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    1.6 et 1.7. Non testé sur les versions précédentes, qui sont si vieilles qu'à l'époque, je crois que la France était championne du monde de football et qu'on payait en francs
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    Hélas tous les développeurs maîtrisant parfaitement Prestashop sont plutôt surchargés car pas nombreux . Si vous en trouvez un de dispo au chômage c'est plutôt louche^^
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    C'est un peu déplacé de venir faire de la pub ici et avec autant de fautes... Et je n'ai jamais vu un hébergeur de mutualisé être compétent ni de bon conseil pour un site Prestashop.
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    Que miedito me da esa consulta SQL jajajajajaj! Gracias por el aporte Code-Plus!
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    Το ίδιο θέμα είχα και εγώ και έκανα την ανάλογη αλλαγή. Αυτό που στέλνεις για id στο skroutz το C233 τι είναι? Το category id ? Την αλλαγή πρέπει να την κάνεις στο αρχείο skroutzanalytics/views/templates/hook/skroutzanalytics.tpl Γραμμή 34 Από product_id: '{/literal}{$product.product_id}{literal}', σε κάτι τέτοιο product_id: '{/literal}P{$product.product_id}C{$product.category_id}{literal}', Θα πρέπει να βρεις ποια είναι η μεταβλητή από το πεδίο που στέλνεις και να το βάλεις εκεί. Αν δεν υπάρχει αυτή η μεταβλητή θα πρέπει να την φτιάξεις. Το παραπάνω είναι παράδειγμα. Δεν ξέρω αν υπάρχει το $product.category_id
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    Bonjour, Pour ton premier point, c'est du au fait que au hover, ton titre devient noir, et du coup noir sur noir on voit plus rien Pour ton deuxième point, en regardant ton css on voit que tu as : ul.product_list.grid, ul.tt-carousel{ display:inline-block; } Il faut enlever ça et ta grille reprendra une taille de 100%, et par la même occasion tes images de produits aussi ^^ Cordialement,
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    Here is the solution which worked for me on two different Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7 which is hosted on different servers but both are using cpanel. Initially, It was not working for me too, but after doing some googling and trying some combination of setting, I came up with a working solution. 1. Go to module cronjobs in your shop back office. 2. select mode as Advanced 3. Save it 4. Now add a new task by clicking plus sign under "CRON TASKS" tab 5. Provide the details: 5.1 Task Description: ANY Thing 5.2 Target Link: URL which you want to be part of cron, but check this URL in a browser window whether it is working or not. 5.3 Task Frequency: must do bellow setting (This setting is not going to work) but should be set as mention below. Every Hour Every day of the month Every Month Every day of the week 5.4 Save Finally, It should look like 1.jpeg attached image. Now there are two ways to proceed further either using Cpanel or SSH By Cpanel 1. Open Cpanel 2. Goto Advanced Tab 3. Click on the cron job 4. Enter your mail and update it 5. Then goto bellow section "Add New Cron Job." 6. Select the setting from the drop-down "Common Setting" this is the setting which will decide at what time script will execute, It will automatically fill bellow some fields 7. But there is one filed is still empty Command, to fill filed do bellow steps 7.1 Go to the shop back office, Goto module cronjobs 7.2 Under Advanced option you will see the command, something like this 0 * * * * curl -k "https://www.abc.com/backoffice/index.php?controller=AdminCronJobs&token=b7ad52c1870c1f7a758c281dd92b333c" 7.3 From this command copy from curl to last 7.4 Past it here 8. Click on Add New Cron Job. Done, Now you will now receive mail when cron job gets executed with the result By SSH 1. Connect SSH 2. Type command "crontab -e" 3. It will open vim editor where you need to mention some code; You can find that code by below steps: 3.1 Go to the shop back office, Goto module cronjobs 3.2 Under Advanced option you will see the command, something like this 0 * * * * curl -k "https://www.abc.com/backoffice/index.php?controller=AdminCronJobs&token=b7ad52c1870c1f7a758c281dd92b333c" 3.3 now in the command change this part "0 * * * *" as per your requirement, This is setting which will tell at what frequency you want to execute cron jobs You can calculate it also very quickly by this link https://crontab.[spam-filter]/ 3.4 Now your command may look like this 0 0 * * * curl -k "https://www.abc.com/backoffice/index.php?controller=AdminCronJobs&token=b7ad52c1870c1f7a758c281dd92b333c" 3.5 Now final code MAILTO="shobhit@abc.com" 0 0 * * * curl -k "https://www.abc.com/backoffice/index.php?controller=AdminCronJobs&token=b7ad52c1870c1f7a758c281dd92b333c" 3.6 Past it here 3.7 Save file and Exit 4. Done, Now you will receive mail when the job gets executed.
