Onehop SMS Services


Onehop offers powerful features to help you engage with your customers at all stages of the buying cycle. Configure preset automated SMS-based workflows to increase your operational efficiency. With Onehop’s SMS services, send messages via the world’s leading SMS service providers.


  • Send SMS: Send SMS from within the familiar interface of your eCommerce platform. You do not need to switch between platforms for sending messages as Onehop enables you to interact with your customers from within Prestashop
  • Manage Templates: Save time by using pre-designed templates for sending SMS. Onehop gives you the ability to add dynamic fields which help you personalize all your communications.
  • SMS Automation: Set automated SMS alerts and notify your customers for:
    1. Order confirmation as soon as an order is placed.
    2. Shipment confirmation when a product is shipped.
    3. Delivery confirmation when a product is delivered to the customer.
    4. Out-of- stock and back-in-stock alerts.

Why choose Onehop?

Onehop provides global SMS coverage across 216 countries. It is easy to configure and send messages from within your platform. This module provides you with all the important use-cases, that will help you automate notifications for your customer, throughout his purchase journey. Avail the services of leading SMS providers at affordable rates.

How to Install and Configure Onehop module on PrestaShop?

  • For installing the module, you need to follow the standard procedure of module installation on PrestaShop platform.
  • Once you have installed Onehop module on your PrestaShop portal, we email you the ‘API key’ within 24 hours.
  • You will need to input this ‘API Key’ to complete the configuration process
  • Incase you are stuck, we provide free onboarding support over call and email

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