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  2. I experimented and found that I needed to modify the ``JOIN`` - left join stock_available s on (s.id_product=p.id_product and s.id_product_attribute=0) Adding the additional qualification on ``id_product_attribute`` seems to return the correct s.quantity. I don't think anyone is responsible to keep the data-model clean - one of the reasons that the software is so slow are the sub-optimal queries. My guess is that very few of the developers know about ``EXPLAIN`` or how to read the query-plans.
  3. Yes i have cleared the Chase in browser and prestashop back office aswell. Infact it's removed for many pages .. it's displayed only 6 pages like product, stock and advanced Perameter and shop Perameter. Pls helo
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  5. Hello, I would like to remove the "Trending Products" tab on homepage. I use prestashop 1.7.6 .
  6. Meist wird ja auch auf den Übersichtsseiten der Hinweis auf MwSt. und Versandkosten angezeigt, hast du vielleicht ein Fremdtemplate das das nicht vorsieht? Ob dir hier einer der immer noch nicht so vielen erfahreneren User, die selbst Prestashop 1.7 verwenden, kostenlos eine genaue Anleitung gibt weiß ich nicht, ansonsten gibt es hier einen Bereich für Jobangebote.
  7. Votre diplomatie a de quoi faire rougir les plus grand chefs d'États de cette planète..! Ce qui est évident pour vous ne l'est pas forcément pour d'autres et vice-versa. Problème résolu désormais, merci.
  8. Bonjour Il y a aussi ce module gratuit que je n'ai pas testé https://buy-addons.com/store/prestashop/module/advertising-and-marketing/prestashop-fancy-countdown-timer-bar-module-pro.html
  9. Reste à savoir comment supprimer [le-nom-de-ma-boutique]...
  10. Thank you for your answer. In this case, it means that my problem is going to be more difficult to solve. The problem is : An Italian customer lands on the product page via Google with a price tag of 89€ including VAT. The Italian customer adds the product at 89€ VAT incl. (French VAT 20% as default) in his shopping cart, indicates his delivery address in Italy (22% VAT), and the product increases to 90.49€ VAT incl. It's sure that the customer will not appreciate this increase and will not understand where this increase comes from. Otherwise, the German customer with 19% VAT will be happy to get a small discount. The operation must be transparent for the customer, it's not possible that he pays more than the price displayed on Google or on the product page when he isn't logged in (and therefore didn't indicate the delivery address). This is why it's necessary in my case to calculate the VAT according to the price including VAT and not the price excluding VAT. Unfortunately, the 7 countries for which I will obtain a VAT number haven't the same VAT rate (FR, DE, IT, ES, CZ, PL, GB).
  11. window.scrollTo({ top: 1, behavior: 'smooth' }); window.scrollTo({ top: 600, behavior: 'smooth' });
  12. Hello, i have problem. I am writing a module that will change the price depending on what inputs the client chooses. I need to change the price for a product if the user clicks, for example: gold input + 15 euro add to price, silver input + 30 euro add to price. Should I overwrite the controller or can I do it from the module that I am writing with js? Thank you in advance for your help
  13. I'm also facing the same problem with prestashop Unfortunately, Eleazar's solution didn't work to me.
  14. Quando um cliente tem muitos pedidos na loja, a lista de pedidos fica muito grande e quando o cliente clica no número do pedido para ver os detalhes dele, essas informações são apresentados no fim da lista de pedidos, para facilitar a exibição destes detalhes, existe uma uma função em javascript que é utilizada para rolar automaticamente a página até o início dos detalhes do pedido. Em alguns casos essa rolagem automática não funciona e o cliente muitas vezes não consegue ver os detalhes do pedido, pois como a lista está grande ele não percebe que as informações foram exibidas no final da lista. Eu percebi que esse problema acontece quando o cliente está usando o navegador " Google Chrome" e também quando está usando o Safari no IOS. Existe alguma solução para resolver esse BUG? PS: Estou utilizado a versão do Prestashop. Eu achei nesse link uma pessoa com o problema exatamente igual ao que eu estou enfrentando, porém a solução proposta não funcionou pra mim:
  15. Hayır! XML bir sitenin ürünlerini temsil eder google ilgili sitenin resim url adresini ürün bilgilerinin sunar aracı olur gerek kalmayan şey bu yapman... çünkü google alışveriş kapanıyor eklemenin bir anlamı yok!
