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  2. Werden Änderungen der Emails beim Update auch Überschrieben, wenn man sie in der Translation eingibt?
  3. hier sieht man, dass die tabelle - warum auch immer - über den weißen rand hinaus geht... ist zwar mittlerweile eh nichtmehr so arg (störend), aber dennoch unerwünscht und unerklärbar
  4. Birnex

    Disable the EAN control function

    Where ist the cache file? And wich structure in the database i must change?
  5. Please check the Orders->Invoices page (Invoice Options) to make sure Invoices are enabled.
  6. musicmaster

    Disable the EAN control function

    Don't forget to adapt the fieldsize in the database
  7. Ciao, un cliente mi ha chiesto un ecommerce per abbigliamento estivo (costumi bikini donna). Essendo composti di due pezzi (parte sopra e parte sotto), deve essere possibile acquistarli con le combinazioni di colore che vuole il cliente ma rimanendo dello stesso modello del bikini. Faccio un esempio per chiarirci: modello "A" composto da parte sopra nera e rossa, parte sotto verde e blu. Modello "B" composto parte sopra bianca, parte sotto blu, rosso, verde. Serve che vengano acquistati innanzitutto "2" pezzi almeno dello stesso modello, cioè il completo (parte sopra e parte sotto), e che l'utente possa scegliersi il colore di entrambi i pezzi (es. del modello "A" con parte sopra nera e sott blu" e del modello "B" con parte sopra bianca e sotto rosso. Spero si capisca... Grazie in anticipo dei consigli.
  8. alextn

    Disable the EAN control function

    change the number 13 with 14 on the function, on all 3 files I have attached to it. Clear the cache, and try again. must work. be very careful the cache
  9. hey i am sorry for my late replay but i have find a simple solution for this first of all rename your current file in classes/ Rijndael.php and then try to upload prestashop latest version Rijndael.php file and try to clear your cache and that fix it your issue from here you can download your latest file of Rijndael.php Rijndael.php
  10. Birnex

    Disable the EAN control function

    I check the files. There is no change in the EAN 13. i need 14 numbers.
  11. Birnex

    Disable the EAN control function

    I do the change only in ProductOptions and Validate.php. ok i try it
  12. giulym

    Second image not on hover

    Hi, if I want to have the second image for a product, how can I get it? I don't want it on hover, but directly as "cover". I can't find the code, unfortunately PrestaShop doesn't have a CODEX like wordpress
  13. Birnex

    Disable the EAN control function

    I do the change only in ProductOptions and Validate.php. ok i try it
  14. alextn

    Disable the EAN control function

    src\PrestaShopBundle\Form\Admin\Product/ProductOptions.php src\PrestaShopBundle\Form\Admin\Product/ProductCombination.php FILE: classes/Validate.php replace the attached files with the original ones in the respective prestashop positions - version 1.7 only. Clear the cache, and try again. ProductCombination.php ProductOptions.php Validate.php
  15. nafisjedriel

    Créer des déclinaisons mixtes

    Bonjour, je cherche également a faire la meme chose, mais pas avec la meme experience (Beaucoup beaucoup ... beaucoup moindre lol)
  16. Birnex

    Disable the EAN control function

    What for a test? I change the part: Assert\Regex('/^[a-zA-Z0-9]{0,13}$/'), NEW Assert\Regex('/^[a-zA-Z0-9]{0,14}$/'), the Page works. But i cant open the Admin page.
  17. trailrunning.shop


    Hallo, ich interessiere mich für ein Template, nun wird nur Dollar und Euro. Kann man dies für die Schweiz dennoch nehmen, oder macht es doch etwas aus? Oder gibt es ein Ähnliches etwas günstiger? Hier der Link Danke schon mal zu Hilfe.
  18. Las urls que google tenga indexadas las tendrás que eliminar o redireccionar todas una por una, de lo contrario puede pasar un año, incluso más y que sigan apareciendo. Deberías hacer una redirección 301 si te es posible.
  19. Hola, Estoy buscando una solución de un modulo que al entrar en el articulo me salda un despiece de donde va y productos que pueden estar relacionados. Es una tienda de recambio de piezas de coches. Lo que estoy buscando es algo parecido a esto, https://www.rosepassion.com/es/cat/porsche-356a-1956-1300-s-589-2-cabrio-a-t1-caja-manual-de-4-velocidades/M3028/motor-y-alimentacion-de-gasolina/B36/schemas/carter-del-cigueenal-piezas-de-fijacion/I6142/tornillo/P9360 Alguien conoce algún modulo. Gracias
  20. alextn

    Disable the EAN control function

    Where are you doing the tests? on the product or on one of the product combinations?
  21. Thank you, the payment module only has bank transfer and COD. I uninstall and reinstall the module. There is no installation error. Email order_conf still without attachment. Some idea. Thank you
  22. Hello all, I add a new language Malagasy (iso mg-MG) from the BackOffice--->>International--->>Translations Then I tried to translate for example the Back-Office, I obtained a ContextErrorException Can anyone help me please ? NB: I'm working with the version
  23. Today
  24. Birnex

    Disable the EAN control function

    Hello, my problem is, i need 14 numbers. If i change the Value 13 to 14, dont work.
  25. killmasta93

    issue with migrating prestashop?

    Thanks for the reply, would i access the phpmyadmin thought the database and find the URL? if so where would it be in the database?
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