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Store Manager for PrestaShop enables retailers to gain in speed, simplicity and reliability when managing their product catalogs under Windows.

With Store Manager for PrestaShop, be faster managing your catalogue, be more reliable with an effective and complete program, and save more than 2 hours a day by automating daily tasks and simplifying your store’s updates.

Take advantage of a 30-day full free trial version!

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Thanks to Store Manager’s intuitive interface, you will be able to:

  • Modify the place and order of categories with great ease

  • Simply right-click to modify, delete or clone a product

  • Download several pictures at once in just a few seconds

  • Change the price of several products at the same time (perfect for sales!)

  • Manage different stores with one and the same back-office

  • Save and restore your database easily

  • Work offline, all changes will be made when you connect

A solution recommended by PrestaShop and its users:

The eMagicOne Store Manager is a really wonderful product, thank to it I can easily manage my store in all functionalities, there are many possibilities to change and update any type of products, product groups, users, orders, etc. and obviously Store Manager is a very easy way to import products with any detail, attribute and price management. I have saved many hours of work thank to Store Manager which gives us the possibility to offer a really efficient service to our clients.

Elena Ushakova - Fashion Avenue

PrestaShop Store Manager has proved to be a true ally for PrestaShop retailers! Apart from the daily benefits it offers in terms of time and efficiency, I was particularly impressed by the opportunity it offered to work offline (for example, from a laptop computer on a train or plane). Also, being able to add more than 10 photos for one product in just one click is a great development!
Some retailers use it, above all, to manage their catalogue, for example to reduce prices for a category of products by 20% for sales… again with just one click! Others will opt to use it to improve customer relations and to take advantage of its very powerful import/export functions.
In conclusion, in view of its low price and the time it saves traders (about 2 hours a day), it is an absolute must-have!

Bruno Lévêque, co-founder of PrestaShop


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