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    Ideal for catalogues made in PrestaShop where sale or small ecommerce is not enabled. The module inserts information on the customer's user management page to request access to personal data to be corrected and deleted. The Official GDPR Compliance Module by PrestaShop for version 1.6 is by payment, so we have created a simple module that can be used where requests for access to personal data and deletion are rare, and where the deletion of data does not require special attention like demo versions and catalogues made in prestashop. New version 1.0.4 (18/05/2018) - addition consent request to user registration and guest orders Dowload free module: artfreegdpr1.0.4.zip Dowbload ver. 1.0.7 (22/05/2018): artfreegdpr1.0.7.zip Ability to disable the consent to the privacy policy for the guest account (Guest Checkout); Possibility of disabling the consent to the privacy policy for orders and user registration; Possibility to activate consent for the contact form;
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    Product Review Module - Revws - This free module allows your customer to create product reviews. Easily. The main goal of this module is to make both review authoring and moderation process as smooth as possible. I have worked very closely with real-world merchants to make sure this module offers just the right features that you guys need. TAKE A TEST DRIVE You can try this module on my demo account Front Office / Back Office SCREENSHOTS Revws at glance ` FEATURES What can this module do for you? review import - you can easily import your reviews productcomments or yotpo. Or use my datakick module to import from any other source compatible with with prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 versions both customer and guest reviews review moderation by administrator multiple review criteria theming options - you don’t have to use standard star symbol anymore google structured data / rich snippets support customers can edit / delete their reviews voting and report abuse buttons review suggestions based on recent purchase comprehensive settings - you can tweak almost anything and much more INTEGRATIONS Revws module can seamlessly cooperate with other modules. DataKick data import / export / modification module - using my paid module, you can easily list your reviews, export or even import them. You can schedule periodic backup of your review data. You can use it to prepare list of customers who has recently purchased some product and send them a review request Loyalty Points - Genzo Krona module* - revws module is integrated with this amazing loyalty points free module. You can then set up your own rewards strategy. Send Review Request module* - you can use this free module to ask your customer for reviews. Remember, if you don't ask for it, you don't get it * due to rules on this forum, I'm not allowed to link to these modules. Use goole BUGS AND FEATURE REQUESTS If you find any bug or issue, of if you would like to see some new functionality in the module, please file an issue on github. Otherwise I might forget about it Report problem / suggest enhancement DOWNLOAD You can download latest version of this free module here version for prestashop 1.7 version for prestashop 1.6
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    Bonjour à tous, à priori une bonne nouvelle, on m'a transmis cette info publiée le 05 Juillet par l'administration fiscale: si j'ai bien tout compris le module de certification proposé par Prestashop (cf l'actu d'hier) ne sera utile que pour les boutiques qui propose des paiement autres que le paiement via une banque. Si on propose uniquement du paiement via les module bancaires (atos, cyberplus & co) on est a priori dispensé d'utiliser un outil certifié. Le lien du texte officiel: http://bofip.impots.gouv.fr/bofip/106[spam-filter]PGP.html?identifiant=BOI-TVA-DECLA-30-10-30-20180704 Aller à l'article 35:
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    Prestashop 1.6 versiyonlarında özel lisanslama yapılmadıysa farklı sitelerde kullanabilirsiniz. 1.7 versiyon da köklü değişiklikler oldu kripto paraların kullanıldığı şifreleme benzeri bir değişim yapılıyor bu nedenle farklı sitelerde kullanmanız biraz zor olabilir. İlerde modülün bir anda çalışmaması olasılığı yüksek.
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    Gracias, descargaré la plantilla entonces. Un saludo
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    Check PrestaShop's github: https://github.com/PrestaShop/autoupgrade/releases
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    Même erreur aujourd'hui chez un de mes client...ils ont mis en place le nouveau protocole TLS 1.2 et lancé la maj de leur palteforme, du coup chez les cleints hebergé chez OVH même message d'erreur. Il faut modifier les paramétres de l'hebregement : PHP : 5.6 Environement : Stable moteur : php (simplement) et banco plus de probleme...le message dans les logs est : 2018-06-19 15:26:49 1529414809 DEBUG: Checking E-Transactions URL https://tpeweb1.e-transactions.fr/load.html 2018-06-19 15:26:49 1529414809 DEBUG: Exception Exception: error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure 2018-06-19 15:26:49 1529414809 DEBUG: No valid URL found! Bon courage
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    Ok, I'll have a look into your problem Graham. Also, I hadn't thought about different character sets. I shall update asap.
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