  16. Refer to my website rubinab.com, i am unable to find below banners / module in the admin section for making any changes: If anyone can help me out.
  17. Salve... ho installato prestashop versione Con la funzione multistore al nuovo indirizzo mi salta fuori: AH00124: Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable................. questo è .htacces #Domain: www.miosito.it RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.miosito.it$ RewriteRule . - [E=REWRITEBASE:/solinas/] RewriteRule ^api(?:/(.*))?$ %{ENV:REWRITEBASE}webservice/dispatcher.php?url=$1 [QSA,L] Cosa potrei fare?? Ho letto ovunque ma non trovo soluzione. Hosting su Aruba Grazie
  18. Hi rictools, ja, so ähnlich.... Wenn ich einen Versanddienst erstelle, der Kostenfrei ist, kann ich ja beim angezeigten Text eingeben "Kostenfreie Lieferung, ca. 10 Werktage". Das ist in der Detailansicht des Artikels auch nicht das Problem. Ich möchte jedoch, dass ein Hinweis auf die kostenfreie Lieferung in der Listenansicht, also Artikelübersicht erscheint. Da steht aktuell gar nichts von Lieferung, trotz Rechtssicherheitsmodul. (siehe angehängter Screenshot). Und mit der "If-Anweisung da hast Du auch recht. jedoch weiss ich nicht wie das geht. Deshalb war ja meine Frage, in welcher Datei ich welche Anweisung eintragen müsste. Ich denke für einen Programmierer kein Problem. Hoffe darauf, dass es hier im Forum Leute gibt, die mir da helfen können. Danke und lg
  19. Ok, check what you have in the B2B section concerning the suppliers .
  20. Hi, for all those who are confused and having headaches with prestashop webservice and get multiple code errors, here are some tips you can use: 1. In order to create an order successfully, first you will need customer, customer address and cart, in that order, otherwise you won't succeed. 2.By obtaining /api/resource?schema=blank and /api/resource?schema=synopsis where resource will be "customers,addresses,carts and orders", you MUST fill in all required fields marked with "required" label in schema=synopsis 3. If you do all the steps mentioned above, you will get error 500 because you can't generate an order with an empty cart with no customer or no delivery (these fields are NOT REQUIRED for cart creation, but are MANDATORY for order creation) 4. Still, if you have issues with that, take a look at my code <?php define('PS_SHOP_PATH', 'https://url.com'); define('PS_WS_AUTH_KEY', 'your_api_key'); require_once ('./PSWebServiceLibrary.php'); function getCart($customer, $id_delivery, $id_invoice) { try { $webService = new PrestaShopWebservice(PS_SHOP_PATH, PS_WS_AUTH_KEY, DEBUG); $opt = array( 'resource' => 'carts' ); //We prepare the XML in blank so we can pass parameters to the variable $cart = $webService->get(array( 'url' => PS_SHOP_PATH . '/api/carts?schema=blank' )); foreach ($resources as $nodeKey => $node) { $resources->$nodeKey = $_POST[$nodeKey]; } // Here we have XML before update, lets update XML try { $opt = array( 'resource' => 'carts' ); $cart ->cart->id_currency = 1; $cart ->cart->id_lang = 1; $cart ->cart->id_address_delivery = $id_delivery; $cart ->cart->id_address_invoice = $id_invoice; $cart ->cart->id_customer = $customer; //Multidimensional array or products for test purposes. Warning: using same array line inside the main array breaks. $product_list = array( array( 5513, 43816, 1 ) , array( 5514, 43823, 1 ) , array( 5488, 43687, 3 ) , ); //Insertion of the products inside the associations for ($i = 0;$i <= count($product_list);$i++) { $cart ->cart ->associations ->cart_rows ->cart_row[$i]->id_product = $product_list[$i][0]; $cart ->cart ->associations ->cart_rows ->cart_row[$i]->id_product_attribute = $product_list[$i][1]; $cart ->cart ->associations ->cart_rows ->cart_row[$i]->quantity = $product_list[$i][2]; } $opt['postXml'] = $cart->asXML(); //Load XML with values $cart = $webService->add($opt); // Send XML to prestashop } catch(PrestaShopWebserviceException $ex) { // Here we are dealing with errors $trace = $ex->getTrace(); if ($trace[0]['args'][0] == 404) echo 'Bad ID'; else if ($trace[0]['args'][0] == 401) echo 'Bad auth key'; else echo 'Other error<br />' . $ex->getMessage(); } } catch(PrestaShopWebserviceException $e) { // Here we are dealing with errors $trace = $e->getTrace(); if ($trace[0]['args'][0] == 404) echo 'Bad ID'; else if ($trace[0]['args'][0] == 401) echo 'Bad auth key'; else echo 'Other error<br />' . $e->getMessage(); } return $cart ->cart->id; } ?