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  2. cyrille4210


    ma question c est comment changer le nom de domaine d'un site ecommerce prestashop sur serveur vps de lws cordialement
  3. Bonjour Non ce ne sont pas les mêmes sociétés! c'est bien pour ça que je souhaite avoir mes suites chronologiques de factures Je pense que je vais faire machine arrière et monter des prestashop distinct
  4. 3SPOS

    Point Of Sale

    Streamline your business with best point of sales software Since technology has evolved with the passage of time, all types of businesses including grocery, supermarket, restaurant, bakery, coffee shop businesses are also impacted by the transformation of technology. In this era of technology, cash registers has now been replaced by latest Point of Sales cash registers with anti-theft features and user dashboard with real-time sales. While purchasing best point of sales software for your business, always keep these features in your mind: Software should be faster and must have easy to use interface Deployment of point of sales software should be very simple It must have barcode and QR-code scanner feature Tracking and managing inventory should be very easy It should have alert or notification system if stock is at low level Point of sales system must have the functionality to keep track of daily sales and purchase Point of sales software must have all tax features because many countries have implemented different types of taxes including value added tax, sales tax, general sales tax etc. POS software should have dashboard so that you can see real-time information of sales and income It must have multi-store functionality, if your business grows-up then it will be very easy for you to manage the stock Point of sales system should have processes that allow you to control all sales and return operations and customer credit card information privacy. Best point of sales software must have multiple payment options so that you don’t lose any customer It must have multi-user system so that multiple users can access it from different locations Point of sales system should have backup system. In case you lose your data due to any problem, you can restore it to your desired point. If you want to switch your business to point of sales software then 3SPOS is the best point of sales software with iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and Android tablet applications with all features that are mentioned above and many other functionalities that are not mentioned including bulk barcode printing. 3SPOS offers cloud point of sales software for small, medium and large enterprises with real-time facts and figures including latest reporting tools. We’ve developed it according to the latest business strategies and with modern approach for our customers. برنامج نقاط البيع نظام نقاط البيع برنامج مطاعم برنامج الباركود برنامج ادارة المطاعم برنامج كاشير مجانى برنامج نقاط البيع مجاني برنامج سوبر ماركت برنامج كاشير سوبر ماركت برنامج كاشير برنامج المطاعم برنامج للمطاعم افضل برنامج ادارة مطاعم افضل برنامج مطاعم برنامج محاسبة مطاعم برنامج محاسبة مجاني برنامج محاسبة افضل برنامج محاسبة برنامج حسابات
  5. Vielen Dank. hat alles geklappt. mfg Christian
  6. Spróbuj w ten sposób: {nl2br($field.text) nofilter}
  7. Ich meinte Einstellungen, die sich auf die Multishops (insbesondere deren URLs, irgendwo müssen die ja konfiguriert werden) beziehen. Wie gesagt, ich kenne mich da nicht aus, kann also nur Anregungen geben.
  8. rictools

    SVG-Support in Prestashop

    Hier helfen User Usern, die Entwickler von Prestashop wirst du hier (und generell in deutscher Sprache) kaum erreichen.
  9. Today
  10. rictools stable veröffentlicht

    Vielleicht muß man noch einmal erwähnen, daß auch noch viele Shops mit Prestashop 1.5 laufen.
  11. Die Bedingung {if isset($product_manufacturer->id)} müßte bewirken, daß dann nichts erscheint.
  12. @sergio_rr Agrega este código al mismo archivo de antes (theme.css) .form-footer .btn-primary { background: black !important; color: white; } Me comentas que tal te funciona! Se agradece si me das un "gracias" en el comentario para mejorar mi reputación jeje Saludos!
  13. Yo no soy experto en el tema , pero le hice caso a amigo NADIE y modifique /themes/classic/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/product.tpl de 30 a 60 <div class="product-description"> {block name='product_name'} {if $page.page_name == 'index'} <h3 class="h3 product-title" itemprop="name"><a href="{$product.url}">{$product.name|truncate:60:'...'}</a></h3> {else} <h2 class="h3 product-title" itemprop="name"><a href="{$product.url}">{$product.name|truncate:60:'...'}</a></h2> {/if} {/block} después modificas el css del espacio del contenido subiendolo sobre la img #products .product-description, .featured-products .product-description, .product-accessories .product-description, .product-miniature .product-description { height: 100px; } Posteriormente modifique la pestaña o botón desplegable de "vista rápida" para que no quedara debajo. #products .thumbnail-container:focus .highlighted-informations.no-variants, #products .thumbnail-container:hover .highlighted-informations.no-variants, .featured-products .thumbnail-container:focus .highlighted-informations.no-variants, .featured-products .thumbnail-container:hover .highlighted-informations.no-variants, .product-accessories .thumbnail-container:focus .highlighted-informations.no-variants, .product-accessories .thumbnail-container:hover .highlighted-informations.no-variants, .product-miniature .thumbnail-container:focus .highlighted-informations.no-variants, .product-miniature .thumbnail-container:hover .highlighted-informations.no-variants { bottom: 5.2rem; } Espero les sirva, porque para lo que yo lo necesitaba me sirvio.
  14. I will be very happy if you can write what we write instead of this code: D
  15. Edgar Zener

