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  2. Knowband Plugins

    [MODULE] Android Mobile App Builder

    Une nouvelle version du module v2.1.1 d'Android Mobile App Builder est maintenant disponible sur le site de l'addon. [AJOUTER] Mettre à jour le badge du panier lorsque le produit est ajouté au panier. [AJOUTER] modifications de la barre d'onglets [AJOUTER] Icônes de catégories personnalisées [AJOUTER] les pages CMS en tant que cible sur la bannière [AJOUTER] Rubrique sur les images des bannières et les catégories [AJOUTER] les polices dynamiques dans l'application [AJOUTER] Couleur de fond de l'application
  3. Knowband Plugins

    [MODULE] Android Mobile App Builder

    A new version of the Android Mobile App Builder module v2.1.1 is now available at the addon store. [ADD] Update cart badge when product is added into the cart [ADD] Tab Bar changes [ADD] Custom category icons [ADD] CMS pages as a target on the banner [ADD] Heading on banner images and categories top [ADD] Dynamic fonts in the app [ADD] App Background color
  4. Highly appreciated and thanks for your kind information.
  5. Buenas! Estoy configurando una nueva tienda en http://www.undermusic.com.ar/web Y cuando en una categoria filtro para ordenar por precio, desaparecen los resultados que anteriormente me estaba mostrando por "relevancia" Lo que noto, es que si listo una marca y ordeno por precio, ahi si los muestra. Que puede ser?
  6. I've noticed that while it's quite simple to modify static content and the home page titles, I haven't been able to figure out how to add the shop name to Product, Brand and Category pages. For proper display in menu structure, the names of Brands and Categories have been simplified like the following: Shirts Pants Socks What I would like to do is to add the following to the <Title> tag so the names of Products, Brands and Categories look as follows: Shop Name | Shirts Shop Name | Pants Shop Name | Socks At the same time the name displayed in the page content would not include the shop name. As a noob, any suggestions would be appreciated. Mike
  7. thanks for the awesome information.
  8. danielbrown8221

    How to Reset Cox Email Password by using Steps

    Hi' I am Daniel working with united airlines booking. We provide you all information about flights, their services and super savvy deals. Our team can also assist you to get the best deals and make traveling an affordable thing for you.
  9. Hola Blackspy, ¿Y Google Pay tampoco te deja en tu país? Un saludo
  10. LarsModeweg

    Fjerne tekst

    Hej Du går ind i menuen under "Design" - vælger "Tema og Logo" - og i toppen vælger du så "Homepage configuration" - derefter skal du vælge "Banner" og "Konfigurer"
  11. Hola, Empieza por aquí: Funcionamiento catálogo PrestaShop Si no tienes algún otro error (para ver errores activar modo debug), posiblemente deberás mirar la configuración de tu hosting y capacidad de almacenamiento, y/o cambiar aumentar la configuración de php desde tu panel de control, y/o aumentar el tamaño máximo de archivo de tu base de datos. También puedes buscar en Google "importar bases de datos grandes prestashop". Hay un programa llamado Big dump para bases de datos mysql muy grandes. Un saludo.
  12. tarmogr

    Error reporting from your PayPalAPI module spam

    No, I can confirm you are not the last person using Prestashop, there atlest 10 more people. The error is still there and client also sees the error and is unable to check out
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  14. Knowband Plugins

    Prestashop on Mobile Android and IOS

    Hi, Please check the link below to get the Android & iOS Mobile App for your online store. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/mobile/29188-knowband-android-and-ios-mobile-app-builder.html The Android & iOS Mobile app builder module has been downloaded 100+ times on Addon store. In case you need any further details then feel free to contact us. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/contact-us?id_product=29188
  15. krzysiuus

    Moduł filtru

    Tak: custom.css (ta sama ścieżka)
  16. hello guys. please help me because i have new problem This happened when i am resend email The email sent contains {bankwire_number} because this is custom module anyone please help me
  17. CedCommerce Team

    Prestashop on Mobile Android and IOS

    Hello, Magenative is one of CedCommerce Mobile App Develpoment branch with 11000+ happy customers. You can also avail the maximum benefits of using our services: Free Trail Multi Language/Curreny Store Logins All Type product compatibility And Much More. Check out here for more
  18. PrestashopUser03

    installation d'un nouveau theme

    Petite précision : il s'agit de ces informations dans le php.ini : post_max_size et upload_max_filesize
  19. yahyaefendy

    Konfirmasi Pembayaran

    pernah mengalami permasalahan email seperti saya kah Nomor Rekeing: {bankwire_number}
  20. Gus Daia

    Cari Modul Shipping Internasional

    Maunya sih beli modul di Kurirq.com cuma ngk ada respon. Saya kirim email sama WA ngak di bales soalnya kota yang saya mau pakai asal pengiriman ngak ada di daftar list mereka. kalau pakai DHL agak susah bikin accountnya.
  21. Bluepreven

    Problema traducciones prestashop 1.7.6

    Hola, yo también tengo ese fallo y estoy probando algunos parches: Aquí explican un poco el problema: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/14733 Aquí dan una solución: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/14962/files#diff-f0c2048d6122a903ce9515acfd72098dR177 Yo estoy en ello.. Suerte. Hi, I have the same problem with I'm reading some posts about it: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/14733 Try to fix it: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/14962/files#diff-f0c2048d6122a903ce9515acfd72098dR177 I'm testing it now. Good luck
  22. Ersin Gümüş

    Excel'den toplu resim yükleme sorunu

    Excel den toplu ürün yükledim. fakan bir türlü resimleri yükleyemedim. aşağıdaki yolların hepsini denedim. hatta resimleri .jpg bile yaptım olmadı. Nerede hata yapıyor olabilirim? ../img/urunler/ADL-2061112000-1.png /img/urunler/ADL-2061112000-1.png www.acilurun.com/img/urunler/ADL-2061112000-1.png https://www.acilurun.com/img/urunler/ADL-2061112000-1.png hazırladığım Excel dosyası ektedir 01.xlsx
  23. Ponawiam wątek, ten sam problem. W załączniku screen z błędami bardzo proszę o pomoc.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Hello! Thanks for updating and answer for my previous reply Can you tell me please, how can I truncate name of product in my-reviews at customer cabinet? Because then shows full name the containers with product have different sizes and it looks not very good. I hope I explain good, because my english is not very good:) I truncated at my-reviews.tpl but because of js there is no effect
  26. helpdeskED

    Presrashop 1.6 ερώτηση

    Δοκίμασε Back office > Preferences > Products και θέσε τις επιλογές όπως οι συνημμένες εικονες
  27. Gracias Gusman126. Si, lamentablemente hay países que por problemas políticos y bloqueados económicamente no existen pasarelas de pago. Slds 😐
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