck to the rest of you.
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    Ok, I too ran into this issue and using UPS. Please find below what settings using work and provide you with more options. The scenario: 1) You want to offer free shipping to your customers at a threshold you set. 2) If the threshold is not hit carrier rates should show 3) If threshold is hit, all carriers should not display as FREE! A solution: 1) In your shipping options set the value for free shipping either by price and weight to 0 (any other value will show all carrier methods to be free once that threshold is hit. 2) Create a carrier for your free shipping. Make certain to disable free shipping button at top, set out of range behavior to disable carrier, set the option for weight or price whichever you wish to use, set the range for the free shipping and the zones you wish to make it available for. 3) If using UPS or FedEx in example, go into each type offered by the carrier and change the ranges to a value lower then your free shipping threshold. If you have more than one type of service available from UPS or FedEx i.e overnight 2 day et cetera set your UPS ground out of range behavior to disabled. And set all others to apply the cost (explained below). Now, you should have the following: You wish to offer your customers free shipping at $500 (example), now, when your customer hits that value the free shipping carrier you set up will display. What will also display is the option for your customers to pay for faster shipping methods if they choose. If you are using UPS or FedEx and are offering free shipping, you are most likely using the ground service as that is the cheapest thus the reason the outline above disabled the ground service for out of range behavior. If you want your customers to only have the free shipping carrier that you set up and none others, than set each UPS or FedEx carrier option to "disabled" for out of range behavior. The above example also fixes the all carriers are free problem and gives you additional options as you will soon see.
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    Buenas: Entra dentro del .httaccess y lo borras por completo y guardas. Después lo regeneras nuevamente. Borra el contenido de cache/smarty/ Despues Rendimiento, FORZAR COMPILACION y desactivas cache. Guardas. A ver si te funciono
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