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  2. When a new order comes or globaly when an order status change prestashop check in order->status if you active email sending for this status, if yes prestashop get the template name and search in mails folder for this name, when getting the template, prestashop execute the function addwithmail in order class to send the appropriate mail to customer.
  3. UPDATE ma_table SET mon_champ = replace(mon_champ, 'ancienne-chaine', 'nouvelle-chaine');
  4. tout à fait chrome alerte sur ces points, dans un premier temps retirer toutes les compressions de code définie dans le menu Performances pour avoir plus de lisibilité pour identifier l'emplacement de cette erreur et définir si c’est une erreur de frappe ou de développement de module.
  5. doog_2019

    No ALT tag on products Prestashop 1.7

    Hi everyone, This is what I found in my productList.tpl: ->>>>>>>> themes/mytheme/template/catalog/_partials/miniatures/productList.tpl What do you have in your file ? <img src = "{$product.cover.bySize.home_default.url}" data-full-size-image-url = "{$product.cover.large.url}" alt="" /> </span> {if isset($product.images[1])} <span class="hover_image"> <img src = "{$product.images[1].bySize.home_default.url}" data-full-size-image-url = "{$product.images[1].bySize.home_default.url}" alt="" /> </span> {/if} </a>
  6. southernstarhk

    add language (english) failed

    I want to add another language (english) but failed. P.S. I deleted this language from BO before. Not sure any impact....
  7. Γεια χαρά Πρόσφατα η Skroutz έβγαλε νέα υπηρεσία για να εμφανίζεις της αξιολογήσεις του προϊόντος από τους χρήστες της, στο e-shop σου. https://developer.skroutz.gr/partner_sku_reviews/ Προσπαθώ να το εγκαταστήσω αλλά δεν τα έχω καταφέρει. Στον παρακάτω κώδικα που δίνει, στο data-product-id ξέρει κανείς τι πρέπει να μπει? <div id="skroutz-product-reviews-extended" data-product-id="Replace with the Product ID you provide in your XML feedspec"></div> Ευχαριστώ Δημήτρης
  8. Έχει αντιμετωπίσει κανείς άλλλος το ίδιο πρόβλημα; Τι μπορώ να κάνω με αυτο; Ευχαριστώ
  9. Bonjour, allez directement sur les pays et regardez l'information enregistré en pour les autres langues.
  10. Bonjour, Vous devez restaurer la sauvegarde manuelle que vous avez effectué avant de faire la mise à jour, comme cela est précisé des centaines de fois sur le forum dans les tuto et sur le module de mise à jour.
  11. martin@kaersgaard.or

    Captia på "Newsletter" tilmelding på forsiden af PS

    SOLVED: Efter en opdatering af det modul der sætter Captcha på kundeformularen var der nu en mulighed for at få det på Newsletter formen.. Modulet hedder CAPTCHA v1.1.2 - by ETS-Soft
  12. Mediacom87

    module non compatible, refus du vendeur de rembourser

    Comme je l'ai déjà précisé, les vendeurs sur Addons n'ont aucun moyen d'accéder à cette information donc, comme déjà expliqué vous devez vous référer à PrestaShop directement. Le fait que PrestaShop ne soit pas facilement joignable est un autre soucis.
  13. Bonjour, si ces éléments ne sont là qu'à titre informatif vous pouvez enregistrer cela dans les caractéristiques qui seront automatiquement affiché dans la fiche technique. Si vous voulez les afficher ailleurs c'est une autre histoire. Si ils doivent varier suivant des déclinaisons de produit c'est encore une autre histoire Si vous souhaitez des cases spécifiques dans la fiche produit du backoffice pour les afficher à des endroits spécifiques sur le front office c'est encore une autre histoire.
  14. Hi Anyone, Do you all know what's the issues with this? Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home4/s7417876/public_html/store/modules/autoupgrade/autoupgrade.php on line 207Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home4/s7417876/public_html/store/modules/autoupgrade/autoupgrade.php on line 207Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home4/s7417876/public_html/store/modules/autoupgrade/autoupgrade.php on line 207 Thanks! Jiselle
  15. Dreamtheme

    Plesk + Nginx, the big forgotten of Prestashop?

    I did not said to read .htaccess i said to DELETE it, together with manual deletion of the cache and disable the URL rewrite (from the app) so you can check if the issue is with the URL rewrite of your server or something else. You are getting 404 and URL rewrite is the first thing to investigate obviously and you want to make sure its not cache issue too... PrestaShop has pretty good debug mode and can pinpoint directly what the server issue is if you know how to use it, additionally whatever the problem is with server or app, its not "assuming", computers are about investigation and ruling out, not assumptions and fortune telling. There is known problem of URL rewrites with PrestaShop and Nginx. Whats the point to give test URL if it doesn't work. Its pity that for 30 years you didn't learn to read and behave.
  16. @Balthazar

