Increase your conversion rate and average order value by delivering your customers personalized product recommendations throughout their shopping journey.

Nosto allows you to deliver every customer a personalized shopping experience through recommendations based on their unique user behaviour - increasing conversion, average order value and customer retention as a result.

Nosto’s offering for PrestaShop merchants is unique: its extremely easy setup and real-time product recommendations are unlike anything PrestaShop merchants have had access to before.

FREE to install and only minutes to setup, join over 2000 retailers across the globe using Nosto to grow their business and delight their customers!

How? Nosto tracks unique visitor behavior across the online store in granular detail allowing online retailers to display highly personalized recommendations targeting every individual customer with items they are most likely to purchase at key points in their shopping journey.

What is Nosto Able to Do For Online Retailers?

  • Increase Average Order Value with Cross- and Up-sell recommendations
  • Boost Conversion Rate with relevant product recommendations
  • Reduce Bounce Rate with Top Lists
  • Increase Retention with personalized recommendations
  • Learn more about customers through a real-time dashboard view of store activity
  • Increase Online Sales and enable customers to enjoy online shopping!

What will retailers get?

  • A Full Personalization Offering
  • Nosto allows online retailers to display recommendations from a selection of close to 40 different recommendation types such as Personalised Merchandising, Cross-sell and Up-sell, Best Sellers, Search, Landing Page recommendations and many more.
  • All recommendations are individually targeted and real-time based making sure that your recommendations are always up to date and never leading customers to a dead end such as a product page of an out-of-stock item.


Real-Time Dashboard

Retailers will get a real-time view of what visitors are doing on their site and start learning more about customer behavior and preferences.


Analytics and Reports

Nosto provides in-depth analysis and report tools to help online retailers keep track of their KPIs and improve their business goals.


The module is bundled in 1.5. and 1.6 and can be found under the "Advertising & Marketing" section of the modules listing. For 1.4 please download and install the module from Prestashop Addons.

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