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  2. Ciao solved non ho capito cosa intendi per lato tema inoltre a me le spedizioni sul www.planetricambitv.it sono tutte gratis quindi non avrei il problema che menzioni se puoi spiegami meglio che fai per far uscire questa etichetta
  3. Hello. Has anyone met the module or any solution to display the number of products added on a given day? Front office or Back office... I would like to be able to check the amount of products added each day. Does anyone have any idea?
  4. Ich benötige Unterstützung bei der Einrichtung von Prestashop. Dabei soll das "Look and Feel" so sein wie auf meiner Hauptseite https://psmz.de. Das erreiche ich momentan durch den Aufruf von Prestashop im IFrame - was sicher nicht optimal ist, denn SEO ist so unmöglich. Aufgabenstellung wäre nun die, das Standardtemplate exakt so anzupassen, dass es aussieht wie der Aufruf im iframe. Das betrifft: 1. das Banner 2. der Hintergrund (notfalls kann darauf verzichtet werden) 3. das CSS File muss eingebunden werden (inklusive Menü) 4. der Footer (am liebsten als Verweis auf meine Footer html) Der Shop ist zu erreichen unter https://shop.psmz.de Die Unterstützung soll nicht kostenlos sein - sagt mir einfach, was IHr dafür haben wollt. Gruß Heiko
  5. bortonecesario

    [FREE MODULE] FAQ - Frequently asked questions

    the faq page have an address that you can use where you want the hook is https://www.yoursite.com/module/faq/faqpage
  6. salvo prestashop

    problemi ad accedere al panello admin

    grazie, ho risolto con la modalità debug. https://zemez.io/prestashop/support/how-to/prestashop-1-5-x-1-6-x-how-to-enable-error-reporting-debug-mode/
  7. bortonecesario

    [FREE MODULE] FAQ - Frequently asked questions

    strano. il fatto che non ci sia neanche la cartella direi che non lo ha neanche installato. riprova al massimo su una versione pulita di ps 1.6
  8. gusman126

    Creacion de modulos

    supongo que has añadido el hook en el install del modulo $this->registerHook('displayRelatedName') y luego has añadido la función public function hookDisplayRelatedName() { $hook = Configuration::get('RELATEDBYNAME_HOOKER'); if($hook == 'displayRelatedName'){ return self::listado(); } } enviando la información al tpl del modulo $this->context->smarty->assign('porlinea', $porlinea); return $this->context->smarty->fetch(dirname(__FILE__).'/views/templates/hook/related.tpl'); y finalmente añadiendo el hook donde quieres que se muestre , yo indico ademas el modulo que usa ese hook {hook h="displayRelatedName" mod="relatedbyname"}
  9. FerreireX

    Add a new root category - Prestashop 1.7.6

    Who's know's how to add a new root category?
  10. #Tritti #Alessia Una soluzione è quella di modifica lato thema per visualizzare l'etichetta riferita al fornitore X Però la domanda è un altra, se un utente inserisce nel carrello un prodotto con spedizione FREE e un prodotto normale, come si comporta il carrello nell'applicazione del costo spedizione ? Saluto
  11. Hallo zusammen, erstmal vielen Dank für das Forum und die Hilfe hier. Jetzt zu meinem Problem: Wenn ich den Shop installieren will funktioniert soweit alles bis auf den Punkt wenn die Module installiert werden. Ich bekomme folgende Fehlermeldung: "ps_categorytree1: Modul "ps_categorytree" kann nicht installiert werden" Die Googesuche war bis jetzt ergebnislos (oder ich bin zu dämlich) Mein Hoster ist Hetzner Level 4 Webhosting. Vielen Dank im voraus Christian
  12. You can either modify the javascript source code (and build it), or you can employ CSS only solution, something like this one
  13. Knowband Plugins

    Advice on SEO module to buy ?

    Hi, Based on your requirement you can select the SEO module for your store. If you are looking for SEO module to generate sitemap, website Interlining and product page optimization then please check the module "SEO Expert, Meta Tags, Sitemap Module" https://addons.prestashop.com/en/seo-natural-search-engine-optimization/29427-knowband-seo-expert-meta-tags-sitemap.html If you are looking for a module to generate the SEO friendly URLs and manage the redirects then you can refer to the following module. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/url-redirects/41448-knowband-seo-pro-clean-urls-301-302-303-redirects.html
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  15. nojus

    Aktiviranje teme

    Problem je bil z temo in ne z presto, tako da naj nebi nagajalo pri morebitnem updejtu. 1.6 imam pa, ker tema žal ne podpira 1.7
  16. This is really helpful post and very informative there is no doubt about it. I found this one pretty fascinating and it should go into my collection. Very good work! mcafee.com/activate | norton.com/setup | norton.com/setup
  17. Forget it. Figured it out... Simply needed to add "Shop Name | " to head.tpl for my template here: title>{block name='head_seo_title'} Shop Name | {$page.meta.title}{/block}</title> Should have dug into it a bit further before posting the question... Sorry!
  18. pertho

    Fjerne tekst

    Hvis det skal fjernes, så vil jeg nok vælge Deaktiver 🙂
  19. Please help me. I have modified the module. and I want to display the value of that variable when resending an email. This works when the order is placed. but does not work when resending emails how do
  20. Knowband Plugins

    [MODULE] Android Mobile App Builder

    Une nouvelle version du module v2.1.1 d'Android Mobile App Builder est maintenant disponible sur le site de l'addon. [AJOUTER] Mettre à jour le badge du panier lorsque le produit est ajouté au panier. [AJOUTER] modifications de la barre d'onglets [AJOUTER] Icônes de catégories personnalisées [AJOUTER] les pages CMS en tant que cible sur la bannière [AJOUTER] Rubrique sur les images des bannières et les catégories [AJOUTER] les polices dynamiques dans l'application [AJOUTER] Couleur de fond de l'application
  21. Knowband Plugins

    [MODULE] Android Mobile App Builder

    A new version of the Android Mobile App Builder module v2.1.1 is now available at the addon store. [ADD] Update cart badge when product is added into the cart [ADD] Tab Bar changes [ADD] Custom category icons [ADD] CMS pages as a target on the banner [ADD] Heading on banner images and categories top [ADD] Dynamic fonts in the app [ADD] App Background color
  22. Highly appreciated and thanks for your kind information.
  23. Buenas! Estoy configurando una nueva tienda en http://www.undermusic.com.ar/web Y cuando en una categoria filtro para ordenar por precio, desaparecen los resultados que anteriormente me estaba mostrando por "relevancia" Lo que noto, es que si listo una marca y ordeno por precio, ahi si los muestra. Que puede ser?
  24. I've noticed that while it's quite simple to modify static content and the home page titles, I haven't been able to figure out how to add the shop name to Product, Brand and Category pages. For proper display in menu structure, the names of Brands and Categories have been simplified like the following: Shirts Pants Socks What I would like to do is to add the following to the <Title> tag so the names of Products, Brands and Categories look as follows: Shop Name | Shirts Shop Name | Pants Shop Name | Socks At the same time the name displayed in the page content would not include the shop name. As a noob, any suggestions would be appreciated. Mike
  25. thanks for the awesome information.
  26. Hola Blackspy, ¿Y Google Pay tampoco te deja en tu país? Un saludo
  27. LarsModeweg

    Fjerne tekst

    Hej Du går ind i menuen under "Design" - vælger "Tema og Logo" - og i toppen vælger du så "Homepage configuration" - derefter skal du vælge "Banner" og "Konfigurer"
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