> This is for cart creation used later in the main php file: <html><head><title>Create Order Tutorial</title></head><body> <?php /* * 2007-2020 PrestaShop SA and Contributors * * NOTICE OF LICENSE * * This source file is subject to the Open Software License (OSL 3.0) * that is bundled with this package in the file LICENSE.txt. * It is also available through the world-wide-web at this URL: * http://opensource.org/licenses/osl-3.0.php * If you did not receive a copy of the license and are unable to * obtain it through the world-wide-web, please send an email * to license@prestashop.com so we can send you a copy immediately. * * DISCLAIMER * * Do not edit or add to this file if you wish to upgrade PrestaShop to newer * versions in the future. If you wish to customize PrestaShop for your * needs please refer to http://www.prestashop.com for more information. * * @author PrestaShop SA <contact@prestashop.com> * @copyright 2007-2020 PrestaShop SA * @license http://opensource.org/licenses/osl-3.0.php Open Software License (OSL 3.0) * International Registered Trademark & Property of PrestaShop SA * PrestaShop Webservice Library * @package PrestaShopWebservice */ // Here we define constants /!\ You need to replace this parameters define('DEBUG', false); define('PS_SHOP_PATH', 'https://url.com'); define('PS_WS_AUTH_KEY', 'your_api_key'); require_once ('./PSWebServiceLibrary.php'); require_once ('./GetCart.php'); // Here we use the WebService to get the schema of "customers" resource try { $webService = new PrestaShopWebservice(PS_SHOP_PATH, PS_WS_AUTH_KEY, DEBUG); $opt = array( 'resource' => 'orders' ); //If I'm in creating page if (isset($_GET['Create'])) { //We prepare the XML in blank so we can pass parameters to the variable $order = $webService->get(array( 'url' => PS_SHOP_PATH . '/api/orders?schema=blank' )); } else //If not in the creating page, I retrieve the orders list $order = $webService->get($opt); //XML-> prestashop-> valor de resource que es carts $resources = $order->children() ->children(); } catch(PrestaShopWebserviceException $e) { // Here we are dealing with errors $trace = $e->getTrace(); if ($trace[0]['args'][0] == 404) echo 'Bad ID'; else if ($trace[0]['args'][0] == 401) echo 'Bad auth key'; else echo 'Other error<br />' . $e->getMessage(); } if (count($_POST) > 0) //If we successfully retrieved the blank schema { //We get all the variables of blank schema foreach ($resources as $nodeKey => $node) { $resources->$nodeKey = $_POST[$nodeKey]; } // Here we have XML before update, lets update XML try { $opt = array( 'resource' => 'orders' ); if ($_GET['Create'] == 'Creating') // If we are creating { //We add required fields. This fields are ALL mandatory. These values are for testing, use your own test variables/values !!! $order->order->id_address_delivery = 2110;//Better approach is to find delivery address of customer as variable $order->order->id_address_invoice = 2110; //We pass the details to the cart, these fields are MANDATORY!!! Otherwise you will get error 500! $order->order->id_cart = getCart($order->order->id_customer, $order->order->id_address_delivery, $order->order->id_address_invoice); $order->order->id_currency = 1; $order->order->id_lang = 2110; $order->order->id_carrier = 89; $order->order->module = "ps_cashondelivery"; $order->order->payment = "Cash on delivery (COD)"; $order->order->total_paid = 41.02; $order->order->total_paid_real = 41.02; $order->order->total_products = 