    Problema con signo $ en peso chileno

    muchas gracias me funciono agradecido
  17. Hello, I've just updated my Prestashop version with 1-click and I had several errors and I can't access my back office anymore... When I put the debugger mode, there is a message of error (capture is attached). FYI : there is no file "Vendor" to delete in the file "ps_facetedsearch". How can I fix this ? Thank you
  18. Ναι δεν ξέρω τι μπορεί να γίνει με αυτό. Δεν μου αρέσει καθόλου. Η έκδοση 1.6 μοιάζει να είναι ακόμα καλύτερη. Αλλα δεν ξέρω να πρέει να χρησιμοποιήσω αυτή;
  19. Today
  20. Bonjour, Sur un des tutos de l'excellent Webbax (https://www.webbax.ch/2017/01/23/prestashop-1-7-gestion-categories-ep-7/), un de ses lecteurs a posté l'astuce suivante. Problème résolu: Pour éviter le chevauchement (image couvrant la droite du texte) j’ai ajouté dans custom.css le style suivant :/* Largeur du texte dans le bloc des catégories*/.text-muted {font-size: .875rem;width: 80%;}
  21. You are looking for a drag and drop form builder for your online store? You want to find a Prestashop contact form module with no complicated code required, can build any kind of contact form but still easy to use? Welcome, you are in the right place! I proudly introduce to you Contact Form Ultimate - the best visual drag and drop form module for Prestashop. Contact Form Ultimate can help you create any kind of contact form, totally easy to customize and manage. It's a feature-rich and secure Prestashop contact form module with a clean and modern design. Contact Form Ultimate is available on Prestashop Official Addons marketplace and ready for download, click here to download this module. Compatibility: from Prestashop to Prestashop What this product does for you? Support any kind of form and any type of input field with drag and drop form builder Display contact form anywhere using shortcodes, custom hooks and you can even create a separate page for each form. Comprehensive message management tool: save and manage all messages, view and reply them directly from your back office. Configure email templates which will be sent to store administrators and customers after each form submission. You can also set up an automatic confirmation email (autoresponder email) to notify your customers. Anti-spam features: support reCAPTCHA v2 and v3, IP blacklist Detailed traffic chart of contact messages, replies, users and views log to help you keep track of customer activities Powerful import/export feature Display contact form perfectly on any web browser and mobile screen size Introduction video FEATURES 1. Contact form features Create unlimited number of Prestashop contact forms Create any kinds of form with visual drag and drop form builder Support all types of input field such as text boxes, text area, radio/checkboxes, file upload, map and images, etc. Display forms anywhere using static hook, custom hook and shortcode. Fully responsive, display perfectly on any screen size. Submit form via Ajax, no page reload. Separate display page for each contact form with SEO optimized elements, including friendly URL (without ID), Meta title, Meta keywords and Meta description. Auto generate mail-tags for every input fields to get contact form data Display rich text editor for text area fields when compiling contact forms. Support form popup and contact form button (hide the form by default, display the form when customer click on a “Contact us” button – The button label can be changed) 2. Message management Allow you to save messages and attachment files sent via contact forms to your website back office. Get any contact form input value via email by using available mail-tags Support custom confirmation email (auto-response email) Email template editor Easy to save and manage customer messages Custom notification messages Export customer messages to .csv file 3. General settings Custom email template for email to admin, auto – respond email and reply email Setup general rules for all Prestashop contact form pages (form title, enable URL suffix, remove ID from contact form URL) and the number of messages displayed per page in back office. Get rid of spam with CAPTCHA feature, support simple image CAPTCHA and Google reCAPTCHA (v2 and v3) Import/export all contact form configurations in 1-click 4. IP blacklist Add IP addresses to IP blacklist to block them from submitting contact forms. 5. Statistics Statistic chart of messages, views and replies received through your contact forms. Charts filter Store the information of the customers who sent messages via contact forms. 6. Other features Support multi-shop mode Support multi language Secure and safe with form validation rules Supported forms Customer contact form Customer survey form Recruitment form (job application form) Product form (ask a question about product, product quotation, etc.) Service booking form such as hotel booking form, car rental booking form, etc. Quotation form Or any kinds of form you need. Supported input fields Simple input text Text area Email Password URL Telephone Number Date Dropdown selections Checkboxes Radio buttons HTML Acceptance (Confirmation checkbox such as “I accept with terms and conditions of use”) Quiz (Very useful for customer survey forms) CAPTCHA (simple image and Google reCAPTCHA, very secure!) File (.pdf, .doc, .zip, .jpg, etc.) Submit button If you have any question related to this Prestashop contact form module, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly. I’m always ready to answer your question.
  22. I don't refuse read logs. Im'm Sysops for 30 years. First acyion on every investigation is logs. I refuse stuoid comments whe a user say: read .htacess when question is about nginx. Nginx not read .htacess file. I refuse when user speak about logs with question about application, when problem is not application. Is question about server, nginx. tamainut.info, is one domain only for testing porpuses, not for production. Bye, bye.
  23. Bastien M

    Certification NF525

    ce matin erreur 408 time request que sur le back office apres une heure de panique je commence a desactiver mon module caisse rien, et banco une fois le dossier rem88 renomé -old tout repart (pourtant installe deja depuis quelque temps) vous avez déjà eu ce problème, une idee de solution, car c'est pas top de desactivé ce module 😞 edit : je me rend compte que mon back office est 3 fois plus rapide sans rem88
  24. Lorena

    Gestion sql - undefined checkedform

    Gracias por responder. No veo ninguna opción para hacer una actualización de la versión superior de prestashop. ¿Sabrías decirme cómo puedo hacer el upgrade?
  25. Muchas gracias !!
  26. J'ai installé la version Et j'ai le même problème ! 😵Les pays apparaissent toujours en français dans la page Magasins en anglais. Donc ce serait plutôt un paramètre que je n'aurais pas mis à la bonne valeur ? Sur cette version que j'ai installé en français, j'ai juste été dans International -> Localisation, onglet Localisation, paragraphe "Import de pack de localisation" et j'ai importé le pack "United States". Rien de plus.
  27. Bonjour, Je viens de mettre à jour Prestashop avec 1-click mais il y a eu une erreur et je n'arrive plus à accéder à mon panneau d'administration, j'ai activé le debug : message d'erreur en PJ. Je n'ai pas de dossier "Vendor" à supprimer dans le dossier "ps_facetedsearch" comme certains messages de forum américain préconisent. Merci !
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