Mailjet is a cloud-based email service that helps you to send both transactional and marketing email. Mailjet offers optimized deliverability and a range of easy-to-use analytics tools that help improve your email strategy every step of the way; from creation to sending to tracking and analyzing engagement.

Mailjet is the only email service provider offering a centralized service that allows you to send both transactional and marketing emails from the same account and platform. Our pricing is scalable, supporting your business as it grows.

Our algorithm is constantly evolving to address new rules/terms set by ISPs and webmail clients. Furthermore, our team has long-term relationships with major players in the email industry, always keeping up-to-date on new deliverability rules and developments. This helps ensure that legitimate emails taking off through our servers always land in the inboxes, regardless of ISP.

Mailjet’s RESTful API makes our platform easy to integrate with. Mailjet is the only email solution available in four languages, catering to our global customer base: French, English, Spanish and German.

With the Mailjet add-on you will get access to real-time sales and net revenue figures per marketing newsletter. Find out who opened, clicked, bounced or unsubscribed from your mailings, create graphs, export data and much more. Additionally, use our segmentation and personalization features to setup triggered email events based on customer behavior.

Our module sends all email coming from your PrestaShop installation through Mailjet. Simply enter your Mailjet API and Secret Key to get started.
You can also test the configuration.

Note: Please subscribe to Mailjet’s service before using this module.

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