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  2. Hi, everyone Firstly, I have to say that I am not an advertiser, but the end user of prestashop. My business has been using prestashop for years from v1.5.6.2 and we upgraded to at the end of 2019. After 4-month live testing, everthing is ok now. I myself had same problem before about 'offers, review or aggregate ratings' and tried to get answer from prestashop forum, but finally it proves a big waste of time. Also, I did try to edit the file according to microdata markup guide. Unfortunately, I failed again although it is a piece of cake for programmer. For me, it is impossible mission. Finally, I found a module which did a greate job, although it is not a perfect one. However at least it cleaned all the errors showed in google search console. The link of this module is below: (it seems the price of this module goes up, previously it was only 59 dollars). please take a good look at this module decription before purchase and make sure this module can solve your issues. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/seo-natural-search-engine-optimization/42397-full-json-ld-microdata-and-open-graph-seo.html If you believe me, do not waste your time and get this module to clean everything. After it, you need to know the following things as a friendly reminder: 1. prestashop is not perfect, but it is going well. But next time, I am preparing to use Magento platform instead because it has strong Seo function compared with prestashop. 2. This recommended module can not solve everything. But from this module, we can learn how to solve this problem manually and the developer of this module did a good service, at least I had good experience with the developer. 3. Do not expect too much. This module can not remove all the warnings which will not have any harms on your web. But, still we can learn how to delete warnings from this module. 4. This module could have some conflicts with other 3rd party modules, like seo module. I used Advanced Seo module to optimize my web. In fact, The conflicts will not cause big problem. So far, they both work in their own way. 5. This module will modify your files. But it create a backup file to tell that which files have been changed and how these files have been changed. You need to test your web again to make sure all other function are running normally. I have one problem with my shopping cart after installing this module. But from the back up files, I changed the shopcart.tpl to the previous status. Now, after testing, all the basic functions of my web are good. Hopefull, my answer could help you guys. I know your bad experience with this problem which I had previous and tortured me at least 3 month without good sleep at all. Best regards
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  4. Buenas comunidad estoy intentando crear un modulo, el instala bien pero solo me permite enganchar a dos hooks no esta habilitado para otros hooks como podria solucinar eso?. Necesito ayuda. Ese es el codigo que del php ya los demas archivos son tpl, css y js
  5. Is there a way to make this work in I have a client who desperately needs this.
  6. You have ignored everyone telling you there is no way to avoid....ridiculous move on your part...not a thank you, nothing...so your head is buried in sand. if you this is a hobby then let us know so people with real experience don't waste their time...
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  8. modulo tipo onepagecheckout ? no el modulo que utilizo de paypal es de prestashop. El fallo solo lo da con paypal gracias por ayudar
  9. Good moning everyone, I'm try to inject prestashop order parameter and add to cart buttom by an iframe on our website (Link "encuesta de satisfaccion on right side" on https://callejondelpozo.es/prueba) but it doesn't work. I try enable iframes and other solution but it doesn't apply: Could you help me? thanks!
  10. Buenas noches... Haber les comento Estoy haciendo una tienda online en el servidor y ya tengo unos 3000 prpductos subidos. El caso que he visto.una plantilla en prestashop addons que me gusta y queria saber si comprandola directamente se puede instalar en el backoffice y no se me eliminará ningun producto ni nada???? O seria mucho mas complicado?? Gracias de antemano
  11. Auriez-vous une piste? Ou comment bloquer l'envoie de mail depuis le module colissimo officiel? Le développeur du module ne répond pas. Merci pour votre aide
  12. Hi, Thank you for your interest. The 1.7 version is a paid version.
  13. Hallo zusammen, in dem Suchergebnis bei Google steht unter unserer Homepage "Powerd by PrestaShop". Sehe ich es richtig dass man das unter Shop-Einstellungen -> Traffic & SEO -> index verändern kann? Wenn nicht, wo kann man das ändern? Wenn ja, kann mir von euch jemand sagen wann das bei Google geändert wird bzw. ob man das irgendwie beeinflussen kann? Bei Google findet man auch noch Einträge von unserem alten Onlineshop, wenn man auf diese klickt wird der Link auf unserer neuen Seite nicht mehr gefunden. Werden diese Links irgendwann aktualisiert, werden die überschrieben oder bleiben die einfach da?
  14. Hallo zusammen, ich habe bereits aus einer JPG Datei, ein PNG Datei, mit verschiedenen Größen Favicons erstellt. Diese habe ich über das BO und auch direkt über FileZilla importiert. Aber irgendwie ändert sich das Symbol in der Browserleiste nicht, es bleibt der der blauen "Visitenkarte". Cache im BO und auch in meinem Browser habe ich schon gelöscht. Kann mir jemand von euch sagen an was das liegt?
  15. Leider kann ich da aber keine individuellen Anpassungen (zB Preis, etc) machen
  16. I have installed prestashop Checkout and configured a days ago and I still get the message: Your store is being synchronized with your PayPal account. and in Accepted payments methos: Paypal: Availability:Not Available Activation Status:Deactivated Credicards: Availability:Not Available Activation Status:Deactivated What I need to do to solved this? anyone can help me? thanks in advances
  17. Hi, Somewhere on their blog they have instructions on how to update a theme (can't find the link at the moment).
  18. Hi @rahulmittal, @joseantgv what is the module to do this?
  19. Hi, For the moment I developed only PRO version for Prestashop 1.6 version. I will make FREE version for 1.6 version only in the future PM me if you are interested for PRO version, thanks.
  20. I have prestashop and i have a leotheme theme obsolete version, i have downloaded the new version, how can i upgrade it?
  21. Vielen Dank für die ANtwort. Ich habe zwar schon viel im Webshop selbst gemacht, aber ich denke das muss jemadn machen der sich besser als ich auskennt.
  22. hOLA, Alguien podría decirme donce deberia añandir el codigo este: element.style { width: 352px; } Gracias
  23. ah, ya he visto tu web, espero lo puedas resolver con la gente de prestashop
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