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  2. Have a major problem with 2 shops. Both running and it takes forever to load backend. (front works semi-fine) Tried updating it to the latest version thru one click.... Time out error every time. Any suggestions ? Will it work better when updated to latest version ?
  3. Hello I'm trying to show a column in my customers list showing the group in which each customer belongs. I managed to create the column and get the data but every customer is shown 3 times (because there are three customer groups) I followed this to make it till here https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/development/components/grid/tutorials/modify-grid-in-module/ and used the following parts of code: ->addAfter( 'lastname', (new DataColumn('group')) ->setName($translator->trans('group', [], 'Modules.wkloginbygroup')) ->setOptions([ 'field' => 'group', ]) ) $searchQueryBuilder->addSelect( 'cg.`id_group` AS `group`' ); $searchQueryBuilder->leftJoin( 'c', '`' . pSQL(_DB_PREFIX_) . 'customer_group`', 'cg', 'cg.`id_customer` = c.`id_customer`' ); but now I'm stuck or very tired Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
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  5. Hi, i try to do simple try to make Get but no luck any idea? for me. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/1013709-webservice-help/
  6. Bonjour, Non il n'y a pas de module
  7. Superskyman100 Sorry you mix apples and bananas... I suggest you search in Github about this "BUG" and read more about the problem before you say it always worked like this. Because that`s not true. Prestashop developer team knows about this, and as i said from the beginning they MAYBE solve it in ps 1.8. BTW Dinesh solved the problem already in ps 1.7.5 and i won`t repeat myself.
  8. A w szablonie maila masz to opisane [{shop_name}]({shop_url}) czy po prostu tekst?
  9. try to check /controllers/admin/AdminOrdersController.php and look for the tpl file _shipping.tpl.
  10. I think you need to take a screenshot of the network and console in dev tools to check what's happening.
  11. I've explained many times now why the stuff is far away from the state of art. Tired repeating thousand times about the same functional / customer experience / state of art problem. NO clothing shop with variations erases all variations from the slider when we click on the color swatch, and that's for very good reasons, and i won't repeat myself. Btw Dinesh didn't solved the problem.
  12. Pour une fois que le cms commence a fonctionné sur mon hebergement 😂 Je vien de lire le fichier INSTALL.txt, ce qui est marqué est deja fait par l'instalateur depuis je l'ai instalé
  13. Je tape juste https://qedax.com ... et le navigateur m'envoie sur cette page toute suite apres le chargement ......
  14. Yesterday
  15. Bonjour! Je rencontre une difficulté lorsque je mets mon dossier thème enfant sur mon FTP (configuré comme sur le doc prestashop à savoir : thème > classic_child > config > theme.yml). Jusqu'ici tout va bien mais lorsque j'essaie d'accéder à la page "Thèmes et logo" du back-office j'ai une "Internal Sever Error" qui apparaît. Pour que cette erreur disparaisse il faut que je supprime mon dossier classic_child de mon FTP ; et là ma page "Thèmes et logo" réapparaît correctement. Quelqu'un pourrait m'aider? Merci beaucoup
  16. Hi, First I want to thank you for offering a module like this, which is very good and complete, it's great. I would like to buy the premium version, but first I need to know how I can solve some problems I have with structured data. I get 1 ERROR ( "itemReviewed".) in the part of AggregateRating and in that of Review How can I solve that? Already tried to modify some parameters of the configuration section of the product details, but it does not work.
  17. Se non e che sei in un hosting dedicato a prestashop mi pare strano che in un hosting con ps 1.6 hai i componenti e php per la 1.7. Verifica la tua configurazione con phpinfo.
  18. Non sono molto aggiornato su ean la vedo in salita poiché un ean13 e di fatto un 13 cifre non 10 non 15 non 4 ma 13 e non contiene dati tanto meno immagini. Quando spari con la pistola o dispositivo tramite ean questa basa la ricerca con associazione dove dal tuo gestionale carica il prodotto in quanto i dati sono già nel database non che l'ean contiene tutte qle imnagini prodotto. Puoi percorrere 2 strade, la prima un csv formatrato per prestashop ma avresti un problema relativa magazzino e vendite. La seconda la sincronizzazione in 2 sensi tra il tuo gestionale e prestashop. Non ci sono moduli a 37€ ne tanto meno gratis e a seconda della esigenza o gestionale la strada e una implementazione custom.
  19. come faccio a capire che versioni sono supportate dal server dove sono ospitato? Si per quanto riguarda il file csv lo so che va riadattato, ma proprio non mi riporta neanche alla sezione dove io posso, adeguare il contenuto delle colonne. Quando ho installato pero non è apparso alcun allert, strana cosa questa non ti pare?
  20. Non credo che nel server dove sei ospitato supporti la versione installata. Come ho detto molte volte sono 2 versioni. completamente diverse. Il file csv va comunque adattato e ripeto, il tuo shop non e adatto a quwl server. Come ha detto un utente 2 giorni fa gli alert in fase di installazione non sono importanti ed ecco i casini. Anche io in fase di sviluppo mi diverto a rompere le scatole all'utente con gli alert da ignorare. Che burloni noi sviluppatori.
  21. Cześć, Mam dziwny problem po aktualizacji modułów. Po wejściu w obojętnie jaką kategorię nie wyświetlają się żadne produkty. Obecnie jak wpisze w wyszukiwarkę to widać że są dodane, ale po wejści w kategorie już nie. Każdy produkt jest przypisany do kategori. Czy ktoś jest w stanie podsunąć jakiś pomysł co jest przyczyną??? http://beta.promo-mix.pl/pl/650-kamizelki-odblaskowe
  22. Bueno, pues por fin he podido conseguirlo. Por si a alguien le puede servir de ayuda dejo el enlace de donde lo he sacado. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7arurAIzuvM
  23. Bonjour, voici le lien vers le formulaire de contact du développeur plus à même de vous répondre https://addons.prestashop.com/fr/contactez-nous?id_product=42138
  24. Where is this file located please? Thank you so much
  25. Page with self linked clickable link in breadcrumb nav. I think it not good SEO solution. Search engines may ignore this link and keep it as dirty or it can lead to the generation of unwanted links that are perceived as duplicates, thereby losing the total weight of the page. ( --- "seo?", "SEO" and SEO! ---- "V.I. Lenin" 😄 )
  26. al parecer usar el modulo de prestashop, que es ps_categorytree el error podria estar en el modulo, por lo regular siempre los diseñadores de temas modifican el tpl, para modificar la presentacion, verifica por aqui, aqui deberia de estar el error {yourserver}/themes/{yourtheme}/modules/ps_categorytree/views/templates/hook/ps_categorytree.tpl te aconsejaria lo compares con el archivo del tema classic. para que te des idea donde podria ser.
  27. https://qedax.com/index.php c'est mieux^^ Ensuite il faut lire un peu la doc
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