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At Teapot Creative we love Prestashop and offer a wide range of services to help support what we feel is the best E-commerce platform available. We can provide everything you need to make your Prestashop store a success. From designing and building your bespoke, elegant and enticing online store through to trouble-shooting, ongoing site maintenance and support.

Of course creating a successful E-commerce store isn’t just about putting your products up for sale and waiting for the money to start rolling in. To be successful online you need to build trust through your branding and design, build loyalty and repeat sales through your customer journey and after-sales support.

If no one knows that your store exists, then no one will be buying your products, so you need to ensure that your customers can find you. We take customer experience and the potential for increasing site traffic in to account at every stage of planning, design, development and launch. Our team of Prestashop developers, designers, SEO’s and digital marketing experts are at your disposal.

All projects are managed individually meaning you will deal directly with our studio manager and the developer building your site. From the start, we provide access to our project management system allowing you to review the progress of your site in detail, this same system allows you to share files and communicate directly with the team working on your project.

Some of the Prestashop services we offer:

Design & build

Separating yourself from your competitors, making your products stand out and winning customer trust is very much about how you present your business online as a brand, your products, selling techniques and how you lead yours customers from landing page to check-out.

Getting this journey right isn't just a process of making your site look nice. We look in detail at what products you are selling; who your target audience are: how they are going to find you and how best to convert your site visitors in to customers.

Site re-design

The web is an ever-changing environment with trends evolving and technologies emerging continuously. You don't necessarily need to re-invent your online business each year but a site re-design and freshen up can help you to keeping your brand looking fresh up to date with developments such as responsive design for mobile devices whilst ensuring your brand stays looking fresh.

Store upgrades

Keeping up to date with the latest Prestashop version is essential if you want your online store to remain successful and secure. Handling these upgrades without breaking your site or incurring site downtime isn't always easy. We have a lot of experience in upgrading Prestashop with minimal down-time so why not let us handle the process for you.

Store migration

Many of our existing clients originally approached us because they were not happy with their existing e-commerce platform or because their business had grown and they need a more robust solution for their online operation. Switching from one E-commerce platform to another can be a big step with a lot of work involved, we can help to greatly reduce this work by migrating your existing products, customers and order history over to Prestashop.

Internationalisation of store

Exporting your products and selling abroad can be a great way of growing your online business and increasing revenue. Internationalising your site via multi-store and multi-language doesn't come without it’s challenges though. Fortunately enough these are standard processes for us and something we are familiar with and have successfully carried out for various sites. Finally, we work closely with the UKTI to ensure that your business has the best chance possible of realising your overseas aims.

Multi-store set-up

The Prestashop multi-store set-up is a perfect way of selling products across multiple sites to different markets whilst keeping your product and business administration to a minimum. We have created many Prestashop multi-store environments across multiple domains, multiple countries and multiple languages.

Bug fixing

They don't happen often but a small bug in your Prestashop installation, theme or a module can range from being a inconvenience to completely crippling your business. Often these type of bugs can be easy to find and easy to fix so If you are having problems of any kind then our Prestashop developers can help to get them resolved.

Site performance trouble-shooting

Sometimes you can have just about everything right and then one little thing goes wrong. An example for you - your products are set-up correctly; you can receive payments and your store looks great but for some reason your site takes an age to load a page. A slow page-load speed will have a big impact on your sales as potential customers lose faith in your store and your brand. The next step is that they’ll end up looking elsewhere.

We can resolve site performance issues such as this so you can get on with what you do best - selling products.

Store configuration audits

From our experience, almost all customer issues with Prestashop are down to incorrect site set-up or incorrect product configuration. Tax and language settings, product attribute and product combinations are never the same for two different stores and can sometimes be confusing. We can help ensure that your site is configured correctly.

SEO (Organic Search)

If you want your E-commerce business to be a success then having a great looking website selling great products is essential but the truth remains that if no one can find your site then you won’t be selling many products. Teapot Creative have our own in-house SEO and digital marketing team with a deep understanding of how to help an E-commerce store perform well online whilst conforming to Google webmaster guidelines and SEO best practices.

PPC & Display Ad management

Google Adwords, Google shopping feeds and display advertising can be a great way of attracting valuable and targeted traffic to your store. However, if your PPC campaigns aren't set-up correctly then they can also end up costing you a lot of money. We can help with anything from auditing your existing PPC account; setting up a new account; to regular account management.

Maintenance & support

Creating and launching an E-commerce store is the first stage of building an online retail business. To ensure that your site continues to perform well you should keep Prestashop and any installed modules up to date with latest releases and you should keep your site looking fresh by regularly updating your sales banners and special offers. The reality is that many site owners struggle to run their business at the same time as refreshing their store as often as they would like.

Teapot Creative offer a comprehensive maintenance and support service to help keep your site looking good and performing efficiently.

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We would love to speak to you to see how we can help to make your Prestashop site a success.

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