With constantly evolving design trends, it’s imperative to stay one step ahead of your competitors and keep up with emerging e-commerce designs. The design of your online store plays a major influence on whether or not a customer is going to shop there. E-commerce sites can quickly become outdated and that’s why I’m sharing the current top 5 e-commerce design trends to help make your online store visually appealing and more profitable.

Be conscious that the design of your online store is the foundation of your success – so let’s give your customers the best online shopping experience.

1. Responsive Theme

A responsive e-commerce site “responds” to whichever device it is viewed on by shrinking or expanding to fit the dimensions of the browser. Having a responsive theme for your online shop is a necessity for today’s modern shoppers. Consumers now shop on virtually any device including smart phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s which is why your e-commerce site should be mobile friendly. By integrating a responsive theme on your e-shop, you’re allowing customers to shop on your online shop from virtually anywhere. Get inspired by hundreds of attractive responsive templates available on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace.

RESPONSE Responsive Template

Cute Responsive Template

Leo Tracy Template

2. Large Photo Background/Slider

In e-commerce, visuals are everything. Using large images attracts customers and allows them to better visualize your products. This is a great technique to put the spotlight on a specific products and help boost sales by attracting customers as soon as they enter your shop. When a customer sees a big, bold and beautiful photo background or slider it’s immediately engaging and a great way to make your site look clean, professional and user friendly.


3. Photo Navigation

Many online merchants are shifting away from traditional style navigation on their e-commerce sites and moving towards a more creative approach. Photo navigation fulfills the visual element necessary for e-commerce and is an effective replacement for toolbars. This form of navigation compliments your site and is a great way to make your products or categories attractive and gives your online shop a modern feel. These PrestaShop stores are a great example of how to get creative with navigation.

Responsive Hosting Store Template

4. Effective Call to Action Buttons

You can’t forget the importance of conversion rates when designing your e-commerce site. This is why effective call to action buttons encouraging customers to click or purchase are an essential aspect of your online store’s lay out. There is no “perfect” way to use Call to Action buttons but it’s an essential element to keep in mind during the design

process. Is your CTA eye catching? Is your CTA’s placement in an intuitive location? Does your CTA get lost in the design of your shop? These are all questions to ask yourself early on in the design process. Take a look at these PrestaShop store’s and how they consider color, placement and design for their call to action buttons.

5. Quick Product Previews

Most of the best e-commerce design practices are intended to enhance the user experience. Online shoppers want the shopping process to be smooth and effortless and they don’t want to sit and wait for every page to load. This is why they prefer quick pop-up product previews that don’t stay away from the browsing page. There’s no need to return to the previous page and scroll all the way back to where you were to continue shopping – it’s seamless and doesn’t disturb the shopping experience. Check out this module available on PrestaShop’s official marketplace that integrates smooth product previews on your online shop.

Module Quick View

Ready to start designing your online store?

Now that you know the current 5 best e-commerce site design trends, you’re ready to revamp or start designing your online store! Download PrestaShop for free today and take advantage of our fully customizable Open-source software to create and manage a beautiful online shop.

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