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    hi, no solution for this problem! i found two possibilities: A ) use a google tag manager modul and over this you can integrate the google analytics tag or B ) dowload the old google analitics modul (not directly from prestashop backend - there is only the google analytics api modul available) - this is the correct modul link: https://addons.prestashop.com/de/analysen-statistiken/4168-ganalytics.html i hope this will help
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    C'est fait, ajout du champ en base de données, une variable dans cartRule.php ainsi qu'une condition supplémentaire dans checkValidity. Affichage de l'option OUI/NON dans le BO (règle de panier). Testé et fonctionnel dans Presta pour les réductions en montant. Désormais par défaut nos règles panier ne sont pas cumulable avec les soldes et on peut activer au cas par cas ! Si ça intéresse, je ferai un tuto.
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    Do I understand you correctly that you want to sort the products by supplier? The nicest way to do that is in the PHP/mysql code. However, you can do it in the Smarty template too. In pseudo-code (not checked) you would get something like: {foreach $products AS $product} {$psuppliers[$product.id_supplier][] = $product} {/foreach} /* now we put the supplier arrays together in a new products array */ {$myproducts = []} {foreach $psuppliers AS $psupplier} {foreach $psupplier AS $product} {$products[] = $product} {/foreach} {/foreach}
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    also I had issue with cart dropping product, but only on my computer (as far as I know, this was the stress part not knowing)...this went on for months but only from my home IP. Then I emptied these three tables and could then add to cart on my own shop, I have slept better ever since.
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    go to modules > positions and move facebook block module to the first position inside modules list named "displayHome"
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    OK, try this: override classes/Cart.php (see prestashop developers documentation on how) or change directly in classes/Cart.php: (Make backup, just in case!) modify the function: (sample code from PS version public function updateQty($quantity, $id_product, $id_product_attribute = null, $id_customization = false, $operator = 'up', $id_address_delivery = 0, Shop $shop = null, $auto_add_cart_rule = true) ... /* If we have a product combination, the minimal quantity is set with the one of this combination */ if (!empty($id_product_attribute)) $minimal_quantity = (int)Attribute::getAttributeMinimalQty($id_product_attribute); else $minimal_quantity = (int)$product->minimal_quantity; if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($product)) die(Tools::displayError()); if (isset(self::$_nbProducts[$this->id])) unset(self::$_nbProducts[$this->id]); if (isset(self::$_totalWeight[$this->id])) unset(self::$_totalWeight[$this->id]); if ((int)$quantity <= 0) return $this->deleteProduct($id_product, $id_product_attribute, (int)$id_customization); elseif (!$product->available_for_order || Configuration::get('PS_CATALOG_MODE')) return false; elseif ($quantity > 4) { // For example, 4 max per same product/product-combination allowed return false; } else { /* Check if the product is already in the cart */ $result = $this->containsProduct($id_product, $id_product_attribute, (int)$id_customization, (int)$id_address_delivery); /* Update quantity if product already exist */ if ($result) { if ($operator == 'up') { $sql = 'SELECT stock.out_of_stock, IFNULL(stock.quantity, 0) as quantity FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'product p '.Product::sqlStock('p', $id_product_attribute, true, $shop).' WHERE p.id_product = '.$id_product; $result2 = Db::getInstance()->getRow($sql); $product_qty = (int)$result2['quantity']; // Quantity for product pack if (Pack::isPack($id_product)) $product_qty = Pack::getQuantity($id_product, $id_product_attribute); $new_qty = (int)$result['quantity'] + (int)$quantity; if ($new_qty > 4) { // For example, 4 max per same product/product-combination allowed return false; } $qty = '+ '.(int)$quantity; ... And save the file. Reload the product page and try to add the same product, or the same product combination 5 times. The 5th time it should complain. Try another product or product-combination and this time it should be able again to add to the cart, up to 4 times. the 5th time it should complain again. So we can have of each product or product-combination a max of 4 per order. So you see, you can have unlimited different products per order, but of each product not more than 4 in that order. If you (also) want to limit the maximum amount of products per order (of any product or product-combination), you can have a look in the link Vekia mentioned above. There I limited the total amount of products per order. Hope this helps, pascal.
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    I am assuming the rest of your site is not connecting also? Because the back office uses the same connection info as the front. The connection info is stored in Store Root\config\settings.inc.php
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    You need to enable the carrier for the zones you want. If it does not appear to local customer you probably have not enabled that shipping option for that zone.
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    Hi, In file classes/Uploader.php at line 179 you have I changed to (see below) and worked for me. Please try . Thank you.
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