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  2. selectshop.at

    'Controller Not Found' Error. What to do?

    Please pay attention where you are adding your topics/posts. You will not receive any answer for your question above on "meetup" forum section, cause it is a technical problem and has nothing to do with Prestashop meetups. I'm moving your question to "general forum section" in this case.
  3. Leo Knudsen

    Problem role permission in admin

    Hello. Im quite new to Prestashop and building a webshop for a client. But im having an issue with some permissions when accessing some settings pages im using Prestashop, with Leo Theme (Leo Fresh Farm) that includes AP Pagebuilder and and other modules from Leo Theme. but when i want to access module settings page for each module i keep getting following error: The slug ROLE_MOD_TAB__UPDATE is invalid. The user im logged in with has profile id of the same profile id that is attached to that authorization slug in my case: ROLE_MOD_TAB_UPDATE has id_authorization_role is 373 in ps_authorization_role in ps_access 373 is set on id_profile 1 which is the same profile id of the logged in user. Any suggestions is appreciated Thanks
  4. No one have idea how to solve? Thanks
  5. bonjour, j'ai bien ce code dans le fichier: $words = explode(' ', Search::sanitize($expr, $id_lang, false, $context->language->iso_code)); mais ma recherche ne change pas. Si j'indique port clés papa par exemple, ca me sort tous les porte clés. merci pour ton aide
  6. Hola, tengo que insertar un código en la página de confirmación del pedido (Prestashop 1.6.x). Ya lo he programado para que recoja distintas variables. Las dudas que tengo son: He descubierto que paypal tiene su propia página de order confirmation. ¿Existen también order-confirmation.tpl diferentes para cada tipo de pago, por ejemplo redsys, contrareembolso, etc.? Otra cuestión es que el tracker recibe el mismo pedido, a veces, por duplicado o triplicado, en diferentes horas. ¿Se puede eliminar el resultado de order confirmation después de cierto tiempo? Saludos y gracias.
  7. Je viens de tester ton idée de fix (boutique mono langue), cela ne résout pas le soucis de validation des commandes. On a mis des logs un peu partout lors de la validation bancaire mais tout semble ok. Quelques éléments remarqués dans les logs lors d'une transaction. [Tue Jul 23 12:46:46.407490 2019] [:error] [pid 163123:tid 140027266819840] [client] FastCGI: server "/home/clients/e4cb1ca1a4bb2cef9b6243f15067ebaeaz/.config/apache/www.domain.tld/.fpm/php5.external" stderr: PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get() on null in /home/clients/e4cb1ca1a4bb2cef9b6243f15067ebaeaz/www.domain.tld/www/classes/Tools.php:801 [Tue Jul 23 12:46:46.407519 2019] [:error] [pid 163123:tid 140027266819840] [client] FastCGI: server "/home/clients/e4cb1ca1a4bb2cef9b6243f15067ebaeaz/.config/apache/www.domain.tld/.fpm/php5.external" stderr: #3/home/clients/e4cb1ca1a4bb2cef9b6243f15067ebaeaz/www.domain.tld/www/modules/worldline/validation.php(179): Worldline->validate('465', '2', 37.95) [Tue Jul 23 12:46:46.407517 2019] [:error] [pid 163123:tid 140027266819840] [client] FastCGI: server "/home/clients/e4cb1ca1a4bb2cef9b6243f15067ebaeaz/.config/apache/www.domain.tld/.fpm/php5.external" stderr: #2/home/clients/e4cb1ca1a4bb2cef9b6243f15067ebaeaz/www.domain.tld/www/modules/worldline/worldline.php(762): PaymentModuleCore->validateOrder('465', '2', 37.95, 'Worldline', NULL, Array, NULL, false, '6c6619596a6b4e1...') Et les éléments loggués lors du test de ce matin 2019-07-24 08:33:24 : Data : captureDay=0|captureMode=AUTHOR_CAPTURE|currencyCode=978|merchantId=XXXXXXXXXXX|orderChannel=INTERNET|responseCode=00|transactionDateTime=2019-07-24T08:33:23+02:00|transactionReference=XXXXXXX|keyVersion=1|acquirerResponseCode=00|amount=925|authorisationId=12345|guaranteeIndicator=Y|cardCSCResultCode=4D|panExpiryDate=202101|paymentMeanBrand=MASTERCARD|paymentMeanType=CARD|customerEmail=XXXXXXX@XXXXXXX.XXX|customerIpAddress=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX|maskedPan=5100##########00|holderAuthentRelegation=N|holderAuthentStatus=3D_SUCCESS|tokenPan=XXXXXXX|transactionOrigin=INTERNET|paymentPattern=ONE_SHOT|customerMobilePhone=null|mandateAuthentMethod=null|mandateUsage=null|transactionActors=null|mandateId=null|captureLimitDate=20190724|dccStatus=null|dccResponseCode=null|dccAmount=null|dccCurrencyCode=null|dccExchangeRate=null|dccExchangeRateValidity=null|dccProvider=null|statementReference=null|panEntryMode=MANUAL|walletType=null|holderAuthentMethod=NOT_SPECIFIED 2019-07-24 08:33:24 : Data : --== STATUT ==-- : $statut = 2 2019-07-24 08:33:24 : Data : --== responseCode = 00 ==-- : $statut = 2 2019-07-24 08:33:24 : Data : 3302855 ; 2 ; 925 2019-07-24 08:33:24 : Data : --== public function validate == $id_cart=330 ; $id_cart_key=330 2019-07-24 08:33:24 : Data : --== public function validateOrder == 2019-07-24 08:33:24 : Data : $id_cart = 330 | $id_order_state = 2 | $amount_paid = 9.25 | $this->displayName = Worldline | $this->displayName = Worldline | $customer->secure_key = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  8. <p class="warning_inline" style="color:#000;display: none;" id="last_quantities"{if ($product->quantity > $last_qties || $product->quantity <= 0) || $allow_oosp || !$product->available_for_order || $PS_CATALOG_MODE} style="display: none"{/if} > {if ($product->quantity <= $last_qties)} {if $product->quantity == 0} {else} {l s='Il ne reste plus que'} <span style="color:#44B449;">{$product->quantity} {if $product->quantity == 1}{l s='article'}{else}{l s='articles'}{/if} {l s='en stock'}</span>{/if}{/if}</p> Devrait très bien fonctionné
  9. Witam. Hosting jest w super hoście MySQL 5.6
  10. paolojpa

