Part of being successful online is maximizing the use of available resources. Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping are helping e-commerce merchants improve their sales and visibility every day.

Today we’ll cover how you can use marketplaces to boost your e-commerce sales and put your e-shop’s name on the map.

1. Use a data feed

There’s no reason to spend countless hours uploading your inventory to marketplaces. PrestaShop has made it easy by offering data feed modules that automatically upload and manage your inventory in real-time! Browse some of these Marketplace Feed modules in PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace.

2. Boost SEO

By offering your products on various marketplaces you are guaranteed to enhance your SEO efforts. Placing your products on various marketplaces or price comparators you’ll naturally move up on search rankings. Consumers often search products including eBay or Amazon as a keyword and with these marketplace’s powerful search engine optimization, you’re products are likely to pop up on the first page.

3. Gain new customers

There are millions of customers who are committed to shopping on marketplaces. They value the ability to compare prices for similar products and the availability of all sorts of product within one site. Tap into these marketplace customers by proving you offer the best value for the products they’re looking for. This will drive traffic from marketplaces to your site directly once you’ve established yourself as a premium seller.

4.Sell internationally

Selling on marketplaces allow you to reach an entirely new demographic from all parts of the world. If your site isn’t already configured to sell internationally, it’s a great idea to start selling to international marketplaces. You’ll reach customers you never thought you would and in turn increase revenues and visibility. Once you start selling on marketplaces you’ll get a feel for what geographical areas you should focus on when you decide to localize your store.

Why wait?

Make use of opportunities available to spread your reach and maximize your profits. Start selling on marketplaces that best fit your products and watch your store evolve into an e-commerce hit! Not currently a PrestaShop user? Download PrestaShop today and take advantage of profitable modules to help you sell your inventory on all the popular marketplaces on the web.

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