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  2. "Link zur Kontaktseite"? Was hat denn die Kontaktseite mit den Kundenanmeldungen zu tun? Wo hast du das Captcha denn eingebaut?
  3. Claudiocool

    Installation von Modul nicht möglich

    Wenn der Hoster das nicht sehen kann....
  4. Du hast auch die richtige .htaccess (also die in der Subdomain bzw. dort wo die Dateien des neuen Shops liegen) umbenannt / gelöscht? Wird in jedem Fall (Shop, BackOffice) sofort umgeleitet? Browsercache gelöscht oder neuen Browser probiert (vielleicht kannst du ja mal einen Link posten, ob das Problem nicht nur bei dir auftritt).
  5. bertiauxmarc


    Bonjour j'ai installé ce patch et apparemment cela revient a la normal merci par contre mon soucis de revenir constamment sur ma page login est toujours présent avez vous des idées ?
  6. Hello, I need to display as free gift product in invoice based on the cart rules. Now everything is working fine in shop url while users add the product into cart. I have set the rule in Price Rules -> Cart Rules and in Action I have set the send a free gift and selected the product. Now this product displaying in invoice as like normal purchase product but I need to add a text as "Free Gift" in product description(Need to concatenate this text with product description on free gift product) in Invoice pdf. I have tried to display this but I couldn't find the field name in which table it will be store and all. Could any one please help me to solve this issue.
  7. Liss Bolaños

    Enlaces para transportadoras en Colombia

    El de Servientrega ahora es https://www.servientrega.com/wps/portal/Colombia/transacciones-personas/rastreo-envios/detalle?id=@
  8. Hallo, ich habe einen Shop mit Zeitschriften, nun möchte ich ein Modul wo der Kunde selbst per Drop and Down das gewünschte Geburtstag im Shop eingeben kann, ein Beispiel wäre unter: https://kurzelinks.de/nq46 Das gewünschte Modul befindet sich hier in der Mitte der Seite. Wäre Super wenn mir jemand helfen könnte. DANKe Achso meine Shop Version:
  9. Hello, If i want to change something in the checkout page in prestashop 1.7, what are the files I am supposed to modify ?
  10. Buongiorno, spero che possiate darmi una mano o qualcuno ha avuto un'esperienza simile. Ho fatto il trasferimento di dominio da Aruba a TopHost e, pur avendo copiato la cartella FTP e database, non riesco a far funzionare il sito. Ho modificato il file di configurazione mettendo i dati corretti del nuovo database ma, se provo ad accedere al pannello, mostra ContextErrorException in index.php in line 79 e poi tutta una serie di scritte. Allego la paginata di errore, sicuramente qualcuno ne capisce più di me! Grazie mille err1.pdf
  11. Hello, How can I create a button to link to a module called "powerfulformgenerator" with one extra parameter (the product id : $product.id ) Up to now, i have hardcoded the link and it works : <a class="btn btn-secundary" href='https://example.com/fr/demande-de-documentation?id=1&product={$product.id}'> Documentation </a> But I would like to use Smarty to generate the (pretty) URL.... I have defined a shorcut in "SEO & URL" : "demande-de-documentation", but I don't find the method to call to generate the href value.
  12. Test effectué après la modif, malheureusement voici le résultat :
  13. Bump And that button is on mobile devices
  14. Et si tu achètes des housses de voiture qui ne correspondent pas à ton modèle, tu changes de voiture ?
  15. Bom dia, Acabei de fazer download do módulo FREE para correios. Porém, fiz o download usando um email diferente do que está configurado na minha loja. Adicionei no PS o código de ativação, mas não consegui ativar o módulo. Como proceder? Inclusive, me confirme por favor se permite cálculo de frete com contrato...
  16. tivicrdotcom

    Only Show Product Prices When Logged In

    Hello Patron, this module doesn't longer work? I was looking to display prices only to signed in customers. Also when customers are not logged in, to have a text display "call us at (xxx) xxxxxx for price. I am running thanks in advance brother
  17. Today
  18. You mean you are using a 1.6 theme on 1.7? If so, it's perfectly normal it doesn't work, you need a new one.
  19. NemoPS

    Issue after permission in Module directory

    Make sure you didn't accidentally click on "favorites"
  20. After enabling ssl on all pages, some error occured and all category links started to return looped redirect. I tried to regenerate htaccess by turning off and on friendly urls, but it doesn't work. Other links work well. Who can help?
  21. Problem ist gelöst: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/11995/files
  22. NemoPS


    looks like your posmegamenu module has some issues. Try to disable it and see if it still happens. If not, then it needs debugging.
  23. NemoPS

    Database - Sale Price

    that should be it, the tax is only applied if the default country is taxed, otherwise you cannot see taxed prices in the back office
  24. NemoPS

    Problem on Product page

    Can you share the site's url? What version are you using?
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