Trusted Shops

The trust brand for e-commerce in Europe!

More than 20,000 online retailers are using Trusted Shops to collect, show and manage genuine feedback from their customers. A large community of online buyers has already contributed over 8 million genuine reviews about their shopping experience.

“We get direct feedback and can improve our service.” Zaren Courtney, Head of e-commerce Europe, Crumpler

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a professional seller, or an international retail brand, consumer trust is a key ingredient for your business. Trusted Shops offers services that will give you the ability to highlight your trustworthiness, improve your service and, consequently, increase your conversion rate.

Use the review collector to start collecting customer reviews today, show your seller rating on your Google ads and demonstrate your trustworthiness on your online shop with your Trustbadge®.

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Genuine reviews from real people

Consumers are increasingly influenced by online customer reviews when making a buying decision. However, many review systems were not doing a good job as feedback could be faked easily.

Consumers deserve reviews they can trust to help them make a better purchasing decision. This is why we decided to build something more genuine. The Trusted Shops review system links every review to a purchase order, assuring that your reviews are only from your customers.

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