    Cambiar Lista Atributos por Imagen Producto

    Hola Sergio me compartes el enlace, porque no encuentro ese modulo "Fast set image to combination" porfa
  16. jetx

    Can you ask for a refund for a module?

    I'm not sure whether you're simply misinformed or just not very bright, but given your predisposition towards little tantrums I'd say the later. What you said was "If the module is not as expected or meets your requirements" which is absolutely incorrect. And suggesting people go the way of disputing a paypal charge is very poor advice indeed. The only way you are entitled to a refund is if the module does not work and the developer cannot fix it. So get your facts straight and stop having tantrums at losing a poorly considered argument.
  17. desaiaseel

    How to override classes in src folder?

    No method ? Even with hook ?
  18. Lindsay Wagner

    Prestashop .csv import problem

    I have never experienced something like this before. However, I think you should try an easier method to import CSV files to your Prestashop store. An automated shopping cart migration company I used to work with offers CSV files migration with very reasonable price. I highly recommend you to use their service 🙂
  19. Statuesque

    Can you ask for a refund for a module?

    And according to you all modules are junk so really who would listen to you! As I said orifinally before you got blinded by your own rant on how bad the modules are, people can purchase through paypal and register a refund through that system via the resolution centre if necessary. It's a fact my friend that if something does not work correctly then as a consumer you ARE entitled a refund - no if, but or maybe. It's the law and even Prestashop who people seem to hold as some sort of law avoiding entity have to sell by the law. I get you dislike modules, I get you like the negative trolling posts. I wish you a great life.
  20. Lindsay Wagner

    Can't upgrade to Prestashop

    I think it was a signal saying that it's not high time you upgraded to 😁. In case you want to and are able to migrate your store in the future, I suggest you go with an automated shopping cart migration service. Such company is filled with IT experts in website, upgrade and migration. I tried once and they work perfectly!
  21. Lindsay Wagner

    Migración 1.6 a 1.7 y importación de Productos

    Hola, ¿has encontrado alguna solución para eso? El año pasado, migré mi tienda de Prestashop 1.6 a Prestashop 1.7 y usé un servicio automatizado de migración de carritos de compras. Funciona a pesar de un pequeño error, pero su equipo de soporte rápidamente me ayudó. Lo recomiendo ampliamente, lo encontré aquí: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/28246-litextension-prestashop-to-prestashop-migration.html
  22. Facollier

    Reorganizar mis Categorías

    Gracias por tu comentario, pero aun me siento confundido. Agregue categorias a Home y de igual manera las puso fuera de home. Adjunto una imagen de como quedaron ubicadas mis categorias.
  23. hardware-store

