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  2. musicmaster

    Australian language

    - Is there anything that did get copied? English is of course the default language that already is in the pages. That could explain why some files are missing. You could try to edit the English language and see whether saving it will generate more files. Alternatively you could try installing the en-us or en-gb languages and work from there.
  3. Hello Tuk66 Thank your for this amazing module. Im trying to add a column with the available stock for each product. The datas are in the PS_stock_available. table. What i tried : - <td>{$order_detail.stock_available.quantity|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</td> - <td>{$stock_available.quantity|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</td> Is it possible to use datas wich are not related to orders ? Thanks for your help !
  4. [PrestaModule] Steph

    [MODULE] [PM] AdvancedSearch 4 - Winner at the Best Module Awards 2012

    It seems your theme do not load any Material Icon font. Only FontAwesome font. You have to add this font to your theme (following this documentation) or ask your theme support Best regards
  5. I tried the php.ini but i guess its not affecting. how i can refresh the domain. i am using shared hosting.
  6. frihauge

    1 click upgrade

    Have tried to manual upload the upgrade file to local folder /autoupgrade /download, still the same issue.
  7. thank you. but i tried with "low" yes i already backup and option is under LOW and still same problem
  8. Updated! Automatically Social Wall Posts - version 1.1.4 NEW: - Updated Installation_Guid.pdf - Added French Installation_Guid.pdf
  9. facethefuture

    Setup google analytics in Prestashop 1.7

    Hi, I tried this, however it did not track any revenue in our campaigns (adwords / mailing list) or in the ecommerce section of analytics, did this work for you?
  10. This URL: http://www.vetranie.tech/sk/2-produkty
  11. superskyman100

    Australian language

    Hello Musicmaster, Thanks again, and YES, i don't like passiveness too... For my defense i've been out of my PS issues for few days (for many #%$#%% reasons out of scope ;)) ... Anyway, i should have gave you more clues... my apologies for that. So let's go back to business if u wish : For clarity, here, again, my errors when i try to copy the classic theme. I have EXACTLY same errors if i try to copy my Warehouse theme. So i searched.... and... >>> I don't have any "en" in the folder public/translations.... just one 'au' folder.. >>>> >>> i have the folders EN and AU in public/mails, but EN folder has 74 files while AU folder has 65 files only... >>> in themes / classic / lang, there is NO FOLDER at all...... ................. This is what i can say for now... what i should do now, i have to idea... when it's getting to files structure, i'm a total newbie, so i would prefer to 'try' things under good direction... Thanks Aurelien
  12. No, in the back office, preferences, cms
  13. Hello everyone, My shop is running on Prestashop I wish the shipping costs are calculated taking into account the voucher codes. Shipping costs are offered from $50. For example, if a customer applies a voucher code of -10% on a cart of $50, then the shipping costs should be calculated.
  14. kvanwijk@akemo.nl

    Totaal bedrag blijft sinds kort op 0 staan??

    Hallo, Sinds eind mei blijft ineens het factuur bedrag op nul staan? zie file. Men betaald wel het volle bedrag via IDEAL maar in het systeem en op de factuur worden de bedragen niet meer opgeteld. Weet iemand hoe dit op te lossen? Prestashop versie
  15. Hi, Google is very strict about not sending PII (Personally Identifiable Information), and has been for years. But with GDPR legislation on top, it is a serious issue, and Google can actually close your account if you send PII to Google Analytics. I have worked with GDPR for a lot of clients, making sure that the shops comply with the different issues with regards to GDPR. One thing I haven't been aware of is that the customer email is sent in the URL, when the customer uses Guest Tracking. This definitely needs fixing, but I cannot find any posts that addresses this or modules that fixes this. Has anyone come accross this being addressed by PrestaShop? Or even have a suggestion for at fix?
  16. Bonjour, Je souhaite faire une modification toute bête, mais je n'arrive pas à trouver le dossier afin d'y mettre simplement une partie du code en commentaire. Il s'agit de la page 5 du tunnel de commande sur un presta 1.6 , je souhaite simplement ne pas faire apparaitre le récapitulatif du panier ou sinon déplacer cette partie en dessous des options de paiements J'ai mis en commentaire /* */ une partie du code dans le dossier order-payment-classic.tpl - mais cela n'a aucune incidence .Si quelqu'un pourrais juste me guider pour me dire ou ce trouve le dossier concerné? Merci
  17. mstf7

    Paytr Dövizle ödeme alma

    Sorun Paytr de döviz hesabımızın olmamasından kaynaklanıyormuş logları incelerken gördüm Exception on hook paymentOptions for module . PAYTR IFRAME failed. reason:USD para birimi icin tanimli uye isyeri hesabi yok (get-token) Ancak bu hatayı verince diğer kargo firmaları da görünmüyor
  18. Today
  19. Salve, ho aggiornato il mio negozio da a tramite il modulo 1-Click Upgrade 4.8.0 e ho settato il php a 7.2. Premetto che il rewrite URL era rimasto attivo. Da allora mi si presente questo problema, attivando la riscrittura degli URL (mod_rewrite) sul front office scompaiono le immagini di prodotti e categorie, disattivando la funzione le immagini appaiono di nuovo. Noto che quando mancano le immagini, al loro posto appaiono le relative dicitura Friendly URL. Ho provato a rimuovere e far rigenerare il file htaccess, ho rigenerato le miniature delle immagini ma ancora nessun risultato. Il mio hosting e 1&1 IONOS, ovviamente i permessi sono impostati a 755 per le cartelle e 644 per i files. Potete aiutarmi? Sono diversi giorni che tento di venirne a capo.
  20. danbulant

    Errors during install

    I cant change to php 7.2 as I'm on web hosting which allow to change between 7.3 and 5.6
  21. Ya ha quedado resuelto, por si alguien quiere la solucion es bien simple. A la hora de subir el fichero csv en el campo categorias(x,y,z). Tienes que poner el ID de la categoria y no el nombre. Os pongo una foto de ejemplo. el nombre de la categoria seria Seguridad y Accesos. el ID seria el numero 10. Saludos.
  22. Ma boutique tourne sous Prestashop Je souhaiterai que les frais de port soient calculés en tenant compte des codes promo. Les frais de port sont offerts à partir de 50 €. Par exemple, si un client applique un code promo de -10% sur un panier de 50 €, alors, il faudrait que les frais de port soient calculés. Merci.
  23. Ils sont à jour. Comment les mettre manuellement ? Je suis sous cette offre : https://www.ovh.com/fr/hebergement-web/hebergement-pro.xml
  24. JPresta.com

    [Module] Page Cache - speed up your shop

    Try to reset the module, database tables have not been created. A previous install probably failed.
  25. [PrestaModule] Steph

    [MODULE] [PM] AdvancedSearch 4 - Winner at the Best Module Awards 2012

    Hi k0c1 What is the URL ?N
  26. Hab einen Testkunden angelegt: shop.zuschmann.at emailadresse: demo@zuschmann.at Passwort: demo9 In der Navleiste hab ich noch einen Button dazugegeben, ist nur der direkte link zu "Mein Konto" Daneben das Symbol, wo normalerweise angemeldet wird, funktioniert nicht (läuft ewig im Kreis ) Anmeldung über "Mein Konto" funktioniert einwandfrei
  27. ilisiaraul

    [SOLVED] How to get a NOT AVAILABLE ribbon

    Any news? For display on homepage?
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