    Problem with a currency symbol

    im using es_CL.xml does it matter? because i want to show the price like this: $500 but the theme show the price like this: 500 $ and some costumers tend to confuse with the position of the symbol
  11. hi everyone, i bought the leodumbo theme a week ago from leotheme, and when i setup the slider through AP page builder on my home page it's positioned on the left side of the page and I would center it, can somebody tell me what i did wrong through the attachments?
  12. Pff mince, j'aurais du écrire en français effectivement.... L'habitude🤣
  13. prestamodulo

    Problem with a currency symbol

    Yes it works before but have seen my recent replay ?
  14. superskyman100

    suppress some part of the breadcrumb

    Great !! Thanks a lot !!
  15. prestamodulo

    Problem with a currency symbol

    seems like in some files positions and type changed. Go to localization > CLDR > core > common > main open file es_US.xml and find out USD and replace your symbol with $
  16. joseantgv

    Problem with a currency symbol

    This solution is not valid in PS
  17. En lugar de la plantilla shipped prueba con la plantilla in_transit.
  18. Suddenly over night the add to shopping cart button is not working anymore. the only thing what was changed is the paypal address, nothing else. Please please someone help us? the website is https://www.heimdallr.watch/ Thank you very much in advance.
  19. Hi. How I can remove decimal price in facet module(v3.1.0)? prestashop v:1.7.4
  20. When enabled, I can't save a new product. The save button not response. I need to disabled first, create a product and save, then enable the module back and embed the video. Can u assist me?
  21. Today
  22. Tu veux dire que c'est ce changement qui fait qu'on ne reçoit pas les validations de la banque ???
  23. even your request it's extremely basic , no native module does this. that one customer follow up does anything but this . Gives discounts at certain amount of time and so on but it's not asking for review or order follow up
  24. paolojpa

    Problem with a currency symbol

    and i tried deleting and adding the currency again and it doesn't work
  25. paolojpa

    Problem with a currency symbol

    and what if the folder "translations/cldr/" it's empty?
  26. prestamodulo

    Problem with a currency symbol

    Ok if adding new currency does not solve your issue than follow this steps: 1. Coneect with ftp/cpanel/plesk and Go to translations/cldr/main--en-US--currencies 2. find out USD and in this section replace your currency icon with $ where is says symbol and symbol-alt-narrow 3. save the file and you are done
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