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  2. alextn

    Disable the EAN control function

    Where are you doing the tests? on the product or on one of the product combinations?
  3. Thank you, the payment module only has bank transfer and COD. I uninstall and reinstall the module. There is no installation error. Email order_conf still without attachment. Some idea. Thank you
  4. Hello all, I add a new language Malagasy (iso mg-MG) from the BackOffice--->>International--->>Translations Then I tried to translate for example the Back-Office, I obtained a ContextErrorException Can anyone help me please ? NB: I'm working with the version
  5. Birnex

    Disable the EAN control function

    Hello, my problem is, i need 14 numbers. If i change the Value 13 to 14, dont work.
  6. killmasta93

    issue with migrating prestashop?

    Thanks for the reply, would i access the phpmyadmin thought the database and find the URL? if so where would it be in the database?
  7. Merci Eolia de cette précision ! C'était la réponse qu'il me fallait pour enfin comprendre lol En fait c'est donc extremement simple : On vire juste les itemprop="teteattoto" du product-list (Je trouverais bien le dossier a force de chercher ) Je m'y lance et je test ensuite avec l'outil google.
  8. Buongiorno a tutti, tramite il software Importerone ho importato sul mio shop di prova tutti i prodotti e relative schede tecniche recuperate dal catalogo icecat. Con una funzionalità integrata nel software, ho creato (in automatico durante l'importazione) le funzioni per ogni prodotto che verranno poi usate per la generazione di filtri di ricerca per le categorie che voglio inserire. Fin qui tutto bene, ma le funzioni importate sono tantissime e spesso molto "simili" tra loro: esiste un modo per "accorpare" queste funzioni e fare in modo di modificare automaticamente tutti i prodotti legati a tali funzioni? faccio un esempio: nei notebook c'è una funzione "famiglia del processore", all'interno di questa mi ritrovo 4/5 funzioni diverse per la stessa famiglia di processore (core i3 di quinta generazione, core i3 di sesta generazione, ecc ecc) Sarebbe più comodo e utile alla ricerca unire tutte queste varianti in un'unica funzione "Intel Core I3". Ho chiesto al produttore del software e aspetto risposta, ma vorrei capire se c'è un modo di gestire la cosa magari direttamente da prestashop. (non trovo la possibilità di provare uno dei moduli di integrazione delle schede icecat). Grazie in anticipo!
  9. Haha Ich hab im FTP nachgeschaut. Der Ordner ist richtig und die URL ist auch wie eingegeben. Was meinst du mit prüfen per PHP? Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe.
  10. comment on fait pour un message privé
  11. Today
  12. to shop 6 years. there was one order a day earlier. now one order a week. what not so with shop? why so small quantity of sales? visitors of 200-400 people in day. even when I start advertizing in google shopping - there are no sales at all. help to understand. the shop absolutely bad can? rus-design.com Thank you all.
  13. Bonjour Eolia, itemscope et itemtype aussi ?
  14. Thanks very much for the help...Really appreciate it!
  15. You can make a simple script, here is what I did $id_categories = [1430]; // can be multiple $context = Context::getContext(); $result = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->ExecuteS(' SELECT id_product FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'category_product WHERE id_category IN('.implode(',', $id_categories).')'); if($result) { foreach ($result as $pr) { $product = new Product($pr['id_product'], false, $context->language->id); $text_count = 3; $product->createLabels(0, $text_count); $product->customizable = 1; $product->text_fields = 3; $product->update(); $fields = $product->getCustomizationFields(); $n = 0; foreach ($fields[1] as $id => $value) { switch ($n) { case 0: $_POST['label_1_'.(int)$id.'_1'] = 'Associated To'; break; case 1: $_POST['label_1_'.(int)$id.'_1'] = 'Sender Name'; break; case 2: $_POST['label_1_'.(int)$id.'_1'] = 'Recipient Name'; break; } $n++; } $product->updateLabels(); } } Adds customization fields to all products of certain categories
  16. Hello, I need help how to solve my problem regarding upgrading from to its giving me error showing below: public_html/modules/autoupgrade/classes/ZipAction.php line 154 - Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded thank you in advance
  17. justoneweek

    [SOLVDED] Mail alerts not working in 1.7

    I did, but do not works. Into the logs the message problem now is: Frontcontroller::init - Cart cannot be loaded or an order has already been placed using this cart Any tips for this? Many thasnk!
  18. NemoPS

    Overriding all the css in 1.6

    The only way I know, since the modules load after global.css, is using !important. Not clean, but it works. Alternatively just be more specific if possible, so if one rule is .box {background: white} You write .content .box {background: blue}
  19. Looking for the same solution (Adding product reference number) for presta Yvonne
  20. NemoPS

    Drop down list in product screen

    Try attribute wizard pro, it generates a lot less combos
  21. Hello, doesnt work. I cant open the admin page. What i do wrong?
  22. Hi, Ich arbeite mit Prestashop 1.7 und habe ein ähnliches Problem. Die Produkte einer Kategorie erscheinen durchnummeriert. In der Reihe "Position" auf der Übersichtsseite der Kategorie waren alle Produkte bisher auf Position 0, und das war perfekt, genau so wie ich es haben wollte. Neu hinzugefügte Produkte dagegen wurden seit dem Upgrade von Prestahsop 1.6 auf 1.7. nummeriert mit 1,2,3. Nun hatte ich 10 Produkte auf Position Null und alle weiteren dahinter. Was ich habe wollte und will, ist, dass weiterhin alle Produkte auf Position 0 gestellt werden, weil ich nämlich ïuberhaupt keine Reihenfolge im Frontend wünsche, höchstens eine alphabetische. Die Hilfe gab leider nichts her, mein hilfloses Herumgeklicke machte es nur schlimmer: jetzt sind auch alle früheren Produkte durchnummeriert, die Null ist statt Standard zu werden, komplett verschwunden. Ich kann zwar die Reihenfolge mit Drag-and-drop verändern, will ich aber gar nicht, ich will überhaupt keine Reihenfolge. Wie bekomme ich das hin?
  23. if that doesn't work then Tools::getValue('id_product'); should do it
  24. Jak zaktualizowac za pomocą modułu 1 click upgrade wersje do kiedy w konfiguracji moduł proponuje mi odrazu przejscie do 1.7 ?
  25. For the cms, you have to reach each cms page and just change the url to https
  26. Ciao a Tutti!!! Ho appena migrato il ecommerce da un provider ad un altro. Ho un problema "fastidioso". Ovvero dopo diversi click nel backoffice mi ripsonde con un errore 404. Per rientrare devo aspettare e ricaricare la pagina. Nel frontend mi sembra che non ci siano problemi. Versione Prestashop 1.7.3 PS: lato server sono abilitati Redis e Varnish (anche disabilitando non cambia nulla). Grazie
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