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  2. How to increase the product's description at Prestashop 1.7.3. I have a long article here https://homegift.vn/nha-thong-minh/may-lc-khong-khi-thong-minh-xiaomi--128.html But it had limited at 21844 characters and cannot save if more than this. Please help Nim
  3. Hello guys I installed this module but spammers are still doing their "job" (creating new spam accounts) by disabling javascript. I don't understand which file should I change with this code? As I understand "ContactController.php" used for "Contact us" page on site. But I need to protect also my "create an account" page. I have only this code in override ContactController.php (see below) And I can't see any signs of "$message = Tools::getValue('message');" or something in this file. Please explain this for me. Should I change PHP or any TPL files? Thank you. <?php class ContactController extends ContactControllerCore { /* * module: eicaptcha * date: 2019-04-19 17:23:56 * version: 0.4.15 */ public function checkAccess() { return (bool)Hook::exec('contactFormAccess'); } /* * module: eicaptcha * date: 2019-04-19 17:23:56 * version: 0.4.15 */ public function initCursedPage() { parent::setMedia(); if (!empty($this->redirect_after)) { parent::redirect(); } if (!$this->content_only && ($this->display_header || (isset($this->className) && $this->className))) { parent::initHeader(); } parent::initContent(); if (!$this->content_only && ($this->display_footer || (isset($this->className) && $this->className))) { parent::initFooter(); } parent::display(); die; } }
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