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FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions.” Adding this page to your e-commerce website has many advantages and no real drawbacks, other than the time it takes to create.

For example, a dedicated FAQ page will help address the basic needs of your shoppers.  This will cut down on customer service requests, increase conversion rates and create a more balanced shopping experience.

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Creating an FAQ page:

When creating an FAQ page, it’s always a good idea to break things down in a Q&A format.  For example, list the questions first, and then follow it up with an informative, succinct answer.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to include as many FAQ’s as possible without going overboard.  Too much information will confuse your customers.  Too little information will compel them to shop elsewhere.

If you’re a new shop owner, take a look at websites within your industry and think about what questions you’d ask about their products and services.

If you’re and established merhcant looking to add an FAQ page, try asking your customers what they deem to be the most pressing questions about your business.

When creating and FAQ page, avoid using overtly obvious marketing language. In other words, you’ll want to speak to your customers’ needs without trying to sell your brand in every sentence.  Remember, shoppers visit FAQ pages for help, so when creating content for the FAQ, just be yourself and offer them some.

Your FAQ page should be easily accessible in the footer of your website, and don’t forget to include a contact link just in case the customer still has questions.

One last tip, and you SEO junkies are gonna love this one.  Make sure to link your FAQ page to different pages within your e-commerce store.  Don’t go nuts with hyperlinks, but be sure to scatter a few here and there in relevant places.

Three ideas for page presentation:

As mentioned earlier, it’s always a good idea to break an FAQ page down in a Q&A format. The only drawback is that doing so forces customers to scroll through the in order to find what they’re looking for.

If the Q&A format doesn’t really excite you, you can always opt to display questions in hypertext format. Simply put, hypertext format allows customers to click on a question before the page automatically scrolls down to the answer The only drawback the hypertext format is a technical one.

You can also choose to dedicated one page per question. We like this choice for SEO purposes, but of the other options provided, this format will undoubtedly take the longest to create.


No matter how you choose to present your FAQ page, don’t underestimate the need to have one.

Online shoppers seek a streamlined experience, and a well-constructed FAQ page displayed in your websites footer will go a long way in delivering that.


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