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  2. Nezapomeň označit téma jako vyřešené. Stačí upravit první příspěvek a před název tématu napsat například [SOLVED]
  3. bonjour, je cherche à intégrer à une page "tarif" un champ "poids" et un champ "dimensions" en fonction de ce que le client remplit, s'afficherait 5 prix qui sont les 5 prestataires que j'utilise pour l'expédition, comment faire ceci svp ? merci
  4. In database tables, by what value would it have to change? On one site they say float (17,2). Could you tell me if this is true?
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  6. Vďaka, poslal som odkaz na eshop v sukromnej správe, nakoľko neviem či sa tu môže dávať napriamo, tak pre istotu
  7. Awesome, I will create a new release. All credits go to MahmutGulerce for this awesome plugin.
  8. Ramazan merhabalar Teşekkür ederim önerin için. Sitede katalog moduna alınca müşteri gruplarından fiyatları gizleme seçeneği aktif hale gelmiş. Orayı pasif hale getirince düzeldi. Tekrar teşekkürler.
  9. ./themes/název tvého tématu/templates/catalog/_partials/product-add-to-cart.tpl najít: <span id="product-availability"> nahradit: <span id="product-availability" style="font-size:1.4rem !important;"> 1.4rem určuje velikost textu Jinak to lze najít přímo v šabloně a CSS stylu. Bez odkazu na eshop nemohu napsat kde.
  10. Ďakujem za pomoc, ale asi sme sa nepochopili. Chcel by som zväčiť písmo, lebo je to dosť malým a nevidno to dobre na tom prvom obrázku
  11. La réponse si quelqu'un cherche un jour, j'ai trouvé une solution : supprimer le div class container contenant le hook displayNavFullWidth, et placer ce hook dans un nouveau block : {block name='header_top'} <div class="container header-top d--flex-between u-a-i-c"> <button class="visible--mobile btn" id="menu-icon" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#mobile_top_menu_wrapper"> <i class="material-icons d-inline">&#xE5D2;</i> </button> <a href="{$urls.base_url}" class="header__logo header-top__col"> <img class="logo img-fluid" src="{$shop.logo}" alt="{$shop.name}"> </a> <div class="header__search"> {hook h='displaySearch'} </div> <div class="header__right header-top__col"> {hook h='displayTop'} </div> </div> {/block} {block name='menu_full'} {hook h='displayNavFullWidth'} {/block}
  12. Γνωρίζουμε εαν στην Ελλάδα έχει πέσει πρόστιμο σε κάποια ιστοσελίδα για λόγους παραβίασης GDPR? Ψάχνω σχετικά άρθρα και δεν μπορώ να βρω κάτι.
  13. * place a watermark on a visible surface, such as a pedestal, cabinet, etc.) * .htaccess - the third and fourth lines allow domains that can display the image RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$ RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)?mydomain.com [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)?google.com [NC] RewriteRule \.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$ - [NC,F,L] There is also a more advanced variant that will cause another image to appear instead of any image. For example, warning you that you don't want anyone to abuse your pictures. You must place a link to this image on the fifth line with a warning: RewriteRule \.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$ https://otherdomain.com/image.jpg [NC,R,L] To avoid a serious error, this image must be outside of your domain listed on line 3. Therefore, it is not subject to the hotlinking restriction.
  14. cześć mam świeżą instalację "z palca" na serwerze cyberfolks. Niestety nie wyświetla poprawnie sklepu - front i back to po prostu białe strony... Support pogrzebał w ustawieniach i zaczęło działa, ale po zalogowaniu sklep jakby przestał odpowiadać - ani nie można było otworzyć front, ani back office. Spotkał z taką sytuacją? Wersja presta to
  15. Welche PS-Version hast du denn im Einsatz? Bis PS ist Prestashop mit PHP bis max 7.2 kompatibel. Grüsse Whiley
  16. In admin la compari arata daca este activ si inregistrat corect, daca doresti sa te asiguri, trimite un mail ei la tehnic. Activitatea se poate vedea dupa primele comenzi.
  17. Hello, If you set a phone number in store contact information, the link CONTACT US in the top left banner switch to CALL US 123456. How to keep the CONTACT US link in the top left banner after adding the store phone number? Thanks and regards PRESTASHOP
  18. I don't want to prevent gathering images against legitimate search engines. Just malicious.
  19. Thank you so much. Finally I have it. Have a fantastic day
  20. Thats strange, anyway you should be able to download and (direcly) install the zip from here, composer is not required https://github.com/PrestaShop/autoupgrade/releases/download/v4.10.1/autoupgrade-v4.10.1.zip
  21. Hey, Seit Heute ist mein Backoffice nur noch weiss und laded nicht. Jemand eine Idee woran dies liegt ? Grüsse SD-PB
  22. Thank you for your amazing fast reply. attached the screenshot. I found it on Github but the installation was not successful. I repacked it without the master but I do not how to do this as described on github "Enter into folder autoupgrade and run the command composer install (composer)." Thank you for your help and have a great day. Cheers Manfred
  23. Gracias!! Vamos a probar para ver si con esto se soluciona!
  24. Can you post a screenshot of your search in the module catalog here?
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