A few weeks back, PrestaShop v1.5 changed the open-source e-commerce game by delivering a complete, modern and user friendly online shopping platform. Today, PrestaShop is announcing the release v1.5.1, which means the amazing e-commerce solution you’ve grown to love just got better.

The new version contains more than 320 improvements, and many of the troublesome glitches once housed in previous versions of PrestaShop no longer exist.

In addition, v1.5.1 includes improved URL rewriting, custom CMS pages and advanced invoices. A Portuguese-Brazilian translation has also been added to better serve our South American Community.

Other updates included significant module performance improvements (ie. PayPal), and PrestaShop’s developers have created a completely re- envisioned — natively included — mobile template.

Version 1.5.1 also uses less memory than previous versions, thus allowing it to work on smaller, lighter servers and configurations.

The newest version of PrestaShop is now compliant with more hosting providers, giving online merchants unparalleled access to the best web hosting services on the planet.

For those looking to upgrade your store(s) to PrestaShop v1.5.1, you’ll be happy to discover that the one-click upgrade method has been improved to ensure the seamless transfer of all your important e-commerce files.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your store to PrestaShop v1.5.1 today!

Note: For a complete list of improvements, checkout v1.5.1′s changelog.

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