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  2. Is dispatching the hook different than registering it? I can see my hook in the database table, and it's printing... so where would add the dispatch code? $this->hookDispatcher->dispatch(); This is my install code: public function install() { if (Shop::isFeatureActive()) Shop::setContext(Shop::CONTEXT_ALL); if (!parent::install() || !$this->registerHook('customHook') || !$this->addTab() || !$this->addMyCustomTables() ) return false; return true; }
  3. Hi.. (1) First you need to register your custom hook. https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/development/register-new-hook/ (2 ) use like this public function hookDisplayCustomHook( $params ){ $this->context->smarty->assign( array( 'myvariable' => 'test' ) ); return $this->display(__FILE__, '/views/templates/hook/mycustommodule.tpl'); } Thanks
  4. hi.. Sorry i can not say that Open Time Section which place edit. i need see admin or some file if section coming from the file Thanks
  5. Kelvin Hopkins

    Prestashop to wordpress

    Hi, I think you are asking about how many data they can migrate. Here is my answer based on my last migration with them. You can migrate as many number of entities with Litextension as you want, no limit! They can migrate: product data, customer information, orders and everything relating to them. Moreover, they offer some extra features such as: SEO URLs migration, customer password, 301 redirect and WP Multi-Language. You can find more information on their website, go for it!
  6. Kelvin Hopkins

    Prestashop to wordpress

    You can easily do it with LitExtension. I migrated my store on Shopify to new store on Prestashop and never expected the migration could be that easy and smooth with such reasonable price. Moreover, they provide free demo for you to check how the tool works and you can run demo as many times as you want until you feel safe. Check it out! Feel free to reach out to me if you need more details on how I run my migration with LitExtension!
  7. Bonjour, si vous souhaitez migrer d’un boutique Prestashop vers un autre serveur, vous pouvez essayer LitExtension. Ils fournissent un outil automatisé pour migrer le panier. Ils peuvent migrer des données telles que: produits, clients, commandes et tout ce qui s'y rapporte. J'ai essayé cet outil l'année dernière et cela a fonctionné sans heurt avec un prix très raisonnable. Dites-moi si vous avez besoin d'un examen plus détaillé
  8. Chris Martin

    Migration Prestashop 1.6.x to 1.7.x

    Hey, you know what, there is a much easier to migrate your data when updating Prestashop 1.6.x to 1.7.x. You can use an automated data migration tool provided by LitExtension . I used it last month for my upgrade and the tool is really smooth. They offer free demo and very reasonable price. Check it out! If you need more detailed review, let me know, I'm glad to help
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  22. Joshua Kushner

    Prestashop .csv import problem

    I don't know any solution to your problem. However, I think, if it's hard to solve this, you can try another method to import CSV to Prestashop. The only other way I can think of is LitExtension (automated shopping cart migration service). I used their CSV files migration service and it's just perfect, nothing to complain about, the price is reasonable. I think you can have a look and make your own decision! Hope this helps
  23. Aditional update. I can still use the "pagofacil" module renamed as "pagofacil-old". But If I return to the original name the modules pages return again the same error. So.... the solution is to keep the new name. Will let to the experts to identify why this worked and why I can´t use the old name, despite having erased the full cache, both manually and automatically even with the cache turned off. Regards,
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