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  2. I have prestashop 1.5.6 but in that page I do not find the word override at all. How can I find that in that link?
  3. Leonard9288

    Warning: Declaration of Hook::exec

    Hello All, I hope you are well, I have the same problem. So, please if you have some answers that I am a taker. Many thanks :) Ciao a tutti, Spero che tu stia bene, ho lo stesso problema. Quindi, per favore se hai delle risposte che sono un acquirente. Grazie molto :)
  4. NSN

    I'm fed up!

    Not sure how long this thread will be online, but I have to state that your leaving is a huge loss for the whole community, especially for the German speaking part of it. I don't have all the details about what happened, but from what I saw on the public part of the forum I have to back you up because you are not attacking anyone. In my opinion, it is more the opposite way that, If ttoine does not like to hear something, he is the one who attacks others. Take care and keep your head up. Hope there will be a place where it's possible to meet again. Your help was always awesome.
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  6. Angel Moral

    Generate PDF with Ajax and FPDF

    I want to generate a pdf with the FPDF library, I have a template with a button that when pressed makes an ajax query and I want it to return a new tab with the pdf generated by the library. my template (task.tpl) {extends file='page.tpl'} {block name='page_content_container'} <label id="random_number"></label> <section> <p><label>Introduce ancho:</label> <input type="text" id="name" name="name" maxlength="8" size="10" /></p> <p><label>Introduce alto:</label> <input type="text" id="name" name="name" maxlength="8" size="10" /></p> <form method="post"> <button id="plantilla" value="val_1" name="but1">button 1</button> <input id="access_token" type="hidden" name="access_token" value="<?php echo $_SESSION['access_token']; ?>" /> </form> </section> {/block} my js file (multipurpose.js) $(document).ready(function(){ $('#plantilla').click(function(){ $.ajax({ url:mp_ajax, data:{ }, method: 'POST', success: function(data) { //$('#random_number').html(data) }, error: function(result) { alert('error'); } }); }); }) my php file (ajax.php) <?php require_once('../../config/config.inc.php'); require_once('../../init.php'); require('../../vendor/fpdf/fpdf.php'); include('../../vendor/fpdf/fpdf.php'); ob_start(); require('vendor/fpdf/fpdf.php'); $pdf = new FPDF('P','mm',array(20,10)); $pdf->AddPage(); $pdf->Output();
  7. ZephyrAnomi

    [SOLVED] Terjadi kesalahan saat upload image

    Mas tolong bantuanya ya. Saya punya masalah saat upload gambar diweb saya menggunakan PHP, tapi kok jadi ganda gambarnya ya mas di tampilan web. Tolong bantuanya ya mas mas. Terima kasih
  8. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Did you followed my link for the password recovery tool?
  9. Ich hatte auch das Problem dass ich teilweise mehrere Trackingnummern für eine Bestellung habe und lange nach einer Lösung gesucht. Am Ende habe ich es dann, wie zuvor Claudio geschrieben hat, die einfachste Lösung genommen und die Nummer mit einem Komma getrennt eingegeben. Das Einzige Problem was ich Anfangs damit hatte war dass mein Paketdienst die mit Komma getrennten Nummern nicht trennen kann. Darum habe ich dann unter den Versandeinstellungen den Trackinglink auf 17track.net geändert da dort die nummern getrennt werden.
  10. Chez moi sa fonctionne gratuitement comme sa: https://www.arnaud-merigeau.fr/add-recaptcha-to-prestashop/ Après je sais pas si c'est de sa que tu parle il donne le module la dans le tuto https://www.arnaud-merigeau.fr/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/eicaptcha.zip
  11. Visiblement Prestashop vient de faire un module recaptcha.... a 39 balles. Pourquoi ne pas l’avoir intégre dans la solution de base... 😕
  12. estava com este problema na versão, desabilitei o Cache inteligente para CSS.problema resolvido
  13. salut, je suis coincé sur l'installation de prestashop voici l'erreur qui s'affiche aider moi svp
  14. grennet

    SPAM z formularza rejestracji

    I po kłopocie : ) https://www.hurtownia-kosmetyczna.org/szybkie-zakupy
  15. You have a permission problem on your server. Please contact your hosting provider to allow PrestaShop access to /var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php70 In your Prestashop folder, directories must have chmod 775 and files chmod 644.
  16. I am pinning on the subject, does anyone have a free module securing the registration form?
  17. You can shorten the description in the PHP file of the module, but this is cosmetic issue, why does it bother you?
  18. Dreamtheme

    PRoblem with Bosnia and currency

    Hi, It doesn't appear for me too, i think there is only Language translation available but not an localization pack with currency and taxes etc. I suggest you to submit it as bug on PrestaShop Github
  19. Dreamtheme

    Emails go to spam

    If you are using shared hosting, some of the other websites on that hosting server may be spammy, so naturally filters will add your entire server IP to spam folders, so start checking with that.
  20. Claudiocool

    Es reicht jetzt!

    Vielleicht wäre es (wie bei anderen Sachen auch schon geschehen), eine alternative Idee, ein eigenes deutsches Forum zu machen, wo man dann zumindest die Sache selbst in der Hand hat. Ich vermute, man hat mit der aktuellen Version einfach die Priorität gesetzt Geld zu machen (ja, ist legitim) und hier stören Leute, die sich hier für lau engagieren. Schade, Eleazar, ich habe von dir sehr viel über den Prestashop gelernt, und ich glaube, dass ohne solche Unterstützung sicher etwas anderes an den Start gegangen wäre, denn der war am Anfang alles andere als auf mich zugeschnitten Daher von mir zum Abschied (ich hoffe, man begegnet sich wieder) einen herzlichen Dank für alles, was ich in der Zeit von dir gelernt habe, einen herzlichen Dank für die eine oder andere Hilfestellung und einen weiteren Dank für die hier geleistete Arbeit, die immer sehr konstruktiv war. Und nimm es nicht so schwer, denn hier verlierst nicht du, sondern Prestashop... ich werde es gespannt verfolgen
  21. Merci pour ce café d'autant que quand je regarde le nombre de merci et/ou café par rapport au nombre de vues/downloads ... ça donne un effet étrange. A l'heure qu'il est plus de 4000 lectures des topics, plus de 500 téléchargements sur area51 et moins d'une main de de café... pas que j'en dépende ou en attende plus, mais je pense que c'est représentatif du délabrement de cette communauté. Sans même parler des sabotages de certains acteurs de la team (oui je parle de toi @ttoine) , il va falloir combien de semaine/mois/années pour que PS acte quelque chose concernant ce problème. Pour info 3h après nos solutions @Eolia et moi même, thirtybees avait déjà réagit.
  22. Dreamtheme

    Only one page visited

    Hi there, I think that you need higher quality product pictures, perhaps you should hire a photographer to make setups on couches and beds and make good pictures with good lighting. Another thing is, a bit more product style and color variants, as a lot of them seems pretty much equal. I also don't like the bluish/gray buttons and price colors, it seem they merge with your products background too much.
  23. Hi I'm using, I have accidentally deleted a product by mistake. Is there any way to recover the product from my database backup? My backup is 8 days old and there has been some activities, so I would like to only restore specific product only from my backup. I don't mind lost of image (that I can upload agin) but would like to have any stat associate with the product also to be restored (if it's also deleted by the deletion) I can confirm the product ID (#5093) from the log. Any help would be very grateful! Thanks in advance Cheers Heesang
  24. Hi, Nice theme, I suggest you to include some sub-category indicator on mobile view, as it is not natively understandable there is sub menu with more categories there.
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