Mondial Relay

By putting Mondial Relay’s solution of pick-up point and delivery at your disposal, a solution usually reserved for enterprise level businesses, customers will have the choice to have packages delivered through Europe's biggest network.

Through a unique offering to the market and its total control of the logistics process, 12 of the 15 largest e-commerce sites rely on Mondial Relay to deliver to their customers daily. Mondial Relay wants to share and develop their comprehensive resources with the greatest number of e-merchants, whatever their level of activity without a prerequisite volume.

This offer is now available on PrestaShop. Giving you access to the same delivery solutions in Relay Points, previously reserved for large companies, customers now have a choice and can be delivered in Relay Point enjoying the largest European network, both in number and quality of service.

The advantages of the delivery Mondial Relay:
  • The proximity to 4,900 access points

  • The leading network in France, Belgium and Luxembourg

  • Information (package tracking) in real time with full traceability

  • The real-time communication via email and or sms upon the availability of packages

  • The ease with labels from your Back Office

  • The most competitive prices in the market


Votre boutique est en version 1.5 ou 1.6? Ce module est déjà pré-installé et prêt pour utilisation ! Pour l’activer, rendez-vous dans l’onglet "Modules" de votre back-office et cliquez sur Installer.
Ce module est disponible pour le pays suivant : France.


This service is available in France and in Belgium.


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