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  2. Mediacom87

    Bug description courte...

    Donc demandez directement au créateur de votre template.
  3. mma87

    [SOLVED] how to add Password Confirm field

    Hello, I made this customization for prestashop you can read my solution in this post
  4. Hello, I'm using PS and I made a customization to insert email and password confirmation: BACKUP FIRST!! Download those 2 files /classes/form/CustomerFormatter.php /classes/form/CustomerForm.php open the file CustomerFormatter.php and search $format['email'] = (new FormField()) paste above $format['email'] = (new FormField()) ->setName('email') ->setType('email') ->setLabel( $this->translator->trans( 'Email', [], 'Shop.Forms.Labels' ) ) ->setRequired(true) ; this code: $format['conf_email'] = (new FormField) ->setName('conf_email') ->setLabel( $this->translator->trans( 'Confirm e-mail', [], 'Shop.Forms.Labels' ) ) ->setRequired(true) ; Then after: if ($this->ask_for_new_password) { $format['new_password'] = (new FormField()) ->setName('new_password') ->setType('password') ->setLabel( $this->translator->trans( 'New password', [], 'Shop.Forms.Labels' ) ) ; } paste this code: $format['conf_password'] = (new FormField) ->setName('conf_password') ->setType('password') ->setLabel( $this->translator->trans( 'Confirm password', [], 'Shop.Forms.Labels' ) ) ->setRequired(true) ; Now open CustomerForm.php and search public function validate() after this code: $emailField = $this->getField('email'); $id_customer = Customer::customerExists($emailField->getValue(), true, true); $customer = $this->getCustomer(); if ($id_customer && $id_customer != $customer->id) { $emailField->addError($this->translator->trans( 'The email is already used, please choose another one or sign in', array(), 'Shop.Notifications.Error' )); } Paste the following code: //Confirm Email - check if is the same $confEmailField = $this->getField('conf_email'); $emailValue = $emailField->getValue(); $confEmailValue = $confEmailField->getValue(); if ($emailValue != $confEmailValue) { $confEmailField->addError($this->translator->trans( "The email and the confirmation email don't match", array(), 'Shop.Notifications.Error' )); } //Confirm password - check if is the same $passwField = $this->getField('password'); $confPasswField = $this->getField('conf_password'); $passwordValue = $passwField->getValue(); $confPasswValue = $confPasswField->getValue(); if ($passwordValue != $confPasswValue) { $confPasswField->addError($this->translator->trans( "The password and the confirmation password don't match", array(), 'Shop.Notifications.Error' )); } Now upload those 2 files in: /override/classes/form/ Clear the cache That's it!
  5. Prawdopodobnie musisz wgrać moduł ręcznie. Znajdź link do modułu na githumbie.
  6. nie mozliwe zeby nie dzialalo, chyba, ze masz w opisie juz !important zastosowane. ewentualnie, moze nie dla tej klasy dajesz styl? rzuc linka bo inaczej to bedzie wrozenie z fusow
  7. Rostislav

    Remove credit slips

    Hi! How to remove it in PS 1.7? In the ps_customeraccountlinks.tpl there are the {foreach} loop and no individual links.
  8. Trovato codice e risolto, grazie comunque a tutti Se può interessare a qualcuno #contact-link a:hover { color: white; /* impostare il colore desiderato */ }
  9. Niestety ten sposób nie działa. Będę walczył dalej. Mam nadzieję, że obejdzie się bez ręcznej edycji każdego produktu.
  10. I beg your pardon, @iAshton, but how about you read my posted topic on this issue?
  11. Pelleque

