Price comparison sites are becoming increasingly popular among consumers and are an excellent way to advertise your online store and, at the same time, reach a higher percentage of qualified buyers.

The savvy internet shopper is more inclined to use price comparison sites, when trying to find the best deal, as these sites allow buyers to easily compare products and prices. Let’s review how price comparison sites can help your business.

1.Maximize your advertising budget
Shopping comparison sites offer a clear advantage: they provide access to a highly qualified audience. As stated by, ‘62% of comparison-site shoppers are very likely to make a purchase and spend 25% more than other online consumers.’

Therefore, if you wish to use your cost-per-click (CPC) or pay-per-click (PPC) budget more effectively, start targeting price comparison sites. They generally offer a lower CPC rate and help you increase conversion rates – as potential buyers who click on your link are already familiar with your product offering.

2.Improve your ranking on search engines
Listing your products on popular price comparison sites can improve your SEO efforts and, therefore, help your business rank higher in search results.

3.Know your competition
Price comparison engines not only facilitate shopping and product comparison for consumers. They can also help you gain some useful insight on what your competition is doing: which products or services they offer, their pricing level, promotions and much more.

4.Customers reviews
Customer reviews are an excellent way to find out which products and services are highly rated, how your competition is performing, how you compare and how you can improve your services. Most price comparison sites display users’ reviews and feedback.

If you wish to know more about this topic, please read ‘What can businesses learn from price comparison sites?’

5.Price comparison websites
To give you a head start, here’s a list of the major price comparison engines:

- Kelkoo
- ShopZillla
- Google Shopping
- PriceGrabber

The graph below, created by CPC Strategy, shows the best shopping comparison websites, in terms of conversation rates.

Shopping Feed – your centralised feed management system

Distribute your products easily on all major price comparison engines and centrally manage all your listings thanks to Shopping Feed.

Shopping Feed’s solution will allow you to:

- List your products on shopping comparison sites and e-marketplaces
- Distribute your products via Facebook
- Create PPC campaigns for every product you sell
- And various innovative services such as Buylined, which lets you track the user flow, both on your website and externally.

The Shopping Feed module is available native in the software or it can be downloaded for free, on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace. And it is compatible with PrestaShop v1.4 – v1.6.

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