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  2. cooltiges

    Weiße Seite nach Versand

    Hallo, Sorry, habe ich leider vergessen: PrestaShop-Version Und ich habe das Standardtemplate bootstrap Ich habe jetzt gesehen, die Bestellungen kommen an, aber die Bestellbestätigungen nicht. Herzliche Grüße
  3. problem with module shipping preview ... this module does not work on out-of-stock products and creates bugs on the site with the menu and adding cart if a product is not in stock. I am looking to solve the problem. If someone had the case and would have solved the problem with this module I am taking ideas. Thank you
  4. Tidio chat en direct, Bots et Messenger Module pour PrestaShop 1.7 / 1.6 Le module ajoute un chat en ligne. Tout en un tableau de bord. Ne manquez jamais une occasion de vente à nouveau. Rejoignez Free Tidio - Chat en direct optimisé avec Bots - Augmentez vos ventes en augmentant vos communications avec les clients. DÉMO BOUTIQUE TÉLÉCHARGER
  5. Hi, I faced an issue in my shop. "app.boerandfitch.com". In product list page click Add to Cart button and Click Proceed to Checkout button after it's going 404 Page. Am used prestashop version. check after the enabling Debug mode that issue not coming. Any one please let us know, how to fix this issue.
  6. HI , I have a question regarding LHV pank module (Estonian bank), LHV bank is asking me to share Public key with them, so they can generate Private key for our LHV bank module, they shared .pem file with me, My question is how i can generate the public key? they ask me to generate key by using these algorithum Signature algorithm – sha1RSA Public key – RSA(2048 Bits I am not familiar with how to use them and generate public in PrestaShop Need Help Thanks In Advance
  7. Lay the cache just as well because I ran into it
  8. endriu107

    Czym się róznią oba szablony

    Ta wersja jest odpalona na 1.6 https://addons.prestashop.com/demo/FO16301.html a ta na 1.7 https://addons.prestashop.com/demo/FO19699.html
  9. Addition, after modify your "themes/classic/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/product.tpl", you have to reset your theme to make it work to see the results. Now my website is working with the new product name length. Visit the https://www.rey.cafe to see for yourself.
  10. The script deletes everything in the same way as when you click "Delete" on a product in your back office.
  11. how about all the images, attributes and everything that's generated when a product is created . this scripts seams to delete just one DB table ?
  12. Today
  13. Hi! We are having the same issue. When friendly urls is turned on, error 404 appears in the ajax request when changing combination in front office. Did you fix it? thanks!
  14. Buongiorno, analytics sul mio sito di prestashop 1.6.1 non rileva nulla, lo snippet è stato inserito tra i tag literal nel file head.tpl, qual'è il problema?
  15. Mediacom87

    Modules dans theme enfant ?

    et si vous passez cette option à false ?
  16. La web no está en mantenimiento. Estoy tratando de contactar con mi servidor para que compruebe los certificados ssl
  17. Lee los mensajes y prueba con alguna de las soluciones que se han encontrado, lo normal es que sea cuestion y problema de la web o del certificado. incluso de la pasarela de pago, aunque han solucionado y mejorado mucho desde que se hizo este tema Si la web esta en mantenimiento, ese suele ser el primer paso que hay que cambiar, y desactivar el mantenimiento o nunca entraran los pedidos.
  18. Andrei Gapejev

    Showing thumbnails for all combinations

    Thank You! Code above shows all images. I suggest code below if needed to shown combination image first and then other images (not associated with an combination): File: src/Adapter/Image/ImageRetriever.php Line: 105 Code: foreach ($images as $image) { if (in_array($productAttributeId, $image['associatedVariants'])) { $filteredImages[] = $image; } } foreach ($images as $image) { if (count($image['associatedVariants'])==0) { $filteredImages[] = $image; } }
  19. Bonjour j ai un soucis j ai creer un theme enfant de mon theme sous PS1.7 je peux modifier mon css js etc sans soucis mais pas le template des modules Dans theme.yml j'ai mis ça parent: ps_fashion_kookai_913 name: ps_fashion_kookai_913-child display_name: Mon théme enfant kookai version: 1.0.0 assets: use_parent_assets: true Ce que je voudrais modifier c'est un module propre au theme qui se trouve ici : dependencies/modules/jhpcmstestimonial Donc dans mon theme enfant j ai copier dependencies/modules/jhpcmstestimonial , modifier le template mais rien ne se passe j'ai également supprimé shop.json dans /config/themes/ps_fashion_kookai_913-child pour recharger le theme mais idem Merci de votre aide
  20. Ok - so following it through further shows that the templates are not well structured. You have to also change the child_classic/templates/catalog/_partials/product-details.tpl because someone decided to put some of the aria divs in product.tpl and others in product-details.tpl. Sniff - a bad code smell. I did the following: swap the order of the nav LI so that Description is second swap the order of the data DIV so that Description is second remove the conditional 'active' class from Description LI and DIV make the active class unconditional in Details LI and DIV The way the templates are coded seems sub-optimal. Not sure why they are not using a proper compose-block pattern. Splitting just some of the aria tab/divs into a child template... not pretty.
  21. Juanote

