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  2. Yes, I added mail.ru domain to the blacklist. I also get messages from other .ru domains... I read that the problem is somewhere in index.php, not in contactform
  3. Buenas noches, acabo de descargar la nueva actualización del módulo de knowband, la instalé y reinicié el módulo, porque no salían bien todas las opciones. Lo que sigo viendo mal, es una opción, que adjunto las capturas, por si alguien me puede decir como solucionarlo: - La captura 001 es tal y como se ve en mi tienda - La captura 002 es como se suele ver en todas las tiendas que tienen instalado el módulo Que hay que hacer para que se vea bien el deslizante?
  4. El tema es que no sale nada, de hecho aparece el ajax con un mensaje que el producto se actualizo correctamente, pero realmente eso no pasa!!!
  5. 2018 DSVGO - Diskussionen

    Ja, in den Seiteninfos kann man ja die Cookies anzeigen lassen, das wäre dann mal ein erster Ansatz.
  6. Hello, i ve got problem with version when i send zip file nothing happend. i can't see new module it works with this version ??
  7. Quick view on 1.7

    I hate this quick view and add to cart on the home and category pages. It would be much better to have an setting where you can choose to disable them. I prefer to have the customer ready all the information I have for them before they decide to buy or not. Saves a lot of dissapointment and return/handling cost.
  8. Well... reCAPTCHA seems to work fine. Do you mean you don't want to receive messages from mail.ru? Did you add mail.ru domain to black list?
  9. I had the same problem but found out that it is a result of the carrier setting and the way the carrier options are set. I have set them as follows: default carrier: best quality, sort: on price, sorting: ascending. Best way to test is to use 2 tabs in your browser: one showing the cart with a product added and one with the bakc office settings and just play around with the settings. SAve the setting and update the screen with the cart to see the change (switch of the cache and empty cache and force compilation to see the actual new data). Before I found this out I also looked for removing or changing the wording on "Free" in the Cart. I good way to find out is to store a back up of the shop on your own harddisk and use Notepad++ to search through all the files for the word "Free". This will produce a lost of the files and you van proceed from there. I use notepad++ a lot to find translations as the new PS version does not make it easy to found out where the field us you want to change. I just the similar way to remove the line from the pop-up screen after you add a product to the cart.
  10. @polosat Yes, reCAPTCHA appears at contact page. I sent you a link in a private message. Messages do not reach box e-mail, but are displayed in the back office prestashop and database
  11. Καλησπέρα στην κοινότητα, Έχει να προτείνει κάποιος δοκιμασμένο theme για eshop μόδας; Με ενδιαφέρει να είναι μοντέρνο αισθητικά και minimal και να μην είναι βαρύ απο άποψη ταχύτητας. Το να είναι responsive δεν το συζητάμε. Ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων και θα χαρώ να διαβάσω τις προτάσεις σας.
  12. Para que pueda observar el problema, activa el modo depuración de tu sitio, allí verás el error causado...
  13. Does reCAPTCHA appears at your contact page? Could you send me a link to your site so I can check it?
  14. Very odd: I was testing my webshop in different browsers using several devises and most off them show the product price as I set it: including VAT but the Opera Mini browser on Android shows the prices on the same page without VAT....... The normal (full) Opera for Android browser shows it including VAT ! How is that possible? I assume PS only serves the browsers the price as set in PS and not both (with and without VAT) ?0

    Por acá andamos igual, espero que no tarden en solucionarlo, siendo un tema tan necesario y delicado. Hemos generado combinaciones pero no nos permite editarlas desde GOogle Chrome (con Firefox sí funciona). Y cuando le da la gana no guarda el producto directamente...
  16. I don't know where you are located but when your webshop is for consumers you might be oblidged by law to show prices including VAT/tax ?
  17. Et voilà le module d'Eolia est en production sur mon site. Quand je regarde le nombre de consentement, le popup n'a pas l'air de rebuter mes clients ! Great Job !
  18. [Free module] cookie bar GDPR

    Thanks, any way to have it for ps1.6 version?
  19. Today
  20. Hello there! I am using the webservice API and I can't seem to find a way to get the prices and countries for the carriers. Can some one tell me where (if available) this information can be accessed through the API? Thanks in advance for your time! F
  21. Revisa esta guía: https://victor-rodenas.com/bloque-newsletter-de-prestashop-1-7/, en la misma configuración del módulo de suscripción puedes exportar y ver los suscritos. Saludos, PD: Tu web no carga.
  22. Envío paquetería (Ayuda)

    He estado usando este comparador de envios llamado AhorraEnTusEnvios https://www.ahorraentusenvios.com y es muy bueno, no he tenido problemas al hacer envios nacionales e internacionales, lo recomiendo.
  23. Hello there! I am using the webservice API and I can't seem to find a way to get the prices and countries for the carriers. Can some one tell me where (if available) this information can be accessed through the API? Thanks in advance for your time! F
  24. Già fatto, sono presenti......cosa può essere?
  25. Hi again, On PS1.5, I don't see the registration policy validation on customer personal informations page, also I don't see it when I make an order. Of course I ticked Request consent privacy policy for registration and order in the module configuration.
  26. Hi, I'm working with Prestashop 1.7 and I would like to have my products grouped by subcategory on a category page. So it should look something like this: Pumps (main category title) A Series (subcategory) Product 1 thumb Product 2 thumb Product 3 thumb B Series (subcategory) Product 4 thumb Product 5 thumb etc.... I figured out how to make a custom template by overriding the CategoryController. In the CategoryController, I created a function to build an array of products by subcategory (The array is called 'product_list' in the code below). This array gets passed to smarty, but it does not have all of the data (like images and features) that the original $listing variable has. protected function getSubcategoryProducts($parent_id) { $product_list = array(); $i = 0; // get all subcategories $subcategories = $this->category->getSubCategories($this->context->language->id); // get products by subcategory foreach ($subcategories as $subcategory) { $product_list[$i] = Product::getProducts($this->context->language->id, 0,0, 'id_product', 'ASC', $subcategory['id_category'], true); $i++; } // add all other products not in categories $product_list[$i] = Product::getProducts($this->context->language->id, 0,0, 'id_product', 'ASC', $parent_id, true); // make product_list available in smarty template $this->context->smarty->assign( 'product_list' , $product_list ); } There are other posts that ask for similar organization of products but the solutions are for <=1.6. (ie. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/61907-displaying-all-products-from-subcategories-on-the-category-page/#comment-1278016) The problem I have is: 1. How do I create a variable like $listing (found in templates/catalog/listing/product-list.tpl) with all the image and feature data? Or how do I sort the $listing of products to group them by subcategory? I'm afraid that using getProducts in the code above will not work when filters are applied. Any thoughts on this?
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