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  2. selectshop.at

    White Screen or 500 Error on website

    Activate debug mode via FTP and read the errors written there. Correct them.
  3. c64girl

    CMS Layout not showing at theme options

    Did You fix it? I am missing more than CMS... Worst Prestashop version ever :/
  4. Hello, Good news. Now this product sheet is available at one more language
  5. tallguydesign

    White Screen or 500 Error on website

    I am dealing with something frustrating, it is a White Screen or 500 Error on dev.r2lfashion.com after updating modals. I am trying to help my buddy and this issue is stopping me from moving forward. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. selectshop.at

    Email Change in Database

    How did you changed it ? On BO or directly on Database ? Such things you should ever change on BO and not into database, because Prestashop writes depedencies in several tables. AND which account you changed ? Employee or admin ? And yes, if you back-up database, it is better to back all and not only parts, if you don't know exactly affected tables.
  7. Wielkie dzięki! Dużo jeszcze przede mną
  8. tallguydesign

    Email Change in Database

    Hello I am very new to Prestashop, I know a lot about Wordpress so I changed the email in the employee and now cannot access the developer user. How do I set it back? I have a backup but do I have to restore the whole SQL for doing that?
  9. selectshop.at

    Spam from Welcome Email after registration

    @iamtheboss Apply the fix doekia named here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/981159-securite-spam-customer-account-solution-13-17/
  10. Por ser um thema terceirizado, vc. deveria entrar em contato com o desenvolvedor do mesmo. O tema deveria vir com uma instrucao para instalacao. Verifique na pasta de download por um ficheiro .pdf, ou .txt. Se nao tiver, entao contate o desenvolvedor diretamente.
  11. ? When i have a classic theme i dont have in option theme those otpions i posted before, they are in clean PS installation. Most frequently bought New products promotions product cms
  12. Il ne faut jamais partir en vacances^^ L'option "mot de passe oublié" ne fonctionne pas ? Quelle version de Prestashop ?
  13. Bonjour a tous, Mon PB est en rapport avec ce topic... Mes frais de port ne s'affiche que sur certains produit. Je pensais que cela venait de la longueur du texte dans le panneaux description des produit mais ce pas ca. Si quelqu'un a une solution Merci d'avance
  14. Ce sont 2 choses complémentaires. Le Recaptcha est un plus.
  15. selectshop.at

    Site Clone for Upgrade (Error)

    Deinstall the module blockadvertisemulti. Before you upgrade you need to deinstall all modules and themes which are not native. See also here the topic I wrote a while ago, on how to clone a shop for upgrade: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/313999-tutorial-how-to-clone-your-shop-for-upgrades/ and https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/251288-manual-upgrade-guide-ps-12-ps-13-ps-14-15-16upgrade-only-database/
  16. system_error86

    recaptcha στη login page

    Αυτο έχει ένα συγκεκριμένο επίθετο που βάζει με www θα προσπαθήσω να το περιορίσω από εκεί με κάποιο τρόπο τύπου regex. Έχει κανείς κάποια άλλη ιδέα; Ευχαριστώ πολύ
  17. Merci encore Doekia & Eolia pour votre aide, cela fait plaisir de se lever le matin et de voir que des vrais comptes client dans mon BO
  18. isteak

    Site Clone for Upgrade (Error)

    Yes, It is the problem with PHP V 5.7 .Prestashop compatible with 5.6
  19. Tengo problemas con la instalación, me arroja un error "No se ha encontrado el servidor de la base de datos. Por favor verifique los campos para el usuario, la contraseña y el servidor (DbPDO) y he visto soluciones y tutoriales y no pasa nada sigo con el error. por favor ayuda, adjunto algunas imágenes que dan orientación de lo que he hecho.
  20. Elia Besmer

    Anpassung PDF Rechnung

    wo sollte ich den nun den Fehler sehen?
  21. Today
  22. Zucht tegen jezelf neem ik aan. Je bent zelf zo gierig geweest waardoor je zoveel tijd kwijt bent, dеьiel! Zo zie je maar weer gierigheid duurt het langst (en is ook het duurst). Even wat knappe koppen inhuren bij adeko, websmid, gett.nl (niet mark-app, sdwebdesign) werkt het beste, bespaart zeeen van tijd. Oké succes en houdoe!
  23. how does it feel

    Mollie doet het niet na update

    Ik denk dat mollie een trollie deed om oplichters als jij buiten de deur te houden. Oprotte.
  24. how does it feel

    inkt selector

    Wat doe je hier uberhaupt nog Eduard? Zoek gewoon een normaal platform en niet deze gierige ellende. Oprotte.
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