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  5. A new great module released by ETS-Soft – Geolocation. Geolocation is a Prestashop location detector module which can auto-detect and redirect customers to their language and currency, auto setup correct taxes and calculate shipping cost based on customer’s location. Compatibility: from Prestashop v1.6.x to Prestashop v1.7.x Geolocation is now available on Prestashop official add-ons marketplace. Click on this link to read more detail about our module and download it. What does Geolocation module do for you? Help your site automatically recognize your customers' language and currency as well as automatically calculate taxes and shipping cost based on the customer’s location. You can only find this useful feature on our module. Simplify Prestashop’s Geolocation installing process. Everything will be automatically executed within 1-click of your mouse. Allow you to define custom rules that will be applied for customers from specific countries (redirect them to a specific language or currency, block them from accessing the website, etc.) Allow visitors to select their location using a location-switching button just like what you see on Amazon marketplace. Visitor map and statistical charts on module’s dashboard help you keep track of the number and the percentage of visitors from each country. INTRODUCTION VIDEO FEATURES LIST 1. Statistic Visitor map shows the number of website visitor from each country and the percentage of visitor from each country 3 types of total visit charts: - Pie chart shows the number of visitors from each country and the total number of visitors - Line chart and bar chart show how the number of visitors from each country changes during a time range 2. Geolocation settings Option to enable/disable Geolocation Set up default language, default currency and default country for your website Option to auto calculate shipping cost and tax Option to ignore search engine bots (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) so they won’t redirect to another URL. Option to only auto set language, currency, tax and shipping cost when customer lands on home page Option to ask customer for confirmation before changing language and currency Option to enable location switching button Preselect country on address registration page 3. Geolocation rules Add, edit and delete Geolocation rules Option to enable/disable rule Select countries to apply rule Disable Geolocation for selected countries Set language and currency for selected countries Block all users from the selected countries Set priority for rule 4. Message management You can edit content of the following notification messages: Confirmation message before changing both language and currency Confirmation message before changing language only Confirmation message before changing currency only Setting language and currency notification message The message displayed on "Choose your location" popup The message displayed when a user is blocked 5. Other Support multi-shop mode Support multi-language Quick access menu on back office If you have any question related to this Prestashop location detection module, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly. I’m always ready to answer your question. Download link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/international-localization/45015-geolocation-auto-language-currency-tax-shipping.html
  6. muchas gracias por responder... lo coloco como una URL normal es raro con el código original de prestashop pero pues me toco hacerle una modificaciones y lo solucione
  7. I have the same problem and was wondering if you found a solution? Cheers
  8. renzogr

    Massive product deleting

    Yes, I know. They are already disabled but I'd like to reduce sql tables to improve general perfomance. Thanks anyway
  9. Yesterday
  10. I'm still using (sorry) We have an issue with the PayPal module and I'm really at a total loss. Every now and again a customer finds they can't checkout with PayPal. It takes them through, they confirm payment, then something happens and they're bounced back to Prestashop with the most helpful "Error Occurred" screen and an empty basket. This will keep happening to them until they clear their site cache. Obviously not every customer will know to clear cache so it's a seriously expensive issue. I can't even work out where to look for logs to find out what is happening, let alone get close to fixing it. I'd really appreciate any help!
  11. sebastiangg

    formulario de contacto

    Eh reemplazado el archivo de mi plantilla por el que dices y aun tengo el mismo error. Tambien revise y mi archivo ya tiene las lineas de codigo que recomiendan cambiar, que solucion pueden darme, por favor.
  12. ajaxthemestudios

    [Free Theme] ATS Basic Prestashop 1.7 Free Theme

    You can do that by going to themes\atsbasictheme\templates\layout\layout-both-columns.tpl Find this line: <body id="{$page.page_name}" class="{$page.body_classes|classnames}"> Apply this class: nav-on-left (if you want the navigation on the left side on mobile devices - to the body element above). This becomes: <body id="{$page.page_name}" class="{$page.body_classes|classnames} nav-on-left"> Good luck!
  13. Hola de nuevo, aparentemente lo he solucionado y redsys ya funciona, la solución la he encontrado aquí: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/14608
  14. Sistemas

