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  2. This module Product Combination Listing for 1.7 show all combianations of products from a given category in the home page. You can adapt it to use tables etc.
  3. how can i see, the modules quoted by you seems that doesn't mention any table functions
  4. Yes, you can do that. Are you using Prestashop 1.7?
  5. Yes this is how he came in - I have changed both the admin password and also the login map but shortly after he is back with the
  6. Back door ? WTF ??? Your log file contains only admin connections (and gives us your admin url and private token, thanks^^) LOL
  7. Hi , i would to show the table in the last sub-category page. So, instead to show all product one by one as default by prestashop, i would to see a table with all products and their attributes in a table
  8. Can someone help me with this: Hay varios errores. Error encontrado: CData section not finished 1.7. en archivo country_module_list.xml. Error encontrado: Premature end of data in tag from line 1 en archivo country_module_list.xml. Error encontrado: Premature end of data in tag compatibility line 1 en archivo country_module_list.xml. Error encontrado: Premature end of data in tag module line 1 en archivo country_module_list.xml. Error encontrado: Premature end of data in tag modules line 1 en archivo country_module_list.xml.
  9. Hi, Where do you want show this table? In category details page ? In the home page ? I think one this listing modules can do the job : Sub Category Listing
  10. Hi All, i’m looking to find something that allow me to show all products of a child category in a table with all attributes , add to cart , etc.. The products are not variables products. Attached you can find how I would see the products at the end. hope somebody can help me regards
  11. Try in the installed modules translations
  12. look for "%NEWSLETTER%" in the ps_configuration table in the database, see if there is a duplicate (same for %OPTIN%)
  13. If you have got any theme from this seller you also got a backdoor. Look at the file. Theme is here: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/jewelry-accessories-themes/21794-jewellery-multipurpose-html5.html Since i after 4 month of compain got a refund he forced himself through a backdoor and remode the theme and spoil my shop. logfil.txt
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  15. Buna ziua, Cum modific setarile ca sa-mi fie afisate toate produsele dintr-o categorie.Imi afiseasa acelasi numar de produse in fiecare categorie Multumesc
  16. Bonjour, Savez vous comment je pourrais vider le cache d'un unique module ou d'un template et pas devoir tout éffacer ? J'ai un module avec une valeur qui change toute les 24h; le probléme c'est qu'à cause du cache la valeur reste figée J'ai entendu parler d'une fonction sur le web, mais ça ne fonctionne pas $this->context->smarty->clearCompiledTemplate("modules/daydeal/views/templates/hook/jxdaydeal-home.tpl"); Une idée de la façon de s'y prendre ?
  17. Buongiorno, ho un problema da diverso tempo sulla mia versione Nella pagina prodotti dopo una qualsiasi selezione di attributi non viene aggiornata la foto e non viene aggiornato il prezzo. Dopo la selezione e l'aggiunta nel carrello, nella pagina del carrello viene riconosciuta correttamente la foto e il prezzo Penso che l'errore sia solo nell'aggiornamento (refresh) della pagina ad ogni selezione Cosa posso controllare per risolvere questo refresh? Ho provato già a non attivare il Friendly URL e rescrivere il .htaccess ma non cambia nulla pagina prodotto: https://www.emmeciquadro.it/shop/cartelli/224-26176-cartello-vendesi-in-forex-per-esterno.html Confido in vostro aiuto!!! Grazie
  18. Hallo Allerseits, wie läßt sich die Reihenfolge der Links im Footer ändern ? Besten Dank für Tips Paul
  19. I am trying to revive an old store setup based on prestashop 1.6. I checked all settings avd verified everything is fine. The store frontpage is up and running. Howevere admin page gives me the below error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /home/.../classes/db/MySQL.php on line 37 Only admin page is giving the error. mySQL, php works fine. I even changed store name and other text from database directly and they appear on frontpage correctly. So database connection works fine. I couldn't figure out why it does not only on admin page. Please help.
  20. @Claudiocool: 1. Warum genau sind Sie nicht zufrieden mit Google AdWords ? 2. Wie ist das Verhältnis von Kosten und Ertrag ?
  21. 1.: Nein 2.: Nicht unbedingt, weil dies zeitversetzt kommt, was nicht in jeder Branche zielführend ist. Man sollte nebenbei natürlich auch bedenken, dass nicht jede Branche dieselben Ansprüche hat. 3.: Setze ich seit ca. 2 Jahren ein, hier habe ich alles in Echtzeit, kann hier also optimal mitverfolgen, wie die User- bzw. Customerexperience ist.
  22. @CedCommerce Team: 1. Sind Sie insgesamt zufrieden mit Google AdWords ? 2. Sind die Statisken von Google Analytics nachvollziehbar ? 3. Verfügen Sie über Erfahrungswerte mit Matomo ? Besten Dank für Antworten P. Sack
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