The costs of generating traffic on your website represent a major portion of e-merchant budgets. How do you make this investment profitable? How do you interact with web users and form long-term relationships?

Here are 5 recommendations that will transform your visitors into satisfied customers.

1. Be truly accessible. Show you are available and be visible!

Doing so will reassure potential customers that they can trust your business. If the web user can’t reach you immediately, they will go away… To your competitor! Offer multiple channels to contact you: chat, audio and video as they want.

2. Offer your visitors a personalized dialogue through human interaction.

57% of visitors abandon their purchases if they don’t get answers to their questions (North American Technographics). A Forreser study showed that 20% of “live chat” users are converted in clients. For every e-commerce website willing to retain their audience, establishing a relationship online via a chat solution has become a necessity. The goal is to recreate a brick and mortar store experience on the web.

3. Characterize your customers and set forward your best advisors.

Analyze your customers’ purchasing habits, total cart value, location, etc… When you have all this data easily available, your interaction with your client will be more precise and tailored to their needs. Anticipate and engage your web visitors. Offer them live assistance on your web page to maximize sales customers satisfaction.

4. Focus on hesitant customers.

Those customers that have been browsing for long durations, on several pages without filling their cart, searching for delivery details, or simply those who forget they had products in their cart. Help them choose the right product by stepping in at the right time.

5. Retain your customers and increase cart value.

Web visitors converted into customers won’t return to your website by chance. The client knows they can have a real time discussion with a dedicated adviser during their purchase. Through advising the customer, you can also encourage them to increase their cart value by offering other products.

To help you achieve these recommendations, Prestashop has signed a partnership with Videodesk. Download the free module today!

Videodesk is a SaaS specialized in connecting web visitors and e-merchants via text, audio and video chat. The Videodesk solution is made specifically to answer the growing demand of web users who wish to open a direct discussion on an e-commerce web sites. Learn more at

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