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  2. Boa noite. Na ultima versão de 1.7.5 não consigo instalar este themplete podem indicar soluções? Pts Undu - PrestaShop 1.7 Furniture Theme with Page Builder Com os melhores cumprimentos Telma Costa
  3. gemsbokgroup

    Customizations Needed on PS store

    I bought the LeoTheme. I need footers to be removed... I need my logo to work as it seems not to be displayed... I need some features removed and tawk.to script added... I am willing to pay via paypal. lets talk.
  4.  eleazar

    Anpassung PDF Rechnung

    Und wie hast du die Zeile auskommentiert?
  5. Vous n'avez pas entièrement coller tous le contenu du fichier theme.css dans custom.css, qu'avez vous fait du fichier theme.css je ne le voit plus ?
  6. Bizarre , pour moi ça ne le fait pas. Pouvez vous allez sur une page produit svp.. Car j'avais mis quelques règles .css pour les produit et le slider d’accueil..
  7. Hola, necesito ayuda, con las Url's, cuando trato de editarlo, obtengo un error 500, adjunto imagen. Alguna idea de como solucionarlo?
  8. En mettant le contenu du fichier theme.css dans le fichier custom.css votre site revient à la normal.
  9. I have recently integrated Printful into my Prestashop. Following Printful's instructions I created a new item in my Prestashop and synced it to Printful. Unfortunantly, the new item that is synced and edited with Printful won't show up in my store on Prestashop. The product appears in the catalog on the back end of my Prestashop and everything matches all of my other items, that do appear. Would there be some reason why the new product won't appear in the category or on the appropriate page of my store? The new product DOES appear when I enter the direct url to the item, but not on the website itself. any ideas?
  10. Essayez de mettre le contenu du fichier theme.css dans le fichier custom.css ces deux fichiers sont dans le dossier themes>classic>assets>css pour voir comment ça réagi.
  11. panoskou

    recaptcha στη login page

    Και εμένα τελικά περνάνε.. Παρόλο που έκανα τεστ και δεν περναγε πελάτης αν δεν κλικαρε στο captcha.
  12. Buenas, a mi me pasaba lo mismo, version prestashop Editar fichero /controllers/front/AuthController.php line 408: // Preparing customer $customer = new Customer(); $lastnameAddress = Tools::getValue('lastname'); Añadir esto debajo para bloquear el apellido del robot que usa www etc.... if (preg_match('/www|http/ui',$lastnameAddress)) { $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('lastname spam disable'); }
  13. Je viens de le faire et une page blanche erreur 500 est apparue quand j'ai vidé mon cache. J'ai réactualisé mon navigateur (chrome) et c'est rentré en ordre. Je parle de mon BO.
  14. Today
  15. Your store is using custom theme made by Leotheme , it would be best to contact them directly. Otherwise, if you insist on thrid party help, you can post your requirements in Job Offers here
  16. Dreamtheme

    Ban some words from name and surname

    You should not really do that, as there are people with really wrong and offensive names that are legitimate real names, so if you ban them because of the name and it is a real name on his ID, will be very bad. With that said, you need a developer agency or freelancer to create such functionality for you.
  17. No there are missing layout settings in classic theme option Most frequently bought New products promotions product cms
  18. Hi, You can do that with product combinations, or subscription modules and cross selling modules like this one and this one from addons market.
  19. Rodrigo B Laurindo

    Prestashop Theme multistore problem?

    Sorry, I didn't understand your problem in Classic theme options. Is a translation problem? Can you attach pictures to help us to understand?
  20. Visiblement ils s'adaptent. Affaire à suivre.
  21. Pour info à ceux qui bloquent les IP par le .htaccess, elles changent régulièrement, proviennent d’Estonie (sauf si VPN) elles font toutes partie du réseau Mais le dernier compte créé chez moi n'a pas d'adresse IP c'est ballot !!!! Donc on revient à la première page de ce topic, on lit et on cherche à comprendre le 1er post et en 30 secondes on résout le problème. Et on oubli pas de dire merci à Doekia. Merci beaucoup Doekia.
  22. Hi, You can't do this right out of the box, but you can with some third party modules like this one here.
  23. Rodrigo B Laurindo

    Editar el lang de un formulario

    $this->trans() solo sirve para modulos nativos. Debes utilizar $this->l()
  24. Alessia

    Spedizione gratis con condizioni

    Ciao buonasera stesso problema . Non so cosa ho aggiornato e adesso esce questa scritta nella spedizione HAi risolto??
  25. Dreamtheme

    Looking for a template

    Hi, You can achieve this with almost any theme. Disable products and modules on the front page that you don't want and use free custom HTML block modules to create whatever content you want for the front page.
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