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  2. hello, i need this in prestashop help please
  3. theillo

    Deleting variable from context cookie

    To Set and unset a cookie variable: $this->context->cookie->__set($key,$value); $this->context->cookie->__unset($key); Also useful: $this->context->cookie->__isset($key); $this->context->cookie->__get($key); OR $this->context->cookie->key; And of course if $this->context is not set yet, first get it with $context = Context::getContext(); OR $this->context = Context::getContext();
  4. Ok merci pour ta réponse. Autant ça ne me dérange pas de payer pour un module installé sur ma boutique autant si c'est bien du module à 199 € dont tu parles ça me parait un peu chère pour une seule utilisation. Pour certaines infos l'import/export est simple à faire mais pour les commandes qui il me semble semble court sur plusieurs tables ça me parait compliqué. Ma boutique en 1.7 bugue par ci par là mais les données importantes de la bdd ont l'air correct. Je regarderais de plus près demain mais je pense tester ce script pour essayer de transférer les données vers un Prestashop en 1.7 vierge. Je me trompe ou j'ai lu dans un autre topic que la 1.6 n'étais supportés que jusqu'au 19 juin ? Si la team Prestashop ne propose pas un module d'upgrade correct on cours à la catastrophe non ?
  5. haylau

    Webservice issues

    Pulling what is left of my hair out here Webserice used to work fine with our courier system (Parcelforce) but has stopped. Courier system developers say there is nothing wrong at their end. To show this, the installed their own version of Prestashop and used the webservice to pull down orders into their system. The produced the attached csv file to show that it works Now from my side. If I go to domain.com/api and enter the key get access to the api. And if i use domain.com//api/orders?filter%5Bcurrent_state%5D=%5B20%5D&filter%5Bdate_add%5D=%3E%5B2019-05-20+22%3A00%3A00%5D&display=full&date=1&sendemail=1 I can see the full xml data as shown in screen print - so I KNOW the webservice works. and i KNOW the courier system works, but SOMETHING must be blocking the two from talking to each other Ourr access logs show these lines when the courier tries to get the orders from the webservice (nothing in their logs) - - [22/May/2019:22:01:44 +0100] "GET /api/orders?filter%5Breference%5D=00000000&display=full&sendemail=1 HTTP/1.1" 200 124 "-" "Zend_Http_Client" - - [22/May/2019:22:01:52 +0100] "GET /api/orders?filter%5Bcurrent_state%5D=%5B20%5D&filter%5Bdate_add%5D=%3E%5B2019-05-20+22%3A00%3A00%5D&display=full&date=1&sendemail=1 HTTP/1.1" 200 3622 "-" "Zend_Http_Client" And sometimes - - [22/May/2019:13:02:41 +0100] "GET /api/order_states?display=%5Bid%2Cname%5D HTTP/1.1" 200 504 "-" "Zend_Http_Client" - - [22/May/2019:13:02:41 +0100] "GET /api/orders?filter%5Bcurrent_state%5D=%5B1%7C2%7C3%7C8%7C9%7C10%7C11%7C12%7C13%7C14%7C18%7C19%7C20%5D&filter%5Bdate_add%5D=%3E%5B2019-05-02+22%3A00%3A00%5D&display=full&date=1&sendemail=1 HTTP/1.1" 200 3718 "-" "Zend_Http_Client" Which shows they are trying to connect. I go to that link and I can see the data. So what on earth is happening . Is this a clue?? HTTP/1.1" 200 3622 "-" "Zend_Http_Client" Not sure what 3622 (or the 506 and 3718) refers to Phpinfo file if it helps: http://u-bolts-r-us.co.uk/phpinfo.php Is there anyone who can help track down the issue? WDMPATC_20190522_eorder_logs.csv
  6. Hola Necesito quitar el enlace a una categoria... por ejemplo mi categoria es galeria y solamente quiero que se muestre el sub menu de ella, no quiero que Galeria sea cliqueable mi prestashop es he buscado informacion y no encuentro información reciente referente a este tema Gracias
  7. Mycoffee.shop

    Language Problem

    Ach so ein Problem kann auftreten war jedenfalls bei mir der Fall, dass in der E-Mail die Bezeichnungen dann trotzdem in Deutsch waren wenn du Deutsch als Backoffice benutzt. Deshalb habe ich meinen Shop dann auf englisch installiert und deutsch weggelassen, da ich nur international versende.
  8. Mycoffee.shop

    Language Problem

    Hast du Polnisch als Sprache bereits in den Shop importiert? Ich weis nicht was der JTL-Connector sein soll! Du importierst polnisch und modifizierst dann automatisch die Übersetzung für Backoffice, Module, Themes und E-Mail!
  9. The lack of participation and convenient useful knowledge in this forum is going to be the death of Prestashop. I had to override the main Controller and add my own route inside of it to get this working.
  10. In Prestashop v1.7.5.1, I've just built `mycustommodule`. In a CMS Page, I'm trying to pull some data from mycustommodule via a hook. In the ../template/cms/page.tpl file I have: {block name='cms_content'} {$cms.content nofilter} {if $cms.id==6} <div> <h1>Here's my custom hook</h1> {hook h='displayCustomHook'} </div> {/if} {/block} In mycustommodule/mycustommodule.php, I have the hook: public function hookCustomHook( $params ){ $this->context->smarty->assign( array( 'myvariable' => 'test' ) ); return $this->display(__FILE__, '/views/templates/hook/mycustommodule.tpl'); } I cannot assign anything to smarty without getting this error (1/1) ContextErrorException Notice: Undefined property: Smarty_Internal_Undefined::$objMap in smarty_internal_extension_handler.php line 132 I even went to github and found that line of code in the Smarty class: if (isset($callback) && $callback[ 0 ]->objMap | $data->_objType) { But I feel like this is not a smarty problem -> it's something I've referenced or done or not done in the module. I have no idea what's going wrong - The whole module is working otherwise - including adding data to a custom table in the backend using an AdminController. Has anyone else had this problem? WTF
  11. presta-dyr

