It all started with two women who couldn’t find what they needed, comfortable yet sexy lingerie that fit properly. Soon after, Ysé was born.

Ysé-lingerie is a chic and stylish online boutique offering several sexy collections that have all been designed to perfectly fit the petite woman.

One of the site’s unique features comes in the form of a men’s room. The idea is simple; women can create a wish list by selecting items they’d like to receive, or by listing their measurements for friends or a loved one. Then, an email from the customer (and not the site) is sent to the potential gift buyer with a link redirecting them to a ‘private page’ so they can see the woman’s proper measurements and pre-made selections.

Customers also particularly appreciate the “size guide,” which helps women figure out what bra is really best for their shape.

Ysé-lingeries sets themselves apart from their competition by the quality of their products.The underwear is made from prototypes designed specifically for woman with A and B cups.

Although it was launched only a few days ago, Ysé-lingerie is already doing very well! An efficient communication campaign has already done a fantastic job of getting the word out, and the company’s presence on Facebook has been a huge success so far.

A thorough press relations campaign has also done a spectacular job with respect to getting information about the company feature in various magazines and newspapers around the world.

Bérengère Lehembre, the site’s co-founder, offers her advice for e-commerce success. “The graphic design of the site should be a priority, as it’s highly revealing. It’s also important to choose your team wisely — the technical aspects of the site should be handled by professionals.”

This is where PrestaShop comes in. And this is what Bérengère Lehembre has to say about her experience. “With its user-friendly management platform, PrestaShop is an intuitive and educational tool which helps you have a really well-designed site. As we were e-commerce novices, we really appreciated the simplicity of PrestaShop as well as its multiple functions.”

So what are you waiting for, find out today what PrestaShop functions would work for you!

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