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  2. @Rodrigo B Laurindo Solucionado , gracias por tu ayuda. Has sido muy amable
  3. Hello everyone, I would like to have the possibility to create manually a customer (a master account) in my prestashop with an access to informations of a set of client subaccounts (childrens) The idea is an administrator account can view order histories and have access to saved baskets from other accounts and be able to pay orders. Do you know if this is possible, via one or more modules or tricks in the back office? Sincerely,
  4. Hi @NemoPS thanks for replying me so fast, not yet. I forgot to write, we use PS 1.6 versione. We just use the default option. Thanks for any reply.
  5. LØST står der. HVAD VALGTE DU? Det er ikke mange tilbage meldinger vi ser fra din side....
  6. Lo de usar comas es predeterminado pero te deja cambiarlo, si te da la opcion de cambiarlo no se por qué coge otro elemento añadido ademas del que has puesto. Lo del orden de campos y categorias a que te refieres? Yo subo el csv de categorias con las categorias padre y las que cuelgan de padres y el csv de productos con las categorias a las que pertenecen, si es padre ira la primera, pero el orden que tu dices no se a que te refieres. Un saludo.
  7. Hi,I am a quite new to PS. Please let me know how to change the background colour of images (by default its showing in grey) in product list in homepage and description of default theme. Thanks in advance. regards, Maheen.
  8. Haumea

    Aggiungere campi aggiuntivi variabili

    No, purtroppo no.
  9. After moving from an old prestashop to a new one, I migrated my products using PhpMyadmin. All the products migrated sucessfully but the problem is that the websites are in both english and spanish. The english version is registered as spanish and the spanish verison is registerd as english. Is there a way I can change Id's or something to make the switch?
  10. Hi, Looks like there is some problem at your end. Is server running?Try to restart your server and try again.
  11. rictools

    Bestellstatus und Pakettrackingnumber

    Vielleicht ein Time-Out-Problem? Ich würde auch einmal einen anderen Browser probieren. Daß sich der Status nicht ändert, ist bei mir auch so, also wohl normal. Oder verwendest du da ein Fremdmodul?
  12. Yoo les gens, A la suite de la dernière màj du module PayPal 4.4.6, il semble bien que l'IPN ( notification instantanée de paiement aux URL) côté Paypal se désactive du fait qu'il ne pointe plus sur l'url d'une précédente version "modules/paypal/ipn.php" ou autre peu importe ... et donc vos commandes sont bien payées côté PP mais les commandes ne sont plus créées côte Prestashop. Bon, on ouvre le contenu du module 4.4.6 et là PAF on sait plus quoi indiquer à Paypal ; www/modules/paypal/controllers/front/ecValidation.php ? www/modules/paypal/paypal.php ? J'ai envoyé un mail au support qui n'en parle pas dans la doc liée au module, si vous avez des infos c'est bienvenu, en attendant reste plus qu'a tester chaque script...
  13. witam, mam taki problem prestashop szablon classic mianowicie mam produkt A - ilośc dostepnych 100 szt klient dodaje 101 szt i system wyświetla komunikat o braku takij ilości, wszystko super, ale jak wejde w koszyk to produkt jest dodany do koszyka, Pomimo tego, że nie mogę przejsc dalej, bo checkout jest wyłączony z powodu braku wymaganej ilości, to jednak przeszkadza mi to, że jednak po wyświetleniu komunikatu o braku danej ilośći produkt nadal zostaje dodany do koszyka... Jakieś rady, jak to ogarnąc ?
  14. THe site is under maintenance so we can't see it. Are you using 1.6 and the one page checkout? If so that is the only page it has. To have a separate cart you have to pick the 5 steps option.
  15. You might be able to adapt my free module here: http://store.nemops.com/free-modules/44-product-access.html#.XRDT2-gzaUk
  16. doesn't it pop up if you search "included" in the search box in the back office translations?
  17. Hi, please can someone suggest why I`m not getting products showing up on one of my tabs, as detailed in the above post? James
  18. What happens if you go to the image preferences and regenerate them after importing?
  19. NemoPS

    Social network login problem

    Are you using a specific module for that? If so are you sure you configured it correctly, with the correct access token?
  20. Perfecto, teniendo en cuenta esto buscaré mejor. Gracias!
  21. Salve, sono Antonella e ho aperto un sito su prestashop. Per il mio sito utilizziamo il modulo per i pagamenti di paypal: PayPal v4.1.0 di 4webs.es Purtroppo però al momento della generazione della fattura, le tasse extra impostate dal modulo vengono visualizzate come Spedizione. Qualcuno sa come risolvere? Cordiali saluti, Antonella
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  23. Hi, Prestashop Is it possible to import the declination of a product by choosing the id ? There's no ID column in the CSV example. Thanks.
  24. {PrestaModule} Vincent

    [MODULE] [PM] Advanced Search 4 - Winner at the Best Module Awards 2012

    You can use the displayTop or displayTopColumn hook, or any other hook if you're using PrestaShop 1.7, as the module can act as a widget too.
  25. YoungProgrammer

    Aggiungere campi aggiuntivi variabili

    E sai se per caso esiste qualche modulo che renda possibile questa funzione? Senza dover mettere per forza mano al codice?
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