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PayPal: More Security, More Sales

PayPal revolutionized digital payments by putting people at the center. PayPal's payment solutions are simpler and more secure. With PayPal, you receive payments as easily as emails, and you can use the most common payment methods too. This not only reduces abandoned transactions, but can also increase sales by up to 23.1%*. Millions of people around the world already trust PayPal as a secure payment method. And in the event of a problem, you are also covered against payment losses by PayPal Seller Protection.

Here's how PayPal works

  • Sie eröffnen ein kostenloses PayPal-Konto und integrieren PayPal auf Ihrer Webseite.
  • Ihr Kunde entscheidet sich für die sichere Bezahlung mit seinem PayPal-Konto.
  • Sofort nach der Zahlung erhalten Sie eine Zahlungsbestätigung und können die Ware sofort verschicken und Ihre Kunden sind zufrieden.

Here's how PayPal works

  • You open a free PayPal account and integrate PayPal on your website.
  • Your customer decides to make a secure payment using their PayPal account.
  • You receive a payment confirmation immediately after the payment is made. You can then send the goods right away, making your customers happy.

The advantages of PayPal

  • Simply successful: Increase your sales by an average of 23.1%* with PayPal.
  • Simply international: PayPal digital payments are available to customers in 203 markets and enable you to receive payments in over 100 currencies.
  • Simply secure: PayPal can protect you against payment losses around the world.
  • Simply transparent: You only pay fees when you receive a PayPal payment. There are no hidden costs or maintenance fees.
  • Simply mobile: PayPal Express is specially optimized for mobile end devices, so that people can become customers of yours everywhere and at any time.
  • Simply confidential: With PayPal your customer data and shopping cart information are protected against thirdparty access and are not passed on.

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