    dos columnas versión movil

    Este es el product-list.tpl {extends file=$layout} {block name='content'} <section id="main"> {block name='product_list_header'} <h2 id="js-product-list-header" class="h2">{$listing.label}</h2> {/block} <section id="products"> {if $listing.products|count} <div id=""> {block name='product_list_top'} {include file='catalog/_partials/products-top.tpl' listing=$listing} {/block} </div> {block name='product_list_active_filters'} <div id="" class="hidden-sm-down"> {$listing.rendered_active_filters nofilter} </div> {/block} <div id=""> {block name='product_list'} {include file='catalog/_partials/products.tpl' listing=$listing} {/block} </div> <div id="js-product-list-bottom"> {block name='product_list_bottom'} {include file='catalog/_partials/products-bottom.tpl' listing=$listing} {/block} </div> {else} {include file='errors/not-found.tpl'} {/if} </section> </section> {/block}
  12. Hi DJM, I have exactly this problem. I was 'forced' to upgrade to after my ISP dropped PHP 5.6. I can't work out from this thread whether or not you resolved it. I'm getting the [Thu Apr 18 17:25:57.955619 2019] [fcgid:warn] [pid 7981] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Warning: Use of undefined constant MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128 - assumed 'MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_128' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /home/linweb26/r/rscdsleeds.uk/user/htdocs/classes/Rijndael.php on line 124 message in the error_log. and just living with it. I assume I'll get the 'hang' if I turn on debugging but I've avoided doing that on the live site. Did you do anything else? Best, IanA
  13. Da der Versand in diesem Fall ja generell kostenlos ist (das hatte ich überlesen), reicht es aus, den Hook zu deaktivieren - der Einfacheit halber kannst Du in der Datei /modules/ps_legalcompliance/views/templates/hook/hookDisplayCartPriceBlock_shipping_details.tpl die entsprechenden Zeilen deaktivieren oder löschen: <a href="{$link}" target="_blank"> {l s='(Under conditions)' d='Modules.Legalcompliance.Shop'} </a> Dann brauchst Du nicht lang zu suchen und hast eine saubere Lösung ohne "Minuszeichen". Denn die CMS-Seite mit den Versandbedingungen musst Du schon aus Gründen der Rechtssicherheit als Information im Footer oder sonstwo verlinken. Nur beim Artikel wird sie ja in diesem Falle nicht benötigt.
  14. Ciao Antares, ma perché non contatti il developer e gli spieghi le tue neccessitá?. Io di solito prima di acquistare moduli parlo sempre con chi li sviluppa eppoi decido. Cmq credo che il secondo modulo sia il piú vicino a quello che vuoi fare. Ma cerca sugli addons perché io sono sicuro che anni fá avevo visto un modulo tosto proprio dedicato al B2B dove situazioni come le tue sono abbastanza frequenti. Peró pensando anche a quello che vuoi fare ossia essere tu a decidere a quale gruppo associare un cliente, dovresti avere proprio un negozio privato ossia dove il cliente chiede l'iscrizione e tu decidi in quale gruppo inserirlo, perché altrimenti avrai sempre clienti che cadranno nel solito gruppo e quindi dovrai spostarli manualmente....c'é da pensarci su:-) ci sentiamo
  15. Pelleque

    dos columnas versión movil

    Tengo la plantilla inicial, la classic, sabes si hay alguna configuracion?
  16. iAshton

    Email Problem after upgrade to

    Many thanks for your version of contact-form.tpl. Its solved the problem for me after my ISP dropped support for PHP 5.6 and I had to upgrade to Prestashop So it was still needed with Prestashop PHP 7.2
  17. gusman126

    dos columnas versión movil

    muchas plantillas incluyen en su configuración mostrar 1,2,3,4 productos por fila dependiendo del dispositivo. En otras suelen estar en el fichero tpl que muestra los listados de productos, usando algun tipo de variable al principio, mirad en la plantilla que tengais
  18. quel et la base bdd associée prix spécifique
  19. Sylvie2B

    Probleme tri navigation à facette

    Avez-vous trouver une solution à votre problème ? Je suis dans la même situation, je n'arrive pas à trier les caractéristiques selon mon souhait.
  20. cbsmarty

    Display brands - HELP?

    Hi, I would like to show my 'related' brands on the category page. By these I mean, when entering a specific category, I would like to show a list / logos of the brands that supply these specific products? Like in this example: https://gyazo.com/2d12d1adfe7f84c9c502a9f16d5600c3 How can I do this? Thanks in advance
  21. Pelleque

    dos columnas versión movil

    Tengo esta misma duda, conseguiste solucionarlo?
  22. Today
  23. Hello, I can not find the location where to change this text. (see image) can someone help me ? the theme is : iqit-commerce _ Warehouse thanks !
  24. Es cierto, es muy raro que una tienda online no tenga un certificado, en micaso solo estaba en etapa de pruebas.
  25. Rodrigo B Laurindo

    Adi Otobo

    Hello I think that I did not understand. Do you want to creste a new blank database? You could install a clean Prestashop and then copy your files over It... But probably your theme and modules would have to be fully reconfigured.
  26. Antes de que alguien me pregunte he de decir que ya tengo desactivados los impuestos en los paises de fuera de la UE. A pesar de lo cual me muestra "impuestos incluidos" en los productos. Mostrar la etiqueta de impuestos (por ejemplo, "Impuestos incl."): no Por cierto ¿qué variable de país almacena esa información?. Así podría condicionar el texto a mostrar según esa variable.
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