5; $order->order->total_products_wt = 0; $order->order->conversion_rate = 1; $opt['postXml'] = $order->asXML(); //Load XML $order = $webService->add($opt); // Send XML echo "Successfully added."; } } catch(PrestaShopWebserviceException $ex) { // Here we are dealing with errors $trace = $ex->getTrace(); if ($trace[0]['args'][0] == 404) echo 'Bad ID'; else if ($trace[0]['args'][0] == 401) echo 'Bad auth key'; else echo 'Other error<br />' . $ex->getMessage(); } } /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // This part of the code is for display purposes // /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// echo '<table border="5">'; if (isset($resources)) { echo '<tr>'; if (isset($_GET['Create'])) //Display creating page { echo '<h1>Creating...give me values</h1>'; echo '<a href="?">Go back if you change your mind</a>'; echo '<form method="POST" action="?Create=Creating">'; echo '</tr>'; //Getting parameters foreach ($resources as $key => $resource) { //This array lets you display the parameters you want to display, and enter manually like customer $requiredFields = array("id_customer"); if (in_array($key, $requiredFields)) { echo '<tr><th>' . $key . '</th><td>'; echo '<input type="text" name="' . $key . '" value=""/>'; } echo '</td></tr>'; } echo '</table><br/>'; echo '<input type="submit" value="Create"></form>'; } else // Display index { echo '<h1>Here is a list</h1>'; echo '<input type="button" onClick="document.location.href=\'?Create\'" value="Create whateva">'; echo '<th>Id</th></tr>'; foreach ($resources as $resource) { echo '<tr><td>' . $resource->attributes() . '</td></tr>'; } echo '</table><br/>'; } } ?> </body></html> Everything is commented for noobs, so if you don't understand something you can always reach me and I'll try to explain. I think this kind of stuff should be included or posted in the documentation (which is REALLY poor), if not then a better debugger of the errors would be nice. Peace
  21. Grazie a tutti, alla fine la società che mi ha venduto il tema ha reso compatibile quest'ultimo alla versione 7.2
  22. If you are still interested in solve this issue, what did you passed to the id_cart ? If you send it an empty cart without data you will get error 500.
  23. Giriş veya kayıt olmayan kullanıcılar için fiyatları gizliyorum, fiyatlar gizlendiğinde yerinde "Fiyatları görebilmek için giriş yapınız veya kayıt olunuz" tarzı bir yazı yazdırmak istiyorum. Bunu nasıl yapabilirim?
  24. با عرض سلام و ادب چند تا سوال داشتم خدمتتون 1- اولا به دليل قديمي بودن تم فروشگاه سايت فراكت و DBSTHEME پرستافا همكاري لازم در زمينه ارتقا تم انجام نميده و به دليل اينكه پرستاشاپ ورژن هستش متآسفانه مشكلاتي هم از بابت سرعت و ناسازگاري سايت داريم 2- چجوري ميتونم خودم بصورت دستي كل مجموعه فروشگاه رو از اين هاستي كه هست interserver به يك هاست ديگه منتقل كنم مثلا A2hosting - يكبار اينكار رو انجام دادم و فقط با ايمپورت كردن ديتابيس كل اون مجموعه هاست جديد فقط روي هاست قديمي لود ميشد هر چي سعي كردم كه آلياس هاشو درست كنم نشد كه نشد از طريق .htaccess هم نشد وقتي آدرس جديد رو ميزدم هاست قبلي رو بدون محصول لود ميكرد با اينكه ورژن پرستاشاپ جديد 1.7.6 بودش 3- قصدم اينه كه اولا فقط از بخشهايي از هاست قبلي در قسمت ديتابيس خروجي بگيرم مثلا نام محصولات و قيمتهاشون و توضيحات و اونهارو دوباره توي هاست جديد دونه دونه توي بخش مربوطه ايمپورتشون كنم 4- دوم اينكه بصورت دستي بقيه موارد رو خودم تكميل كنم البته بيشتر از 11000 محصول دارم و خيلي خيلي زمانبره اگر از دوستان كسي راه بهتري بلده - ممنون ميشم راهنمايي كنند هم ميخوام محصولات فروشگاه رو به يك هاست ديگه با پرستاشاپ 1.7 و تم جديد منتقل كنم و هم اينكه هيچ محصولي توي اين ماجرا حذف نشه سپاس
  25. با سلام خدمت اين دوست عزيز اين مشكل رو من توي پرستاشاپ خيلي خيلي مشاهده كردم و زمانيه كه يك محصول رو ايجاد مي كنيد و بهش چندين ويژگي رو نسبت ميدين مثلا": رنگ و وزن و ابعاد و غيره و غيره بعدش كه ميخواهيد اونها رو ويرايش كنيد ارور ميده هم توي ويژگي ها و هم توي مشخصات محصول كه با حذف و ايجاد دوباره محصول درست ميشه
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