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Please your customers with one of the best payment solutions.

With over 143 million active accounts worldwide, PayPal is a leader in payment solutions on web and mobile. Available in 193 countries and markets in 26 currencies, PayPal is also one of the most recognised and trusted online payment solutions by the customers.

PayPal, an easier and safer way to make your e-business an e-success.

Whatever the size of your business is, you don't need to be an expert in payment solutions to build your business. PayPal is there for you, offering the solution, tailored to your business.

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  • PayPal is simple.

Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to get paid.

And guess what? It also works on any device: desktop, mobile, tablet.

  • Your customers will love PayPal.

No fee for your customers*. They can pay with their credit card, bank account or their PayPal account. And they don't need to have a PayPal account to pay you.

  • A crystal clear fee policy:

No start-up or monthly fee**.

And the more you sell, the best competitive rates you’ll get.

  • Additional services for your business:

We offer a wide range of payment solutions.

And you can benefit from the PayPal Seller and Buyer Protection*** that aim to protect you and your clients.

Additional fees might apply for currency conversion and cross-border payments. ** Except if you subscribe to PayPal Pro. *** See conditions.  



“When we decided to integrate PayPal, we wanted to increase our conversion rate, while offering the service that meets PayPal exclusive clients’ expectations.”

Gilles Raison, E-Business Manager at Wonderbox

“PayPal is simple, handy and safe. We recommend PayPal everyday to our customers.” 

Laurent Caplat, Manager at


Is your shop in version 1.5 or 1.6? This module is already pre-installed and ready for use! To activate it, go to the "Modules" tab in your back office and click Install.
This module is available for the following countries: France, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Turkey, Israel, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Russia.
For USA, Canada and Mexico, please download the PayPal USA, Canada & Mexico module.

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