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    This is not a module. Follow the installation instructions! Prestools Suite is a suite of user-friendly and powerful tools to mass edit your products, orders and categories. It has also many other functions. It runs outside the Prestashops backoffice so that it won't be affected by bugs in your shop and can be extra fast. The main parts are: - product-edit: great options for mass editing more than 50 product fields. Add categories, change prices, update descriptions - for hundreds of products at once. Also great search options and the possibility to export as csv. - product-sort: an easy way to sort products inside a category. From position 500 to 1 in a blink. With the visual sort option you can see immediately how things will look. - order-edit: adding and deleting products and changing prices without problems. - order-search: make a selection on carrier, payment type, status, etc. or just search. With csv export option. - category-edit: useful for editing metadata and descriptions for SEO - combi-edit: assign pictures to your combinations quickly - combi-copy and combi-delete: copy, modify and delete attribute combinations using one product as a template - regenerate images for selections of products. Get better quality with Imagic when installed. - cleanup images: save on disk space by cleaning up images of deleted products - cleanup: make your shop quick and lean - shop rescue: turn off overrides and non-Prestashop modules when due to some bug you can no longer login in the backoffce. - attribute-list and feature-list: see how many products use each feature and attribute and get a product list. - prodcombi: see and modify the attributes of many products - eu-tax: get a quick overview how much you sold in each of the EU countries and how much VAT you withheld in the process - override-list and module-list: get lists of modules and of overrides and the modules might own them. - and a lot of statistics. Installation: Unzip the downloaded file and copy the resulting files to a subdirectory below your admin directory (do not install as a PS module!).You can access the program in the browser like "www.myshop.com/myadmin/mydir/login1.php". You will be welcomed by a login screen: the default username is "demo@demo.com" and the default password is "opensecret". Please adapt your security settings in the "settings1.php" file. There is a demo-installation available. Username and password are the default. Below you find a view of the product-edit page where the description field has been made editable: Prestools is compatible with Prestashop 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 and Thirty Bees. An old version for Prestashop 1.4 can be found here. For product-edit there are a few parts that are standard in demo mode. You can buy plugins at the Prestools website to use them. However, over 95% of the script is free. Among the files you will find a file prestoolssuite-module.zip. You can install this file as a module. It is a mini-module that adds a link to your Prestools installation in the Catalog menu of the backoffice. Prestools is regularly updated (on average once every two weeks). If you find a problem, please update Prestools to the latest version before you report it here. When reporting, please mention your Prestashop version. Bug reports and other suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Among the downloads you will find a manual. There is also an introduction video on Youtube (or here) to get started. It could use some polishing but I hope you find it useful.. If you bought paid plugins and you download a newer version of the free software you should always also download the latest version of the paid plugins too. You can do that in your account. Prestools is regularly updated. Update regularly to get the newest features. Follow the installation instructions! This is not a module!
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    Hi, thanks for reporting this issue. I have uploaded a new version that fixes it.
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    Ah oui, 5.2 on remonte aux dinosaures là....
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    You will need to create a new function in modules/blockFacebook/blockFacebook.php public function hookFooter($params) { return $this->hookDisplayHome($params); } This will allow you to hook it to the footer, however bear in mind that this will probably mess the fotoer up and you will need to do additional CSS work to style it properly.
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