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    Hi everyone! Here is my countdown timer module for products. You can use it with specific prices or activate it manually for chosen products. Use a default position or place a countdown anywhere you like with a custom hook. Multistore / multilanguage support, compatible with PrestaShop 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7. 2 themes are included. And of course you can edit them or create your own. Included translations: English (default) Spanish (many thanks to DarkDudae) Polish (many thanks to Rynraf) Catalan (many thanks to Francesc) Portuguese (many thanks to dfmrego) Dutch (many thanks to Blij) Russian Version 1.2.7 - small fixes and improvements Any feedback would be highly appreciated psproductcountdown.zip
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    Upgrade du forum - 19/10

    Il y a aide.prestashop.click
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    Upgrade du forum - 19/10

    En signature de beaucoup le fork
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    @EgenWebside I had something similar and made forge report here http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/BOOM-4381 . Check code change there that worked for me.
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    El Patron

    Need advice!!!!

    yes it is healthy especially if you are not happy with them. The way to work with 3rd party IT group is to have a devcopy where work is done for your review and feedback and when approved moved to production. Also any team you choose should use a decent project management system like zoho or dapluse.
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    Centrar módulo diapositivas en el home

    Hola Jessy, pásanos la url de tu site y le pego un vistazo al css.
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    How to handle discontinued products?

    Just edit product, go to information, set up visibility to Nowhere, and disable Available for order. That should do the trick
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    Dunque il commercialista, come spesso accade, non sa nulla di vendite online. La fattura comunque generata ha sempre valore, anche se scritta a mano... A prescindere la normativa italiana in merito è comunque molto precisa e la fattura dovrebbe essere rilasciata solo su specifica richiesta del cliente e contestuale all'acquisto. In tutti gli altri casi è sufficiente la ricevuta generica. Fatta questa premessa è possibile utilizzare per es. il campo "confezione riciclata" per far inserire un flag agli utenti che desiderano la fattura. Ritroveremo la richiesta all'interno del singolo ordine. Lavorando su un sistema di one-page checkout noi abbiamo sviluppato un sistema un po' più efficace che fra le altre cose raccoglie i dati corretti (solo CF per fattura verso privato, CF + PI per fattura verso impresa individuale, PI per fattura verso società). Questo rende un po' più professionale tutta la procedura. Va anche precisato che PrestaShop nasce come piattaforma b2c e l'aspetto b2b viene gestito in maniera non così strutturata come molti utenti italiani vorrebbero. In particolare la gestione dell'utente avviene sempre utilizzando nome e cognome, quindi non è possibile una pura registrazione con dati aziendali, i quali sono di fatto solo ulteriori informazioni legate ai campi dell'indirizzo. Questo genera indubbiamente qualche problema se l'idea è quella di gestire in maniera separata b2b e b2c
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    last update: 15 MAY 2017 List of valuable and proven free modules for PrestaShop PrestaShop modules give online merchants the ability to customize every aspect of their online business. From Front Office design to Back Office operations, everything you need to help your business stand out is available at your fingertips. Explore list of free addons to find exactly what your business needs to grow! Dear developers If you want to share your free module on this list, please send me PM with url to thread where you share module. Remember that module must be attached to the topic (any requests with external urls to modules will be rejected). Before publishing - each module will be checked for errors, etc. Latest modules added to list latest modules added to this list are underlined and in red color if you have got any question about module, please open module thread and ask questions there Dedicated for PrestaShop 1.7.x If you've got free modules for new prestashop 1.7 - please contact with me. Advertising and marketing Free product reviews module for prestashop 1.7.x Zopim (zendesk) chat Front office features homepage tab with bestsellers homepage popuplar tab homepage new products tab homepage 'on sale' products tab fixed sticky header display products on cms pages Rest of the modules (1.6.x / 1.5.x / 1.4.x) Advertise & marketing Zopim Live Chat Banner manager / multiple advertising Block advertising multiple Banner image and texts Minic mailchimp Minic promo Yotpo Social Reviews free optimizely module for A / B testing clicktale heatmapping module Tools Track all your shipments standalone newsletter tool ninja developer tools Catalog, Orders, Products etc. management in BO Module to export orders Order Edit, Category Edit, Product Edit Product export module Delete orders from prestashop Delete orders from prestashop another one Front office features Block News CMS Bottom sidebar banner - add hot info for customers Product Reviews - Dramatically increase your reviews Recaptcha Blog Module - A usefull PrestaShop Module HTML BLOCK - insert content anywhere display multilingual HTML texts everywhere Rating of Products in AJAX homepage categories module homecategories plus Slide captcha - add captcha to your forms European Union Cookies Law European Union Cookie law block Smart Tabs Floating viewed products block Random homefeatured Smoke background effect CMS page content on homepage Contact Slide module Adv Footer Featured product carousel maintenance information for front office password strength bar widget product accessories on the cart homefeatured + responsive + rich snippets background switcher infinite scroll elevate product zoom blog module products on cms pages Integrations Wordpress Bridge shopmania integration free Payments 2checkout Slideshows & carouselles Minic slider for PS 1.5.+ Prestashop new product carousel Manufacturer carousel akila home slideshow homeslider on TOP - modification of official module sliders everywhere - responsive sliders Social Networks Facebook Like Box free Facebook Like Box Facebook Comments Addsharethis Social Count Addthis Block Twitter widget - account timeline block Coolshare - bookmarks with styles Social Network animated buttons (twitter,facebook,google,youtube,rss) Stats Statstrackvisits See detail tracking of your vistors for period chosen Shop Admin Tools Mail alerts PDF Invoice plus Validate customer (accept accounts before activation) RawSQL query module File Explorer, manage your FTP files from back office Block IP address - ban any user you want Resizable PNG watermark module PHP configuration info module order sound alert notify in back office Hooks manager update elements module - display / hide products depending on stock
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    I figured out a solution! The problem is that the Add to Cart on a product page is coded as <span>Add to Cart</span>. When clicking, GTM cannot get any value. So I edit this to <span id="myID">Add to Cart</span>. This way GTM will get the id information. Then you can filter the trigger.
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    Otro día invertido en esta mierda, es frustrante a tope.
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    Hello, I had the same problem after adding new combinations of existing products. I suggest you go to Product=> Combinations and change the "default" to another combination. You can then change it back to the original one and the problem should be solved. At least it worked for me.

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