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Rudy Duong, a Parkour enthusiast since the age of 15, has dedicated his brand Traceur (Tracker in English) to the sport. The brand name describes the practitioners of the sport, and is a line of lifestyle clothing that is 100% made in France.

So what’s Parkour all about ? Firstly, it’s not just a sport but an entire way of life. Objects in the urban (or rural) landscape become obstacles in an improvised course which is run, jumped, climbed or moved through with ease.

Duong has appeared in several films including Banlieue 13, Babylon A.D., Ne le dit à personne, and Le Grand Meaulne and is a qualified graphic designer. With Traceur, his two passions come together in clothing design.
With the creation of his brand, this newly-minted entrepreneur gives us his impressions about PrestaShop : « Very easy to use, so I got to grips with it quickly, installing it without any problems. And with a great design too, I don’t regret my choice at all. »


A revolutionary product

Traceur offers a varied collection of 14 items, but the star seller has to be the « INSTANT » jacket, whose originality comes from its zip. Just open it and see. Initially designed for anti-avalanche sleeping bags, Rudy Duong wanted to create an original garment that incorporated this unique feature. As it’s available for order on the site, now everyone can play Superman !

Rudy Duong gives us his tips for those getting started in e-commerce : « I sincerely recommend using PrestaShop, choosing the right partner and concentrating on the design of your site. It’s crucial to have a good store window – I went to a web agency for this, which is an investment but a good one over the long term. One thing is certain : you really need to be fired up about your project and have good support in order to handle any obstacles in your path. »

And thanks to Rudy Duong’s perseverance, the media are starting to get interested in the brand. He hasn’t hesitated to knock on editorial doors in order to let people know about his project, his products and his e-store. is very ergonomic, with a streamlined design. We particularly like the product page concept – some products are shown with a video or an explanatory story.

What about you ? What do you think about it?

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