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    Custom payment form

    Hi, Two solutions for you. 1. Remove other payments form the hookPaymentOptions hook. 2. Add custom css code to hide other payments. In your case, this code could do the work #payment-option-2-container{display:none ;} Regards, Jonny
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    One Click Order (Quick Buy) module is the faster and easier way to order from online shop for the customers. It will be faster and easier for your customer to order on your shop. This module allows to simplify creating orders in your store on product page. Customer or guest will only specify its name and phone. Super easy install and customize. Allow quick orders for customers and guests. Send notice on email to the administrator of the store. Set width for popup. Change background button. Simple and Friendly user interface. Compatible with all web browsers. Multi-language and Multi-store ready. Support and well documented. Video Settings Demo 1.6 Demo 1.7 Update: 21.12.2017 - ver 1.0.1 - Fix: Please check your data and added mails template on languages - en, de, ar, es, fr, it, ru bonorder.zip
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    Simone Salerno

    [Free Module] Xtreme cache

    Xtreme cache module hooks into actionDispatcher and tries to serve the full page html before Prestashop processes it. The cache source is built upon previous requests, before sending it to the browser, via a new hook I introduced (you'll find the override in the module). This heavily reduces response time and server work load. You can find more info in a blog post I wrote. Module is installed upload the zip attached to this post. You may need to manually copy the overriden controller in your override folder. I tested on and installed with no problems. Module available on Github. **** Update 15/04/2017 ***** I've updated the module. I tested on and it works well. Tried testing on 1.7.1 but it seems that release is buggy and I won't waste my time on this awful software. Enjoy. xtremecache.zip
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    Hello thank you, excellent work
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    Hello, Yes, i updated the module and added version 1.0.1
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    Bonsoir, Comme indiqué sur l'image plus haut, cela permet de modifier en live pour voir également le rendu. Mais ça ne modifie pas directement vos fichiers évidemment. Il faut modifier via votre FTP directement le fichier concerné car dans la console, vous avez le chemin complet et même la ligne à modifier. Ex: Et normalement, tout est OK Vu que vous êtes en local, vous devrez normalement aller dans "répertoire www". Bonne modif.
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    Εμείς στους πελάτες μας βάζουμε αυτό. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/marketplaces/19652-skroutz-bestprice-greece-marketplace-data-feed-xml.html
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    Pistes pour cache feuilles de styles...

    Rien a voir avec le cache mais avec la compression. Vous avez dû laisser une ou plusieurs coquilles dans vos fichiers css et lors de la compression ça casse le code et le navigateur n'arrive pas à l’interpréter. Corrigez votre code et tout rentrera dans l'ordre
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    Problem z wtyczkami

    No tak od innych wymagasz aby pomagali a samemu dać odpowiedź i pomóc innym to już ponad siły... Proszę zwróć uwagę na fakt że każdy kto Ci tu cokolwiek podpowiedział zrobił to w swoim wolnym czasie i za darmo. Forum tworzą zwykli ludzie którzy raz szukają pomocy a innym razem ją oferują, jak wszyscy będą tylko szukać pomocy to z pewnością braknie pomagających i wtedy nikt nie znajdzie na forum żadnych wartościowych treści. Zamiast usuwać post, można było podać rozwiązanie problemu, nigdy nie wiadomo kto kiedyś trafi na nie i mu pomoże. Pozdrawiam
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    hai all'interno della root la cartella " install " la puoi cancellare oppure rinominarla come vuoi non fa nessuna differenza
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    Bonjour, étant victime du meme problème. TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form. Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: parsererr Lorsqu'un de mes clients essaye de s'identifier ou bien de s'inscrire. voici la solution: Cette solution est appropriée si vous utilisez la version 1.6.x de Prestashop ouvrir le fichier avec note+ Accédez au fichier par ftp authentication.js( dans votre theme) À la ligne 38, remplacez url: baseUri + '? Rand =' + new Date (). GetTime (), avec url: baseUri + 'index.php? Controller = authentification' + '? Rand =' + new Date (). getTime () . Si vous utilisez la version 1.5 de Prestashop et que vous rencontrez toujours l' erreur TECHNICAL ERROR: impossible de charger le formulaire. Details: Error Je vous conseille de modifier, à la ligne 97, le fichier authentication.tpl que vous trouverez dans / themes / default / comme suit: url: baseUri, url: baseUri, in en url: baseUri + 'index.php?controller=authentication', url: baseUri + 'index.php? controller = authentification',
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    php7 erreur fatale leo manage widgets

    Mon conseil N°1 ne pas utiliser php7 pour prestashop 1.6.x Après le plus simple est encore de contacter le développeur du thème/module pour qu'il corrige son code. Tu peux également commenter la ligne: // if ($use_push && !$moduleInstance->allow_push) { // continue; // }
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    Hi Indice68, it's actually quite simple, you can see that your robots.txt are blocking /tags from being accessed. Quote You need to change this line/lines in your robots.txt Disallow: /*?tag= to this (allow tag attributes should be allowed) Allow: /*?tag= I recommend changing all tag attributes to "allowed", just in case. Then resubmit homepage in Google Search Console, after a while Google will recrawl your homepage and you should be fine. Best regards, Bojanstven
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    It's the TPL files in the pdf directory that control the PDF files. There is header.tpl for the header, footer.tpl for the footer and separate templates for each part of the deliviery slip, invoice, order return and supply order.
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    After 2 days i've finally found it i think. In another theme js file i've found this line in a function : countries = countriesPS Commented it and it works now.
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    no no ho risolto: non basta solo creare una categoria, bisogna poi dire che la si vuole nel menu, perciò devi andare su moduli e servizi, cercare il modulo 'top menù orizzontale' e lì selezioni che cosa vuoi vedere sulla barra del menu ci sono arrivata per caso :-//
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    If you don't wanna remove 15 - jquery.uniform - modified.js , just disable for the specific elements : $(window).load(function() { $.uniform.restore(".noUniform"); }); <ul> <li> <label> <input class="noUniform" type="radio" name="my-radio"/> </label> . . . </li> </ul>
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    hi solved this, i deleted contentbox module and the smartblog is working fing
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    slow site in paypal

    Hello, same here: the homepage took 30 seconds longer to load. The problem was the updatePictures function, which is located in modules/paypal/paypal_logos.php. Apparently, it checks whether the local logo image files are outdated or not. If those files were modified more than one week ago, it attempts to download a more recent version from the web. The thing is, if you don't have write permissions, it will try to download them anyway, at each request. So, the solution is to give write permissions to modules/paypal/img/logos or if you, like me, don't care to have your logos updated automatically, just exclude the updatePictures function. I just commented this line out. It's in the getLocalLogos function, found in modules/paypal/paypal_logos.php //$this->updatePictures($logo[0], $destination); I think this behavior should be configurable and I certainly don't want my logo files to be checked at every-single-request. copied

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