    Duda urgente

  22. Bonjour, je ne sais pas si ce module pourra répondre à vos attentes comme vous ne précisez pas la version de PrestaShop utilisée, https://www.prestatoolbox.fr/fonctionnalites-front-office/372-module-prestashop-de-personnalisations-par-declinaison.html
  23. Juanote

    Tienda de Iluminación

    Yo también creo q lo q falla es la página principal
  24. Prestashop ManoMano Integration Prestashop ManoMano integration connects the Prestashop store with the ManoMano Marketplace. Not only that, it also synchronizes the inventory, price, and other product details between the Prestashop store and ManoMano Marketplace. If you’re a merchant who deals in DIY products, then ManoMano is a platform that can prove to be your key to success. To help you sell on ManoMano, We brings to you the perfect solution. Founded in 2013, ManoMano is an online DIY marketplace that connects people directly to home improvement and gardening merchants. The business has 1.9 million customers across Europe and has 1.2 million products listed on its platform. It sells everything from sheds to cleaning tools. The company operates in six countries across Europe including the UK, where it launched 18 months ago. It has racked up sales of £9 million in Britain since then. This online DIY marketplace has also raised €60 million (£54.6 million) to fuel expansion across Europe, with Britain being one of the top markets in its sights. Features : Profiling: Users can create different profiles for a set of products In each profile users can define different shipping cost, Advance pricing rule, Carrier information etc . Product Management: Profile base Product upload. Users can upload products at manomano either in bulk or by selecting the products. Inventory/Price will be synced automatically at manomano whenever any change is made in Prestashop Store. Both Simple/Variant products are handled in the module. Order Management: All the manomano orders will be imported in Prestashop Store. Users can manage the manomano directly from module. Automatic shipment feature ship the order automatically at manomano when shipped in Prestashop. Sellers will get failed order notification if any manomano order failed to import in Prestashop You can check all the features by going through the demo. DEMO : Demo Link For More Info Please refer the module page ManoMano Module Page
  25. Salut @Farris27, oui et oui pour tes 2 questions. Typiquement, quand je change de transporteur le TOTAL panier dans le cart summary se met bien à jour donc je ne pense pas que cela vienne de là mais vraiment des bons de réductions ?
  26. Quando provo ad aprire i moduli si apre una pagina e mi dice: Compile Error: Declaration of AdminApPageBuilderPositionsController::setMedia() must be compatible with AdminControllerCore::setMedia($isNewTheme = false) CRITICAL09:42:35 php Fatal Compile Error: Declaration of AdminApPageBuilderPositionsController::setMedia() must be compatible with AdminControllerCore::setMedia($isNewTheme = false) INFO09:42:35 php User Deprecated: Implementing "Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\DataCollector\DataCollectorInterface" without the "reset()" method is deprecated since Symfony 3.4 and will be unsupported in 4.0 for class "Csa\Bundle\GuzzleBundle\DataCollector\GuzzleCollector". CRITICAL09:42:35 request Uncaught PHP Exception Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalErrorException: "Compile Error: Declaration of AdminApPageBuilderPositionsController::setMedia() must be compatible with AdminControllerCore::setMedia($isNewTheme = false)" at /var/www/vhosts/h437967.linp075.arubabusiness.it/onoff-store.it/catalogo/modules/appagebuilder/controllers/admin/AdminApPageBuilderPositions.php line 24 Io non ci capisco un H, che devo fare? AIUTO Grazie
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