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  2. Elia Besmer

    Dropdown Menü mit Artikeln

    Ich habe mir überlegt in dem Quellcode den „ href“ zu ändern. Somit gelangt man direkt zum Produkt. Würde das gehen?
  3. Elia Besmer

    Button "In den Korb" in Listenansicht immer anzeigen

    Ja ich habe beide Caches geleert.
  4. ... ops ... Sorry but i can see only the link for keys but no the link to download the module. Thnx.
  5. NemoPS where i can buy this module for PrestaShop 1.7?
  6. Prestafan1234

    Nyt theme

    Hej Du skal sikre, at themet er kompatibelt med din version af PrestaShop. Det er altid en rigtig god idé at tage backup før man laver større ændringer - eller sikre at ens host har en backup. Du kan læse om backup her: https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/basics/keeping-up-to-date/backup/ Det er samme princip uanset din version.
  7. 1.It doesn't have a wartermark feature, but it's compatible with wartermark modules. I've test the module with prestashop's native watermark module, they worked fine with each other https://github.com/PrestaShop/watermark 2. I've sent you two screenshots via private message.
  8. superskyman100

    Nettoyage base de données

    Merci beaucoup Cyssoo et Mediacom87 pour votre aide !!
  9. Bonjour, Quelqu'un aurait-il une idée du pourquoi du coment il m'est impossible de réécrire les URLs ? Ici le message affiché.... Merci de votre aide
  10. Today
  11. southernstarhk

    No reply from developer

    Personal Pickup at Store
  12. I’ve installed fine on current Debian stable a couple of weeks ago (apr 2019) - though there were errors in back-office until I enabled php error display and tracked down the additional PHP modules you need. I’m travelling atm - I will post the list of additional modules for Debian / Ubuntu when I get home next week.
  13. Translate -> that’s a really bad idea - as far as I know the alternate to EN is not EN-Correct or Better-EN Edit the modules -> also a bad idea -> then every other user of the base module also has to make the same change. Surely upstream can correct incorrect english?
  14. chilli1

    Product Display Problem

    some one suggest me some thing or u suggest me to disable all plugins and then try ?
  15. Una pena no funcione en la versión 1.7 Estaría genial que se actualice. Se puede instalar pero no deja configurar por que la opción esta desaparecida
  16. Hola Tienes que cambiar a otra ruta. No puede ser /admin Muda para /psadmin o cualquier otro nombre que quieras y ya no te cambiará. En cuanto al mensage de que el empleado no existe, intenta limpiar el cache del navegador o acceder por el modo incógnito de Chrome.
  17. Rodrigo, te molesto de nuevo, sabes que hice todo lo que me pediste y me anduvo todo ok ese día, no toque mas la tienda por lo que hoy que estoy con tiempo quise ingresar. El acceso comúnmente www.midominio.com/Admin ya no es, la ruta se cambia sola... por lo que tengo que adivinar o entrar a ftp a ver qué nombre tiene la carpeta para así ingresar a la ruta. Una vez ingresó el acceso a mi cuenta me da error, es como que si el “empleado” no existe. Es decir la cuenta no existe... esto supongo que se debe al cambio de ruta que se hace, y si coloca /Admin intento entrar y ya esa ruta automáticamente se cambia al ingresar a www.midominio.com/Admin que puedo hacer? No quiero borrar todo y empezar de cero la verdad. saludos y gracias de antemano.
  18. Xonax

    ROBOTS/SPAM creating fake accounts

    Thanks. I have followed your advice and installed this module for my Prestashop 1.6. 1.0 and hope that my shop now will not get more spam registrations. I have also reported the ip-adress abuse to this site: https://www.abuseipdb.com
  19. OK, seems like its built in. I found 2 sections in the docs that should help me achieve this capability: Group Discount Cart Rules That seems like it will allow me to apply a discount to a specific user or group of users. This would be comparable to the Dealer Module I was seeking.
  20. Hello, Thank you for downloading and using our module. Regarding your questions, Presta Migrator FREE version doesn't import package of products and manufacturers, you can find these features on Presta Migrator PREMIUM version. Please navigate to this link https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/32298-prestashop-migrator-safely-upgrade-prestashop-to-17.html and read more detail about our module. If you encounter any problem while using Presta Migrator module, our support staff is ready to help. My best regard.
  21. queytou24

    Impossible ajout au panier

    Bonsoir à tous et à toutes, sur ma page d'accueil, il m'est impossible d'ajout au panier un produit en étant connecté, alors que sur la page du zoom ou la page produit elle-même, cela fonctionne. J'ai tout désactivé sur ma page d'accueil, je pense plutôt à une erreur de codage, mais je ne vois pas. J'ai également activé le mode debug, mais rien de plus. Je vous remercie de votre aide par avance. Version: 1.7.5 Hébergé chez 1&1 chocolats-queyroi.com
  22. Bonsoir, j'avais désactiver les modules des réseaux sociaux.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Thank you Janett your solution worked! My hosting provider just changed the path in php.in from var/cpanel/php/sessions/imh-php72 to /tmp Told me that /tmp is a writable folder whereas the above is not writable for scripting for security. Basically, they just changed the storage path like you suggested.
  25. I with PS 1.7.5 can't remove that link. I'm using a different graphic template from the default one and it takes all the pages except those that I can turn off from the "native page manager" (Design-> Page). Through the chrome developer tool I noticed that this page has a particular "store-page" ID how do I know where to intervene to possibly disable it via code?
  26. Ich würde definitiv empfehlen, um Anbieter, die so unseriös Schleichwerbung betreiben, einen ganz, ganz großen Bogen zu machen!
  27. Hello to everybody. You have no idea how simple is the solution. Problem is with NGINX and multilanguage. I suggest all of you to go to this theme and say one big THANKS to the guy, who solve it:
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