    Creare combinazioni di prodotto con prodotti normali

    la mia idea e che questa cosa e un pastrocchio all'ennesima potenza. Se hai già realizzato un modulo di tuo non vedrei la difficoltà a realizzarne un altro che fa quello che ti serve. non e chiaro come estrai i dati ma potresti usare le stessa metodologia creando direttamente le combinazioni. il pastrocchio sta in tutto...perché ogni variante come hai detto possiede il suo ean e id prodotto e questo ti crea problemi a livello di sincronizzazione,prodotti e id prodotto tra il cms e il gestionale che sia zucchetti zio Mario o nonna isa la struttura della base dati e sempre quella. Questo mi fa pensare a scarsa esperienza e ha ragionare veramente con poca logica. se ci sono un ean e id prodotto per ogni variante in questo caso i colori o kit con viti o senza viti quando vai a sincronizzare gli ordini tra il cms e il gestionale non ci sarà mai un corrispondenza e un disparità di id prodotto che a livello di grosse quantità e anche a livello di fatturazione e soprattutto fiscale dire che avrai qualche problemino e poco. non credo che il gestionale sia usato per 100 articoli. non la prendere a male rivedi il progetto prima che il tuo cliente si trovi in qualche casino fiscale di quelli grossi.
  24. Hola. Gracias, ya habia resuelto el problema desde los archivos ftp. Tenia una plantilla instalada, por eso cuando entraba a traducciones pues no me salia, porque indicaba la plantilla y no la que viene por defecto. Saludos.
  25. Slow page loading speed is definitely a nightmare to every Prestashop store owner. Your potential customers will really get frustrated if they need to wait over four seconds for your web content to completely show. Slow page speed will also terribly affect SEO ranking of your website on search engines, reduce the visibility of your website to potential customers therefore affects your sales. To help resolve this problem, we developed an all-in-one speed optimization tool for Prestashop – Super Speed. With innovative cache solutions, image and database optimization, HTML/CSS/JavaScript minification and GZIP compression, Super Speed can maximize your website speed and utilize server resource. Super Speed module is available on Prestashop Official Addons marketplace and ready for download, click here to download this module Compatibility: Super Speed is compatible with Prestashop 1.6 and Prestashop 1.7 What does Super Speed module do for you? Innovative Prestashop cache solutions: Page cache: improve your website speed significantly by storing all static contents into HTML files Server cache and Smarty cache: server cache saves certain data in cache files to reuse in later processes whereas Smarty cache stores a copy of the template files rendered in Smarty compilation process and reuse them in next times the templates are requested. Together, they can improve your website performance. Browser cache: stores several resources locally on visitor’s web browser so when someone visits the same page for a second time, the browser does not have to connect to remote server to get necessary resources Advanced image optimization tool allows you to optimize all common images available on your Prestashop website Database optimization feature helps clean unnecessary data in database such as connection logs, useless discount codes, abandoned carts, etc. (those data are only used for statistics purpose and can be cleaned if not necessary) Minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS code of your website to reduce the size of HTML, JavaScript and CSS files loading to visitor and boost your page loading speed Support GZIP compression: this feature helps reduce the size of data loaded to visitor and save your website’s bandwidth by up to 70% without sacrificing the quality of images or other graphics Introduction video FEATURES 1. Professional dashboard Real-time line chart of page loading speed Current page loading time speedometer Image optimization status Auto configuration, set everything up in 1 click Recently generated page caches 2. Page cache settings Enable/disable page cache Compress cache files into .ZIP files Auto refresh caches using cronjob Select page to cache and adjust page cache lifetime. Enable/disable cache for certain modules and hooks Live JavaScript - JavaScript code that you need to execute after non-cached content are fully loaded 3. Image optimization Allow you to manually optimize all common images existing on your website and automatically optimize new images (images updated in the future when you upload new products, a new product category, etc.). You can select image types and preferred image quality for the optimization. 4. Server cache and minimization Enable / Disable server cache Enable / Disable Smarty cache Minify HTML Minify CSS Minify JavaScript 5. GZIP and browser cache Enable/disable Prestashop GZIP and browser cache Option to apply default settings for browser cache elements and GZIP cache Option to adjust life time for browser cache elements: images, icons, CSS, JavaScript and web fonts 6. Database optimization This feature allows you to download or clean-up the following data on your Prestashop database: Connection log Page views Useless discount codes Abandoned carts Guest data 7. Other Support multi-shop mode Support multi-language Quick access menu in back office If you have any question related to this Prestashop cache module, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly. I’m always ready to answer your question.
  26. hardware-store

    Doppia aliquota iva

    ragazzi quanta pigrizia. la manipolazione diretta la puoi usare quando devi lavorare con grosse quantità e tempi stretti o per altre esigenze altrimenti ti scrivi delle classi pubbliche o private a seconda di quello che devi fare. nel tuo caso nella sezione avanzate -> importa troverai la,sezione prodotti e fare via tutto csv. Per me un cms vale l'altro ma non prendo un lavoro senza essere in grado di farlo. studiati il cms prima di prendere il lavoro. non conosci il cms e vuoi manipolare direttamente il db......mah.
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