    Problema con order-confirm.tpl

    Hola, Encontraste solución a tu problema? Yo estoy con el mismo problema, pero la imagen del primer producto se pone en todos los que se compren, No he podido solucionarlo 😪
  15. Rozwiązałeś problem ? Chętnie bym zastosował rozwiązanie u siebie
  16. rictools

    MwSt im

    Wir kennen ja deine Einstellungen nicht, da wird wohl was nicht stimmen. Wie sieht denn die Anzeige im Warenkorb / Kaufabwicklung aus? Verwendest du die Standard-PDF-Rechnung?
  17. rictools

    Deutsche Post Marken etc.

    Ich denke, du mußt schon gezielte Fragen stellen ...
  18. Hola! lograste cambiarlo? A mi no me ha funcionado 😕
  19. Cinthiaalm

    Problema con signo $ en peso chileno

    Ya remplace los archivos & aun me falla, yo tengo peso mexicano! u.u les dejo mi sitio https://stec-lab.com/
  20. Bonjour, j'aimerai ajouter un filtre à facette sur les pages fabricant qui d'origine n'est pas présent sur ces pages. je suis avec PS 1.6.11, comment puis-je my prendre? Je ne vois pas d'info sur ce sujet dans le forum, suis-je le seul à vouloir ce filtre??? merci pour votre aide
  21. c'est exactement ce que je recherchait. J'ai beaucoup de mots composés, et souvent la recherche se fait mal. Quel est le fichier pour changer la méthode d'expression de recherche? merci pour tes infos
  22. Guillermo_ar

    how to change logo position

    Hi, so ¿what can I do to center logo on Prestashop 1.7.6 ?
  23. Entre ton fichier double encodé avec le mauvais jeu de caractère, ta volonté de nous cacher la ligne concerné, et ton incapacité ç ne serait-ce que de fournir tes réglages d'import. Qu'attends-tu de nous? Un miracle ? Désolé, vas sur un forum de théologie
  24. gusman126

    Crear producto dinámico

    ya exite el modulo, no es barato pero hace lo que necesitas https://www.presto-changeo.com/prestashop-attribute-modules/34-113-prestashop-attribute-wizard-pro-module.html https://www.presto-changeo.com/prestashop-17-modules/139-prestashop-attribute-wizard-pro-module.html puedes desarrollar uno , aunque el prestashop es un tocapelotas con los atributos y combinaciones
  25. con un modulo si https://mypresta.eu/modules/front-office-features/product-list-attributes-combinations.html
  26. I'm trying to do this on Prestashop 1.7.6 and no way 🙁
  27. Pokombinowałem począwszy od phpMyAdmin i w efekcie zadziałało Także bardzo dziękuje za pomoc. Brakło mi jedynie opcji na zmiane kwerendy tak aby zliczała podkategorie dla kategorii głównej Przykładowo mam kategorie zabawki a w niej 2 podkategorie tj. rowerki i sanki. Jak mam produkty które są przypisane tylko do kategori rowerki a nie są przypisane również do kategorii nadrzędnej czyli zabawki to licznik nie zlicza tych produktów. W moim wypadku mam wszystkie produkty przypisane do jednej kategroii i moje drzewo kategorii jak jest zwinięte to nie pokazuje licznika produktów z podkategorii bo nie są w niej przypisane. Jest to zrozumiałe bo kwerenda zwraca ilość produktów przypisanych do danej kategorii a tu w tabeli nie mam kategorii zabawki. Zastanawiam się tylko czy można to jakość obejść i doszedłem do wniosku że trochę to bardziej pogmatwane niż tylko SELECT COUNT
  28. Merci de ta réponse mais je voudrais savoir comment résoudre cette erreur (qui apparaît pour mes 200produits à importer
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