    Prestashop 1,61,20 vs 1,7 LØST

    Jeg opretter en pull request på det. Indtil videre kan du bruge den vedhæftede fil. Kopier filen til src/Adapter/Presenter/Product/ /Kjeld ProductLazyArray.php
  12. Today
  13. Hi, This is not WordPress, you don't create pages and layout in the way you understand it. PrestaShop uses "Smarty PHP template engine" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smarty_(template_engine) There are TPL (template) files in the theme folder, they are your "pages" but normally they are broken into smaller segments, like header.tpl, head.tpl and they construct the page together. There are mandatory things like checkout page, product page etc that are already included with the template (it doesn't matter if you use the starter theme or fork of the classic theme). By default you have all the required TPL's already there, so if you want to change the layout and structure of the product page for example you edit the product.tpl file. So If you want to add new "page" you can create your own TPL file and place it at the appropriate template folder/subfolder and call it at the appropriate place. Look at TPL files like HTML files, where you set divs/classes etc and then style it with CSS and JS. You can also extend existing TPL or override it with your own. Check out - https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/themes/getting-started/theme-organization/ and see how it is organized. Start opening the theme folder /templates and look at all the TPl files and there contents and you will understand it. PrestaShop also use Symfony and its Twig template engine. Furthermore, Webpack and NPM are used to manage packages and segments and then compile the assets like CSS and JS, into one file. They are separated in many small files, like products.js and others that is later combined and compiled into one big theme.js That's why they are minified in the end result. You can find the unminified versions on the PrestaShop github page. Another helpful link is - https://belvg.com/blog/smarty-template-engine-in-prestashop-1-7-basics-examples-functions.html I suggest you to look at Smarty and Symfony engines websites and their docs too.
  14. Nach einer "kompletten Neuinstallation" können ja eigentlich keine Reste aus der alten Installation mehr vorhanden sein. Ansonsten müßte es reichen auf das classic-Theme umzustellen und ggf. mit dem Template mitgelieferte Module zu deaktivieren.
  15. Man kann doch - ich glaube unter "Positionen" - einstellen, auf welchen Seiten die einzelnen Module angezeigt werden sollen.
  16. Merci pour ton aide et ta disponibilité. It's Coffee time
  17. this answer solved my problem, now I am able to create direct link to image.... check in ps_image for the id_image and from there you can create the link, thank you !!
  18. hello I find the invoice.tpl and add the code. It doesent work, i use module universalpay.
  19. Pour l'histoire, le problème venait d'un module de paiement pas très récent et du passage lors des derniers jours en https
  20. endpulse

    [MODULE] QuickUpdate

    Hi everyone, After quite some time, a new version of the QuickUpdate Products Manager module is now available, which brings a lot of improvements over the previous versions but most importantly compatibility with all the new versions of Prestashop including v1.5. v1.6, v1.7 Updated first post with all the detailed info. Best regards, Daniel
  21. Yeah I've also faced this problem. What you can do is try manually. The other suggestion that i would give to you is this that you should check your script. Thanks and Regards!
  22. Hmmm Thank you DreamTheme. I read the documentation obviously but I do think that hands on examples of how to build a custom page/template/layout is needed in the documentation. Like for example: How do I even know what the URL of the page is when I create a new folder/file? How do I create a new Page/Layout ? Etc. Thanks for the tips though. Henrik
  23. Bonjour à tous, J'ai presque terminé mon site mais je souhaite une dernière chose : mettre le prix près du bouton "ajouter au panier" et pas juste en dessous du titre. Version de PrestaShop : URL de la boutique : http://lilypousse.be/ Thème actif : classic C'est possible? Merci d'avance pour votre aide!
  24. webbay.pl

    Problem ze złożeniem zamówienia

    Zrobiłem upgrade z wersji do i to pomogło :). Dzięki za wszelką pomoc.
  25. Beste allen, Normaal gesproken gebruik ik altijd Joomla. Vanwege overschakeling naar ecommerce heb ik bewust gekozen voor Prestashop. Nu heb ik een goede Theme gekocht en dit ook laten installeren bij ENVATO. Ik moet toegeven dat ik een korte tijd heel even opencart had gebruikt, dus prestashop lijkt er wel een beetje op. Maar eerder geen ervaring met presta. HEt gaat om de website www.wibihome.com ...Er is alleen maar een homepage geinstalleerd door Envato, die wachten nu op goedkeuring. Maar ik zie maar 1 home en verder geen andere paginas. Bovendien heb ik alleen logo en productinfo kunnen aanpassen. Daarbuiten zijn alle wijzigingen die ik aanbreng op de admin panel effectloos op de site zelf. Ik heb alles geprobeerd, met uitleg op het net volgend, maar de menu items boven in de header heb ik ook niet kunnen aanpassen. Is dit normaal bij prestashop of doe ik gewoon iets verkeerd? Lieme
  26. Buenas, Hay una función en PS 1.7 para poner un mensaje cuando quedan las últimas unidades en stock. Este mensaje aparece con un icono de triángulo con exclamación (material-icons product-last-items). Me gustaría que ese icono también saliera cuando aparece el texto que aparece cuando el producto ya no está en stock ( form[step3][available_later][2] ) Gracias
  27. versione icu troppo elevata sicuramente ai la 64....devi scendere alla 63
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